Sources: Sunrise’s Scuotto Calls Off Mayor’s Race


Sunrise Commissioner Joey Scuotto has reportedly called off his race for mayor, leaving incumbent Mayor Roger Wishner with no veteran opponent, according to sources.

Joey Scuotto

The news could not be confirmed, however the sources are intimately familiar with Sunrise politics. 

Scuotto could not be reached for comment.

The popular longtime commissioner, first elected in 1997, has not collected money in his campaign account for more than a year.

His departure from the race leaves Imogene Ferguson of Sunrise Lakes as Wishner’s only opponent.

The same sources said that Michael Ryan, a lawyer with former state Sen. Skip Campbell’s firm of Krupnick Campbell and a city activist, is considering running.  Ryan could not be reached for comment, either.

Stay tuned.

7 Responses to “Sources: Sunrise’s Scuotto Calls Off Mayor’s Race”

  1. Too Bad says:

    I’m sorry to see Joey not take that big blowhard Wishner on. However, it is good that Joey will remain on the commission. He is a voice of reason.

  2. sunrise resident says:

    Somebody else needs to go after Wishner. Maybe Sheila Alu?

  3. OLD TIMER says:

    I’m sorry to he is for the PEOPLE.

  4. another sunrise resident says:

    No worries citizens, Scuotto and Alu have found a REAL MAYOR for SUNRISE and they are backing Michael Ryan. He will be ELECTED Mayor of Sunrise and will probably support Sofield in his quest to be ELECTED over Wishner as he retakes his seat as commissioner. And least not forget, as soon as Wishner is gone Rosen will be out the door too.

    Scumrise will once again be Sunrise.

    Ryan is not beholden to or under the influence of special interest groups or lobbyists. His only interest is what is best for the residents and future of Sunrise.

  5. Money Always Wins? says:

    This election is all about development and expansion of corporate profits. Check out the development on West side of Sawgrass. 4 parcels side by side owned by related groups (one of which they want to put 350 room hotel):

    APM LLC :
    200 S 5 ST STE 200N LOUISVILLE KY 40202

    EHES LLC :
    200 S 5 ST STE 200N LOUISVILLE KY 40202

    Sawgrass Investors :
    200 S 5 ST STE 200N LOUISVILLE KY 40202

    Sawgrass Investors:
    200 S 5 ST STE 200N LOUISVILLE KY 40202

    Then, when you check Wishner’s contributions Kentucky companies with same addresses, and with ties to south florida developers and then loads of developers/contractors/engineers/engineer PACs/lobbyists/lobbying firms and out of area people. Not many residents of Sunrise contributing. But, how can they compete with the power of the corporate money and the steamroller of development. Money always wins.

  6. Money Always Wins? says:

    Check out Susannah Bryant’s article.,0,6622737.story

    MWH contributed to Wishner in November, just after feren won his election. Guess they figured out who would be mayor. Why would a colorado company care who the mayor of sunrise is? Wishner says need to be fair. like that garbage dump he wanted for his friends? Contribute and I will be fair!

  7. Sunrise Mom says:

    If it’s true that Mike Ryan is seeking the candidacy for Mayor, he has my vote 100% and I will gladly help his campaign. The best interest of the citizens is what he has in mind, not the pockets of developers and special interest groups. And, he cares about our public education and the students who will one day be running this city when we are all retired. If we don’t pay attention to our students now, we will regret it later.