State Atty. Mike Satz Looks More and More Unbeatable





I hear a lot of complaints about State Attorney Mike Satz, but not many from leading members of the Broward Bar.



Mike Satz


Satz’s re-election has raised roughly $90,000 through the end of last month. The money is from many of the bold faced names in the Broward legal profession.

The State Attorney’s has overwhelming support, maybe not from the Public Defender’s Office or the vocal malcontents in the Defense Bar, but from the monied courthouse crowd.

Although Satz is a Democrat, the first contributor to him was Republican up-and-comer David DiPietro, a lawyer and political bundler who also gave the maximum — $1,000.

Other well-known Republicans like Norman Tripp, name partner of the GOP firm Tripp Scott, kicked in the maximum. In fact, Satz’s campaign treasurer is Stephanie Toothaker, a Tripp-Scott lawyer (She has Democratic credentials, too, having once worked for then-U. S. Sen. Bob Graham and having served on the Kerry-Edwards legal team in 2004.).

Also supporting Satz were such old Fort Lauderdale figures as the Forman family of real estate investors and Emmett McTigue, a wealthy retired Las Olas real estate mogul and once a Democratic patronage chief in the Dark Ages when the Ds had power in Tallahassee.

Satz put $20,000 of his own money into the campaign and spent around $40,000, leaving roughly $70,000 in the bank at the end of October.

The money is just one more reason why any race against Satz, who was first elected in 1976, would be a non-starter.

Despite the negative talk one reads in Internet comments – including on – Satz also has the backing of most political activists.

Yes, many of the political corruption cases were blown by Satz’s prosecutors. Or they were so weak they shouldn’t have been filed in the first place.

But overall, my sense talking to voters is that Broward is happy with the job that Satz is doing.




3 Responses to “State Atty. Mike Satz Looks More and More Unbeatable”

  1. Chaz Stevens, MAOS says:

    Unless you’re a young, black male caught with a little bit of weed.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


    I would appreciate you stick to the subject.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    But that’s the point I was making.
    Some has an elected office. They raise money and naturally raising money makes you the flavour of the month with that elected office. So far so good providing there is no corruption which is the case I trust with Howard Finkelstein n Michael Satz and hopefully Sheriff Israel. BUT HERE IS THE DEVIL IN THE DETAILS, specific fundraisers use their prominence to have an advantage on NOT Messrs Satz Finkelstein or Israel but others who ARE DEPENDENT ON the GOOWILL of the offices n staffs of Satz Finkelstein n Israel. I am being cateful not to specify the three landuse issues before my city commission that I think are getting three votes because three members of the City Commission want to “keep in State Attorney Michael Satz’s “good books” unbeknownst to him by approving three landuse proposals because of the relationship of the lobbyst to State Attorney Michael Satz.
    This is NOT about Mr Satz it is ABOUT WHO n HOW his and others FUND their campaigns. That is why I thought it was Germaine.