Franklin Sands’ Special Interest Pals Turn Him Into Big Spender



Franklin Sands’ special interest pals continue to pay for his School Board campaign.

Sands, a former state House member from Weston, has put $15,258 more in his campaign, much of it from lobbyists and unions, according to the report for the period from August 10 to September 14.

And call Sands “The Traveling Man”.  He charged $1,469 in auto expenses to his campaign in the same reporting period.

Let’s say he gets 10 miles-to-the-gallon for $4 gas to be generous.

That’s over 100 trips across Broward — from Parkland to Hallandale Beach — in roughly a month!

I can only imagine what taxpayers will be paying if he gets elected.

His expenses were first reported by RedBroward, the local Republican blog.

Sands’  biggest contributor this period:  His lobbyist son-in-law Alex Heckler and family, who kicked in $1,500 for the runoff.

According to Sands campaign manager David Brown, Hecker has pledged not to lobby the School Board if his father-in-law gets elected.

Then there is $500 from Tallahassee lobbyist Buirgas & Associates, who has a number of South Florida health care clients. And $500 from lobbyist/lawyers Akerman Senterfitt. And $500 from the Podiarty Political Action Committee.

The Communications Workers of America donated $1,000.  The Florida Police Benevolent Association gave $500. And Waste Management gave another $500.

It appears to me that many of these checks are payback for votes Sands cast in Tallahassee.  And you thought Sands was representing you!

My belief is that if Sands was that friendly to lobbyists and special interests in Tallahassee, he will have the same approach to his job at the School Board.

Relying on special interests and lobbyists is nothing new for Sands.

Much of the $117,452  he collected came before the August primary. Much of that came from Tallahassee insiders and special interest types.

Yet despite beating Sands in the primary, School Board member Donna Korn can’t seem to fund her campaign.

The reason?

She is an outsider. She is not friendly with the pay-for-play crowd that appears to love Sands. It is sad to say, but that same crowd pays for much of our School Board campaigns.

She has raised just $33,329, just $3,723 in the period that ended September 14.

Sands appears to have roughly $14,000 in his coffers, while Korn has around $7,000.


11 Responses to “Franklin Sands’ Special Interest Pals Turn Him Into Big Spender”

  1. Korn it says:

    Not quite Buddy,

    The reason Korn has no campaign is because she is not doing anything. When was her last fundraiser? Last campaign volunteer rally? Why would anyone give to her campaign when in fact she does not campaign? The only reason she is even in the primary is because of Luciani not because of anything Korn did. She is worse than Where’s Waldo, he may not be easy to find but he is there, she is no where on the campaign trail.

    Buddy, what was Donna Korn’s position on the cheerleader issue in her current District? She has none, so in reality she does not work hard at camapigning or at the school board. No doubt she is working hard selling real estate.

  2. Bernie Parness says:

    I support Franklin Sands. He does done nothing illegtal or immoral. You got his doners from his finacial statement given freely. If he was hiding something he would not. You are barking up the wroing tree. He is the best man for the job

  3. Sands Is A Hack says:

    Franklin Sands is an old, old, old man who never had children in public schools. He brings nothing to the table except his lobbyist contacts. He did nothing in Tallahassee except beg for money from special interests. It is documented that he actually sold committee assignments in return for political contributions.
    He is running solely to get his daughter-in-law’s husband a principal’s position and himself medical insurance to supplement his Medicare. It is a disgrace.

  4. Heavy D says:

    Shocking another hit piece on a genuinely nice guy and legislator who stood up against the BS in Tallahassee. Getting Old Buddy find a new schtick.

  5. Mell True says:

    @ Korn it

    Nothing like a paid shill (or the candidate himself)…seriously, the election is still over a month away. Nobody is paying such close attention as you seem to be. A little stalkerish, to be honest. Try a little harder next time.

    Donna Korn is not a politician, that’s what makes her so good at what she does – truly caring about what happens to the kids, teachers and staff. She has three kids that all attend public schools, so she also has a personal stake in how our schools are run. That’s more than I can say for Sands, who doesn’t know how to do anything BUT be a politician, and is only running for the seat so he stays in the public eye until he can run for the House again (and take money from his special interest friends , maybe do them a few favors, while he’s at it). Shame on him – though I doubt he’s capable of feeling any.

  6. Sands Is A Thief says:

    It is worse than you added up. Doesn’t Sands have a Prius?

  7. Mr Democrat says:

    Good article Buddy and dead on. Franklin Sands did NOTHING as a State representative to help south florida, other than kowtow to special intrests. If elected to the school board it will be the same old what can I get from the special interests for my vote,

  8. Show Me the MONEY says:

    Absolutely a con man

  9. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Korn voted for more teachers (Good) at the expense of gutting the Transportation Bus Dept. (VERY BAD)! You have to live with the consequences of your vote. This one issue alone will tilt the election to Sands….. and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold says SO!

  10. Creamed Korn says:

    Donna is too campaigning! She parked…I mean abandoned… her KornMobile in front of our neighborhood one day with the huge sign in front of it.

    I think she was too afraid to venture closer as we’re near the {{{bad areas!!!!}}}}}

  11. Just The Facts says:

    Korn is nowhere to be seen, she thinks she can just sail in with her incumbentcy, never kind the teabagger behind the curtin