GOP Pol Could Become Victim Of Trump Backlash







He is not on the ballot, but President Donald Trump is the specter haunting Broward’s beachfront House race.

In a normal year, Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca could already be measuring curtains for his new Tallahassee condo. That is how much of a favorite he would be to win the open Florida House District 93 election. 

Although the seat is nominally Democrat, District 93 was held since 2010 by another Republican, State Rep. George Moraitis of Fort Lauderdale, who is term limited out this year.  From 2004 to 2010, the northeast Broward beachfront was represented by State Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, also a Fort Lauderdale Republican. 

That was before Trump! 

Today connecting LaMarca to the controversial president may give Democrats their first real chance in years of winning the district.




Chip LaMarca



LaMarca’s path to Tallahassee looks easy on paper. If that paper doesn’t include Donald Trump. 

A former Broward Republican Party chairman and the only GOP commissioner, LaMarca is popular with voters from both parties. His political career is built on handily winning Commission District 4, which has more Democrats than Republicans. 

House District 93 is almost a mirror image of Commission District 4, with Republican-leaning independent voters helping swing elections to the GOP.

Some of those voters live along the Galt Ocean Mile, the vote-rich condominium canyon. LaMarca is popular along the Galt perhaps because he is known as a fighter for beach renourishment. That’s a big issue among beachfront residents regardless of party affiliation. 

LaMarca also has great name ID.  

He was a Lighthouse Point commissioner from 2005 to 2010, when he was elected to the County Commission.  

So LaMarca has political positives. Ds have mostly Trump. 

Ds hope enough voters revile Trump that they will vote against the entire GOP ticket…including LaMarca. 

The Ds need Trump because they will almost certainly be heavily outspent by LaMarca and his supporters. 

LaMarca can count on lobbyists and those doing business at the County Commission for money. The Republican establishment in Tallahassee will also pour dollars into his campaign. 

Democrats will have bubkas in comparison. 

Just consider the campaign finances of the candidates to date, according to the latest financial reports on file in Tallahassee. 

Two Democratic womens activist  are running for the party nomination: Emma Collum has slightly over $37,000 on hand, while Stephanie Myers has less than $10,000. 


Emma Collum


Any money the Ds raise has to carry the party nominee through the August primary and the General Election in November (There has been pressure on Myers to switch races which would eliminate the primary.). 

LaMarca is currently unopposed for the Republican nomination. 

LaMarca already has more than $190,000 in the bank and political observers predict he can easily double or triple that amount. He can also count on political committees to provide the rest of the estimated $1 million it could cost to hold the seat for the GOP. 

Instead of money, Democrats count on Trump.  They point to other areas of the country where Ds have recently won  Republican seats. 

But Ds still have to turnout  their voters. That has always been a problem for the Ds in House District 93, which lies largely east of Dixie Highway in northeastern Broward. 

They are confident at this point that Trump will do a lot of the work for them, driving anti-GOP voters to the polls. 

In another year LaMarca would waltz into office. In the era of Trump, the personable Lighthouse Point pol could end up a victim of pugnacious president.

That is what the Ds are counting on.



Florida House District 93 in blue on the right side of map.

29 Responses to “GOP Pol Could Become Victim Of Trump Backlash”

  1. Chip’s a Winner! says:

    Buddy, you forgot to mention that campaign managers also have a major impact on the outcome of an election. Chip has Michael Ahearn running his campaign. Ahearn is one of the best campaign managers in town and this will help Chip in a major way. No one knows East Broward County better then Ahearn.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I stated months ago if i were Chip i would stay put on the county comm.Well, he is ditching the county comm to run for State Rep.I say go for the gusto and run for congress against Wasserman Shultz.Oh Chip could raise plenty of cash.This 190 g he has in his piggy bank here is chump change to what he could raise.As far as Pres.Trump having a negative effect instead of postive feedback well with these whores coming out of the wood work, u indeed have merit.Chip knows rhis and i don.t think in a state rep race Chip has nothing to worry about.The pirn stars and Playmates etc.could cause heartburn more for Trump than Chip in his intention to be State Rep.Chip is another one you don.t need Trump or any Pac( disaster for some of u) all he has to do is run on his record which u brought out Buddy.Bigger story is who will run for Lamarca county comm seat?.Any leads Buddy that you have heard through the grape vine.If anyone has the scoop its you Buddy.Good luck to Chip..Thanks Chip for always being there for my concerns.Not only a shatp dressed clothes horse but also a true gentlemen..

  3. Howley Thomas says:

    Chip is qualified and ready to serve in Tallahassee. Being a Republican makes him more valuable to his district because he can talk to the leaders and bring home the bacon. We need to send Chip to Tallahassee.

  4. CFI says:

    @1 Chip will get help from the Florida Republican Party to run his campaign. I don’t know this Ahearn, but the Republicans are not going to give $1 million to just anybody to use.

  5. Democrats Platform Is A Winner says:

    Democrats will win because of what they support. A woman’s choice. Equal pay for equal work. Help for those less fortunate. Not more financial aide for billionaires. More funding for education. Stopping the giveaway to special interests.

