Sources: Prosecutors Looking At Plantation’s Petrocelli


The investigation into the finances of the Plantation Athletic League is in the hands of state prosecutors.

Plantation Police turned over to the State Attorney’s Office the investigation into the role of City Commissioner Rico Petrocelli and PAL’s tainted finances, according to three separate sources intimate with goings on in City Hall and the police department.

In addition to the criminal investigation, Petrocelli is fighting a state ethics complaint.

The ethics and criminal complaints that sparked the twin investigations allege essentially the same violation:

Petrocelli is said to have solicted gifts to PAL from lobbyists and companies doing business with the city.  He then took the money from PAL and used it to throw a party.

The ethics complaint contends that Petrocelli failed to report gifts in excess of $100, a violation of Florida law.

Whether this alleged violation Petrocelli admitted doing it in a taped interview with the state  is criminal is now up to prosecutors to decide.

The Petrocelli complaint comes amid charges that PAL has misspent thousands of dollars over the years. 

Petrocelli is running for re-election in the March elections against former Plantation High principal Peter Tingom. 

4 Responses to “Sources: Prosecutors Looking At Plantation’s Petrocelli”

  1. Plantation's Shame says:

    Time to take action against PAL. I hope the State Attorney’s Office widens their investigation into the missing money.

  2. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE !! says:

    Time for all of the “Rico Friends” that are still on the PAL Board using it for their own political spring board to go away…………

  3. old planatation says:

    Don’t forget Bob Levy he gained from the party also that was paid for with ill gained money. two rats one ship.

  4. Tommy says:

    Mayor Armstrong, are you listening?
    The people want you to do something about the corruption in PAL. The board has become a dictatorship.