Sources: Rude Pol Has Run In With Residents




Petty annoyances:   (1) Being unable to reach a real person when calling a company, (2) intrusive body searches by TSA agents at the airport, (3) over-priced beer at basketball games and (4) self-important politicians who arrogantly brush off their constituents.

Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo fits in the later category, according to two sources contacted by


Angelo Castillo: Rude to residents?

One is a mother who had run-in with him at a charter school meeting this week. Another is an educator who claims to have witnessed him interacting with several members of the audience.

The mother says Castillo rudely dismissed her when she questioned his stand on an issue. When she gently reprimanded him for his tone, Castillo  reportedly snapped:

“I can speak to you any way I want.”

Both sources told me that the commissioner’s conduct at the meeting “beyond rude.”

Both requested their names be withheld.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of arrogant behavior by Castillo.  I was told about it when he was the human services boss at the county government a decade ago.

I don’t know for sure if this story is true. I wasn’t there and can only write what I was told by sources I contacted after being tipped to Castillo conduct.

But I have a sixth sense for these kinds of stories after years in journalism and these informants have the ring of truth, especially since I called them.  They appeared to have no idea why I was calling them or were very, very good actors.

Let me say this to any pompous pols that infest our politics: People are judged not by their titles, but by their conduct.

People have a very low view politicians.

And now you know why.


21 Responses to “Sources: Rude Pol Has Run In With Residents”

  1. Ghost of McLovin says:

    He speaks down to women. He is Hispanic. Discuss.

  2. all that glitters... says:

    Seriously. Angelo Castillo is one of the most respectful, well spoken local politicians out there.

    This same week we had a Cooper City commissioner publicly tell a resident “blow me,” but you have a post here about 2 sources unwilling to identify themselves who say Castillo spoke to them in a less than perfect manner?? Last time I checked, he got elected, and re-elected numerous times with around 90% of the vote in his district. I bet most of our other local politicians would gladly take that kind of favorable rating from their constituents.

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Queue the 3,000 word rebuttal.

  4. The Critic says:

    You sure Judy didn’t tell them to be expecting your call?

  5. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Dear Buddy,

    You missed a great meeting last night about an important public policy issue. I stand by every word I said especially my brief exchange with the political operative you mention who was clearly part of the very few that didn’t share the same view of the subject.

    The meeting itself was about evil school board decisions to fund some public school students less than others. Some people believe that expressing that view is arrogant but in Pembroke Pines we call that justice.

    We demand financial justice in return for our tax dollars and my commitment to that objective is unshakable. All of our public school children are equally important and each should be given the very same resources so each of their schools can succeed. You and your friend can call that arrogant if you want. We call it fighting for justice but others call it arrogant.

    Thanks for the article. It lifted my spirits and got me thinking that I need to be even more outspoken on the subject.

    All the best,


  6. money money money says:

    Lisa and Angelo are being paid a quarter mil a year at BSO. I am sure he feels these days he can tell anyone to kiss his azz. Discuss

  7. Angelo's a Hypocrite says:

    Now that his own kids have graduated, Castillo now wants to sell the Pembroke Pines charter schools. Parents need to protest.

  8. @mayor ryan says:

    Ha. Angelo you are an idiot. You attacked the school board in your defense. Everybody with an opinion is not an “operative” in America.


    Obviously, this is not Mayor Mike Ryan of Sunrise.

  9. Proud as a PeaCOCK says:

    What a jackass.

  10. agree says:

    If each public school student shall be given an equal amount of public funds where in the world do the students of fort lauderdale fit in. Citizens paying the highest taxes with some of the worst schools…..

  11. West Broward says:

    Angello and his wife are as ignorant and arrogant as the Sheriff they follow around and now work for at taxpayer expense. How does Angello get paid by Broward County/Sheriff Office and Pembroke Pines residents at the same tiem to attend a meeting in Pines?? Sounds criminal???

