Stacy Ritter Suggests Way To Break Uber Logjam




County Commissioner Stacy Ritter has suggested a way out of the political morass that prompted Uber to leave Broward County.

Ritter today suggested creating a new Broward County Accountable Taxi Ordinance.

“This ordinance will respond to many of the concerns that have been raised on all sides of the taxi/Transportation Network Company (TNC) issue over the last several months,” Ritter wrote in a news release today.

stacy ritter

Stacy Ritter: Wants Uber Back


The news release continues:

“The new requirements presented in the attached document will provide a simple, high tech way to assure that the taxi industry in Broward County rises to world-class levels and provides our visitors and local residents the best in clean competent taxi service.

“The proposal also provides a simple straightforward approach to allowing TNC’s like Uber to operate in Broward County while keeping the names of their drivers proprietary, yet assuring the public that drivers have complied with a substantive background check. Further, the required insurance will provide a cushion for all residents to guarantee that if the TNC fails to assure claims payments as required by Florida law, users of the TNC will have another option for relief.

“Commissioner Ritter has asked that the County Administrator and the County Attorney present the ATO to the Commission on the August 11th agenda.”

Transportation Network Companies would have to comply with current county regulations that require licensing, fees for picking up passengers at the airport and seaport and advanced background checks, but the names of drivers would only be made public if they failed to meet security standards, according to the county website.

The proposal also requires the County to provide a $500,000 umbrella insurance policy that will cover the County’s liability in the event that a TNC driver is involved in an accident or criminal activity while transporting a passenger in a fare producing ride.

“The required insurance will provide a cushion for all residents to guarantee that if the TNC fails to make claims payments as required by Florida law, users of the TNC will have another option for relief,” Ritter said.

Ritter has been buffeted by her Parkland neighbors who want Uber to continue to serve Broward County. Parkland City Hall reported receiving more than 30 e-mails over the weekend complaining about Uber pulling out of Broward.

A fan of Uber and a customer in other parts of the country, Ritter said she has been unsuccessfully trying to reach a compromise with the ride-sharing service for months. An earlier post on her views is here. 

Ritters’ proposal is outlined below.  There has been no response from Uber yet.



The Transportation Department shall contract with a vendor to create the Broward County Accountable Taxi and Transportation Network Companies Program to include:

  • A website that provides for riders of Broward taxicabs to answer several questions pertaining to the service being provided in real time.
  • The creation of a scanable Q-code to be displayed in every taxi that is easily accessible by each rider. Upon scanning the code, the drivers name, license and taxi number is displayed and recorded
  • Upon scanning the code, the rider is presented with several questions about their taxi experience rated from 1 to 5 including but not limited to:
  1. Cleanliness and appearance of the taxi
  2. Operation of all car functions including A/C, windows, locks
  3. Ability of the driver to understand the destination and take the most direct route
  4. Courtesy and helpfulness of the driver
  5. Value of the ride and fare
  • Each taxi shall also display along with the Q-code, the link to the website so that the rider may access the system at a later time to record their review.
  • The County Administrator shall publish the results, including ratings twice a year and shall take remedial action against those drivers or companies not meeting an acceptable standard, to include the possibility of fines or license revocations.

Transportation Network Companies

  • All TNC’s shall immediately apply to be licensed in Broward County by agreeing to pay to the County all airport & seaport pick up charges that they agreed to pay previously.
  • All drivers will agree to a Level 2 background check to be administered by a private vendor who shall only report the names of drivers that fail to meet certain standards, (previous infractions, criminal activity, etc)
  • The County shall issue an RFP for an $500,000 Umbrella liability policy that will cover its liability in the event that a TNC driver is involved in an accident or criminal activity while involved in a fare producing ride.

18 Responses to “Stacy Ritter Suggests Way To Break Uber Logjam”

  1. Kudos says:

    Good job Commissioner Ritter. It is about time someone on the Commission actually put forth a reasonable solution as opposed to just saying “we love Uber” (Kiar and LaMarca) and putting forth nothing to break the logjam.

  2. Uber Gap says:

    Uber had to be taken to court to pay for the death of a 6 year old crosswalk victim by an Uber driver who was in between fares. The insurance gap is real and residents in the pedestrian death capital of the world should be concerned.