  6. Ahern is a good choice says:

    @ 1 Chip’s A Winner! – I guess that makes a lot of sense that Ahern is running Chip’s campaign as Red Broward went from all negative attacks against Commissioner LaMarca to all positive stories. Probably a good move for Chip to have Ahern on his side. Ahern won several elections for Jack Seiler and I am sure Ahern can do the same for LaMarca. Good move all around!

  7. Question says:

    Is Ahearn running Chip’s PAC?


    Maybe Ahearn or LaMarca will answer that one before the end of the campaign.

  8. Stop making things up says:

    Ahearn is running neither Chip’s PC or campaign.

    Come on, stop making things up.

  9. Jack Seiler's Support is Important says:

    If you want to win a race in eastern Broward County, you need Mayor Seiler by your side. I think Chip’s move to have Mr. Ahearn run his campaign is genius. Pure genius!! With Ahearn on your team, you get Seiler’s support by 110%! Brovo, Chip! I hope you win big and keep serving the people of Broward County for many years to come.


    I just want to point out that former City Commissioner Bruce Roberts has former Mayor Jack Seiler’s support in the city election last month. Roberts lost.

  10. Errol Mulvey says:

    Is Lamarca cleared in all that Broward Health stuff?


    Chip LaMarca was never accused of criminal wrongdoing, so there is no reason to clear him. He was, however, part of a state Inspector General’s investigation into Broward Health.

    LaMarca was an employee of Zimmerman Advertising, a company owned by a veteran Republican insider Jordan Zimmerman. The Inspector General was interested in why Zimmerman got a no-bid multi-million dollar contract from the public hospital system Broward Health. E-mails during this period indicated that LaMarca was lobbying Broward Health for Zimmerman.

    Any results stemming from the state investigation has not been made public.

    It’s been two years since the investigation was launched, but this is government. Some Broward Health critics accuse Gov. Rick Scott, who appointed all the member of the Broward Health governing board, of burying the results of the investigation to cover up wrongdoing.

  11. The GOP needs help says:

    The Broward GOP needs a stronger Republican like Committeeman Richard DeNapoli in this race. Comitteeman DeNapoli is successful, has a professional carrer and has a college degree, unlike LaMarca. Also, Committeeman DeNapoli has been a loyal pal with Representative Moraitis, also unlike LaMarca. Hopefully someone strong like Committeeman DeNapoli jumps in this race to save the GOP.

  12. Richard Fan says:

    @ 11 – I could not agree with you more! Richard would make a great candidate. He works very hard and is well liked by the members of the Broward GOP. Richard’s election for Countywide State Committeeman was a slam dunk for him with 2 other people in the race. Not to mention that Richard and Tom Lauder had a major falling out. Tom recorded Richard at the Broward GOP office a couple months ago making fun of his hair. Not cool. With Ahearn and Lauder working with Chip, I think Richard should jump in this race asap!

  13. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #10 yes that reference could be used to compromise his campaign.Also good point with Seiler backing( endorsements et ).Yes endorsing Roberts didn.t help one bit.Seiler last three yrs as mayor could compromise his future ambitions as well.Would it work?.With Jacks charisma and his connections in the legal world could very easily topple any negativity.Keep in mind Jack is very well liked with the residents.Fort Lauderdale that is.Outside Ft.lau im not so sure.My take.Seiler should seek a seat on the county comm.Run for Chip seat.Work your magic and then once approved rhen run for county elect mayor.He is good stock.Seiler with these so noted attributes makes him a good candidate in local postions.Atty General etc i would stay clear of.Will see.As far as Lamarca when he first ran against Keechl they threw everything but the kirchen sink at him so ge should weather any storm that comes his way.Good luck…

  14. Dolfan 75 says:

    The game changer for Chip will be gun regulation and what his position is, not fundraising. FWIW I believe the Parkland shooting will have a big impact on this election. Buckle up, Chip. You’re going to have your hands full convincing the conservatives that you haven’t gone soft.


    Very good point.

  15. Just Saying says:

    @2. City activist Robert Walsh
    Agreed. I call it the “Charlie Crist delusional ambition”.
    Had Crist served his second guv term, and then term limited sought US Senate, he stood a chance. His unabashed ambition not to mention Rubio as underdog was his undoing. The smart money stays on the BCC days till term limited, and before term limits they stayed and overstayed till they felt like retiring, or got nailed for something illegal they did. Which was the only reason why so many in the 1980’s and the 1990’s and 2000’s exited.

  16. OleJack says:

    @ Buddy, ole Jack also backed two time loser Tim Smith

  17. Meaghan says:

    Go Chip! We love you and you will win big 😀

  18. GOPapa says:

    Notice how all the comments revolve around Chip LaMarca and not the two unknown Democrats. That is why Chip is going to win.