  12. Panda Bear says:

    I am a very close friend of someone who at one time worked at the school down the block from WalMart. From what I hear the place is run by a total idiot who gets high on gossip spread around and goes off on personal vendettas without so much as proof. If the rest of the schools run the same way, I pity those children and I also hold my breath for all the adults that go to work there each day because at the moment they have no other choice. Hopefully, it isn’t that way at the other sites.
    All that said and without prejudice, I do have to say that Angelo has always fought to get those schools more funding. If the parents are paying for those funds through their real estate taxes like you or I, it sorta makes sense that all public schools whether traditional or charter should get equal funding because it’s being paid for by the residents. It takes a huge amount of money to run those schools.
    Now regarding the woman at the meeting who was rude to Angelo and chose a way to distastefully express her disgust about the topic- I doubt anyone would be able to smile warmly at her and turn the other cheek. You know, some people simply feel entitled and choose to throw a fit easily in order to get their way. They insult you in the hopes that demeaning you will get you to bow down and give them what they want. There are people in the Pines that feel that collecting a salary as a nurse, social worker, or accountant is practically equal to a millionaire’s income. They think that because they own a 5 bedroom home they’re on millionaire’s row and feel a natural high about thinking they’re “rich”. These insecure folks are the very same ones losing their homes to foreclosure because they were so smart they didn’t know how to manage their finances. They haven’t a clue as to what it feels like to actually be a millionaire and probably never will, but dream on! These folks need an attitude adjustment and a reality check so badly it’s no joke. The woman at the meeting (whoever she is) thought she was the last Coke in the desert. Angelo did the right thing putting her in her place. It’s about time someone did. I know what I’m saying because I was there and witnessed it. So to those of you who just type and type your little fingers to the nub need to know what exactly it is you’re talking about and get your facts straight before you put your foot in your mouth. I highly doubt any of you would’ve done better than Angelo in putting this particular person in her place. When she learns manners and the proper way to approach people then perhaps her luck will change. Angelo is human. He’s not Mother Teresa!

  13. @ Pand Bear says:

    Lots of assumptions there big guy. We’re you at the meeting? It sounds to me that a constituent approached their elected official and he responded rudely. From what I know of Commissioner Castillo that should surprise no one. He is a jerk. What surprises me is that he would speak so rudely to a teacher. Our teachers are the salt of the Earth. Disappointing even for him.

  14. Hey Angie! says:

    When our city spends money from our budget to cover the mismanagement of the city run charter schools do you also put an equal amount into the regular public schools? Do you treat all kids that live in Pembroke Pine or are you short changing half of our kids?

  15. Simply put says:

    Angleo wanted more then the fair share appropriated for Pines Charter to be taken from the kids in the rest of the county. When there was opposition he played to the audience by scaring them saying vital school programs would be cut if they didn’t get the additional money. As the School Board members present pointed out
    1) They now get less per student from the State.
    2) In light of this as we all know that the BCSB had to cut teachers, music programs and other specials.
    3) Over time as fat was cut and things got a little better, the BCSB was able to give teachers raises, hire more of them and bring back specials.

    So why is Pines Charter so special that they should not have to tighten their belt and lose some programs just like everyone else in the County had to?


  16. Kevin says:

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing Chaz was above….

  17. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    It crossed my mind also…


  18. christine says:

    What does one ever really gain from being rude or churlish? By the time one individual has enough life experience and education to become a commissioner, don’t they possess more in their social interactive toolbox than being dismissive, uncivil and ungracious, no matter how one is approached or addressed? After all, have our commisioners not embraced the code of personal conduct that suggests that we do not let others’ behavior dictate ours? Have they not evolved? We expect this behavior from gadfly bloggers , not from those that sit on the dais.

  19. Cooper City Mom says:

    I have been acquainted with Angelo and Lisa for many years and have been around them under many different situations, i.e. City Commission, County meetings, workshops. Angelo is always forthright and honest. Some people can’t handle brutal honesty. Perhaps Angelo is a bit rough around the edges but I have never seen or heard him insult his constituents. By the way, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I am not involved in politics, my kids attend parochial schools and I don’t live in Pembroke Pines. But fair is fair – you may not like his style but Angelo fights for his City and always stands by what he believes.

  20. Parent says:

    There are many public schools in Pembroke Pines that don’t get money from the city and now Angelo wants the state money for his charter schools. Maybe that is because his children go there.

  21. Sickinsunrise says:

    @ 18
    You would think that commissioners would be more civil on the dais. You obviously haven’t seen Scuotto during a Sunrise commish meeting! They forget who they work for…