Sources: Gary Farmer Violated Campaign Rules For Judges






It didn’t take Gary Farmer long to be accused of violating the rules governing campaigning for judge.

On May 1 Browardbeat asked the question whether Farmer, a highly partisan, outspoken Democratic state senator from Broward, could keep his mouth shut about politics in a non-partisan judicial race. 

In races for judge, even mentioning political parties is prohibited. 

Browardbeat predicted the loudmouth senator was “a judicial ethics complaint waiting to happen.”

That article is linked here. 

The Browardbeat piece proved right.  Farmer couldn’t keep his mouth shut, sources say.

(Actually not being able to keep ones mouth shut is not a good trait for any lawyer.).



Gary Farmer


“A Proud Democrat”


Farmer reportedly proclaimed he was “a proud Democratic” while answering a question from the audience during a candidates forum at the Kings Point condominium complex, according to witnesses questioned by Browardbeat.

Some Democratic activists and other judicial candidates were in the audience when Farmer made his remark. They were visibly surprised, looking at one another and shaking their heads, sources say.

These activists and candidates apparently know the rules better than Farmer.

“When he said he was running for judge, it seemed the wrong choice for him. He is so partisan and outspoken in the state Senate, how could he change hats?” one Democratic activist who was in the audience at Kings Point said.

After six years in the state Senate, Farmer is now running for an open Group 23 seat on the Broward Circuit Court.  There are two other candidates — Rhoda Sokoloff and Tania Maria Williams.

 The Florida Supreme Court’s rules of conduct for judges and judicial candidates states that:

  1. Judicial candidates can’t express a position on “any political issue.”
  2. A candidate can’t label themselves a member of a political party in speeches or in ads. 

Violations of the rules can result in an investigation by the Judicial Qualifications Commission. The JQC can then recommend to the Florida Supreme Court a punishment, which range from a reprimand to removal from office.

Lawyers will tell you that the JQC is not to be trifled with.

Farmer knows the judicial campaign rules. Maybe that’s why he didn’t return an email and a text asking for comment.


5 Responses to “Sources: Gary Farmer Violated Campaign Rules For Judges”

  1. The Owl says:

    Farmer has never been the sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. Yikes says:

    The JQC does not play, a judge here in Broward just responded to an interview question from a sun sentinel reporter who actually raised a partisan question and he still was reprimanded. Can only imagine what they will do with this blatant proactive statement if true.

  3. Well-Said says:

    Sam Goren would be an EXCELLENT choice for a Judgeship……

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Don’t you ever get disgusted when no matter how negative you are about politicians Mr Nevins, they still manage to go lower than you thought?

  5. yo buddy says:

    Shoot that is child play compared to what looks like partisan stuff by Farmer on Twitter in tweets that violate the cannons