  19. Observer says:

    Agreed, as mentioned in the article, due to Trump, the fall election this year in Broward may mimic a Presidential cycle, with heavy Democratic Party voter turnout. Plus, with the Parkland murders, gun control may be a top priority for Broward voters. LaMarca better think through his stance on gun control and other more statewide or national “red/blue” issues carefully. County Commission races are closer to non-partisan for many local voters.

  20. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #15.You make a valid point.

  21. CAROLINA says:

    I wrote earlier but don’t know if I hit the right button to get this published. If I did, please do not post it twice.
    anyway, what I said in my previous post is that there is a young man in Deerfield Beach who had a liver transplant at age 5 mos. Every two years the Transplant Games take place in different cities & this young man has attended since age two. In 2016 the Transplant Games were held in Cleveland. This young man won 10 medals & was voted Youth Athlete of the Year for the entire country. He received a personal letter of congratulations from Chip LaMarca. Our entire family was so thrilled when he got the letter. What did the young man get from Deerfield Officials? NOTHING!
    Chip is a caring man, he cares about his community. I am a dem but I vote for the person, not the party – have crossed party lines many, many times. Chip gets my vote & I hope he gets yours! GO CHIP!

  22. Captain Obvious says:

    @GOPapa could it be because the post is about…… Chip Lamarca?

  23. IamNPA says:

    Chip may be good in his current role, but he’s aligned with the tag of “Republican” …….and Ahearn doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation to everyone.

    #FoodForThought #TheOnlyWaveForBrowardIsBLUE

  24. Charles King says:

    “Gutless Gun Show” Jack Seiler dipped his reputation in sewage and similar lobbyist sleaze before he and his regime was hounded from office in disgrace.

    How exactly can you loot your hometown and sell it out to the developers’ lobbyists and greedy non resident public safety unions to the point of sewage constantly running in the streets as well as state environmental consent orders hanging over your head and expect to ever get elected to anything ever again?

    As for Michael A’hearn, Seiler’s parasitic campaign underling, didn’t he get busted… for running a scam with a judge that got thrown off the bench that he got elected?

    The kicker was Jack Seiler represented the dirty Judge as I remember as well. It doesn’t sound like someone going to get elected to anything anytime soon to me. More likely than not, Jack Seiler will end up as one of the dirty Broward judges he admires so much who’s crooked decisions he built his legal career on.

    Jack Seiler’s 25 year political career is dead and ready to officially start resting in peace.

  25. Rob says:

    The Ft Laud city election was a total repudiation of Seiler’s agenda — and his hand-picked manager. Seiler’s endorsements of Roberts and Smith were less than worthless. We all found out what a fraud he really is.

    (It took us nine years, but no one has ever accused Fort Lauderdale voters of being the sharpest knives in the drawer.)

    That said, no one paints a better green street down Las Olas. Send Jack back to Tallahassee where he can’t hurt us.

  26. LOL says:

    11 – the GOP, the people of the District need Ne Napoli like they need a hole in the head. And don’t forget: these days Mr. No-Personality Di Napoli comes with Mr. “I-took-a-claw-hammer-to-my high-school-classmate-but-it’s-OK-they-because-they-lowered-it-to-a-misdemeanor” Broward GOP Secretary (who won’t resign) Rupert Ditsworth – now Rupert Tarsey.

  27. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #24.Charlie what you state against Ahearn is correct.The judge lost her job because of it.This female judge was giving the majority of mediation rulings to Ahearn.Yes, Jack Seiler did represent the judge.Charlie thats what he does for a living.He is a lawyer.I will tell you i would not hesitate one minute to hire Jack Seiler.His clients are in good hands.As far as his last three mayor you are right many issues as u point out could come back to haunt him.I assume with that being stated i serious doubt he is losing any sleep over it.With this new mayor and majority new comm.i hope now you can tone down the visorol comments you make at the podium.I envoy him and some others that they have the luxury to attend every conference and comm.meeting.I work 10,11 per day so its impossible to regularly attend these meetings the way you and some others do.Anyhow Back to Seiler your constant negativity towards him runs deep.I blame both for this outcome.My advice since you were totally ignored by Seiler and the majority of the comm.i hope now you can pick an advisory bd. that you are interested in.Im postive Mayor Trantalis would be more than happy to appoint you.Lets see what policy you can bring to the table since for the last have had such disdain for how the city is run..And yes in my opinion Ahearn is Seiler worst enemy judging by your such stated comments which are accurate concerning Ahearn.Seiler would never admit what i state about Ahearn but thats his business..

  28. just saying says:

    @Rob –
    Tallahassee doesn’t want him and it is likely voters wouldn’t elect him to anything based there. Broward carries little weight of the 67 counties in Tallahassee. The perception is not much gets done correctly down here. The elected governor of FL come November 2018 will be a Republican and once again will be the majority in both houses.

  29. Emma who says:

    Seriously, do any of you look at campaign reports? LaMarca’s campaign team includes Moraitis’ and LaMarca’s past winning operatives, some of whom also worked for Mayor Trantalis’ winning race over Roberts.

    They know how to win this swing district – and will.

    Ahearn is not working for Chip.