  3. The Art of Compromise says:

    Way to go Ritter. Everyone knows this is the future of hired transportation. She is trying to make it work just as other jurisdictions have

  4. Anne Sallee says:

    Will Broward taxpayers pay for the $500,000 Umbrella liability policy that will provide liability coverage in the event that a TNC driver is involved in an accident or criminal activity while involved in a fare producing ride? If so, why should taxpayers pay for TNC’s insurance and not that of traditional taxi’s?

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Comm.Ritter wants to put this on the agenda for next Tuesday. I don’t think she has enough votes. Magic # 5-will see. Now that Comm>Ritter sees that her district wants this now you will see her willing to negotiate (hmm). Who Is this private company she wants to do the backgrounds checks (real story)….

  6. Chaz Stevens, MAOS says:

    I think Walsh The City Activist deserves a huge round of applause here …

  7. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Well done Commissioner Ritter, I wish you success with it.


  8. Talks like a politician says:

    Wow! Ritter is listening to her constituents??? Must be election time! Must be a side deal happening with Gaddis. Has he gotten a piece of the action with Uber? Broward County at its best.

  9. Eric Hesh says:

    Thank you Commissioner Ritter for taking a leadership role. An old saying- lead, follow, or get out of the way. Glad someone is willing to lead on the county commission. Now it’s time for the rest of the commission to follow or get out of the way.

  10. John Henry says:


    You did it!!! Only 10 words!

  11. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Wait a minute! The “popular demand” for Uber comes from rich, multi-car families in Parkland? The “rally” of “hundreds” is being held in a place that is CLOSING FOR LACK OF BUSINESS!
    Yes, seniors and others who do NOT have cars in West Broward need transportation services as the existing services aren’t very good, expensive (I once paid a 100 dollars for one taxi ride, albeit in Palm Beach County, to “go West”), but this “popular uprising” seems to come from people that l). don’t vote, 2). don’t need the service and 3). the usual “suspects” who complain about everything and anything.
    Fingerprinting should be a requirement. Insurance IS an issue.
    Moreover Commissioner Ritter’s plans are typical “political sideshow”, as it would be actually sensible to take an existing Ordinance and amend it to cover UBER. Starting with a NEW ordinance is typical of the political inaction or delayed action that makes Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump so popular! What Commissioner Ritter is doing is being on both sides of the issue, on the one hand she wants to appear to help those that want Uber, on the other she is doing it in as delaying action way as possible.

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    The great art(oh yes, its a rare talent)of compromise. It works. This arrangement w/ Uber can be worked out. Comm.Ritter save the day next Tuesday. Get on th e same side as Comm>Lamarca and Kiar(make sure you support him Com>kiar-you are set to be the next property appraiser -why should you be the next appointed mayor when you won’t even be there-support Comm.Lamarca-its either comm.Lamarca or Dale Holeness-either one deserves it-one should be vice mayor the other mayor). Back to Uber cash is king @ th e county hall. Show them the money before they show you the gavel….(huh Lois).PSS “we are not out to destroy other people’s lives” campaign is working. Now to save the coyotes/bears/lions. Rest in peace Cecil(how about that dentist-boy who is the hunted now…)

  13. Zowie says:

    Mr. Walsh is right: before cheering too loud, let’s follow the money and see exactly whose interests are being served.

  14. Seth says:

    The problem is bullet two in the TNC section. Who is covered by this regulation? Any Florida Uber driver can pick up anywhere in Florida, should a Palm Beach County driver who gets a client who wants to be dropped off at FLL refuse the fare since he won’t have a Broward approved background check? What makes your check any better than another anyways? Seems like a money grab by the county to me.

  15. oh yeah, right says:

    Bottom line. Uber is a big bully. Even though they pulled out of Broward, they are still being a bully. Check and see what they’ve done in other cities. They are like a snake and attack at the slightest push back. “It’s our way or we leave.” I say, Bye Bye.

  16. can'tfoolme says:

    Nice drafting work. Did Mike Moskowitz draft this this? Sounds like his work
    Love Uber

  17. Emily Rubin says:

    If Stacy Ritter is supporting this, the for sure there is something in it for Mike Moskowitz or her husband, Russ Klenet.

  18. Matthew Gimble says:

    Aug 4, 2015  County Commissioner Stacy Ritter has suggested a way out of the pol 4000 itical morass that prompted Uber to leave Broward County. Ritter Monday suggested creating a new Broward County Accountable Taxi Ordinance.