Former Sen. Skip Campbell Running For Mayor





Former Democratic State Senator Skip Campbell reentered elective politics, opening a race for mayor of Coral Springs.



Walter “Skip” Campbell in the State Senate


Campbell carried through on plans he had made weeks ago that were revealed first by

The mayor’s position became vacant when former Mayor Roy Gold dropped out of the race in June three days after filing.

City law required the city then set a second filing period for the mayor’s election, which is this week. The last day of the filing period is Friday, July 18.

Commissioner Tom Powers, who filed in June, remains in the race and will be Campbell’s opponent.

Campbell said earlier this year he was exploring a race to return to the state Senate in 2016. That’s when the current state Sen. Jeremy Ring, who represents Coral Springs, is termed out.

Some sources believe that Campbell is running for mayor to position himself for the future senate race.

“Nobody remembers Skip Campbell,” one source said. “I believe he is doing this to reacquaint himself with voters prior to 2016. He really wants back in the Senate.”

A civil trial attorney in the firm of Krupnick Campbell in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Campbell is 65. He served from 1998-2006. In 2006, he the Democratic nominee in a race for Florida Attorney General, which he lost to Republican Bill McCollum.

Campbell could not be reached for comment.







38 Responses to “Former Sen. Skip Campbell Running For Mayor”

  1. Welcome to Mooseport says:

    Skip was a great member of the Florida Senate. Those of us who know him and have dealt with him know he is not built to be a Mayor. Can you really see Skip relating and caring about people’s complaints in regards to their trash pick up, need for speed humps in a neighborhood, crazy neighbor issue or zoning fights? Skip is a big issue guy, he would be bored with being Mayor in 5 minutes which is good for no one. With his money, if he wants the Senate he should go out and work the ground for Crist and use his extensive wealth to build back name recognition.

    If you wan to get a better picture, go rent Welcome to Mooseport with Gene Hackman and Ray Romano.

  2. Mark Sendowski says:

    Coral Springs doesn’t appreciate career politicians. Just ask Roy Gold and John Sommerer. This commission has the city headed in the right direction and that’s where we need to stay. Tom Powers is the perfect guy for the job as mayor to our city.

  3. Minor correction says:

    “The mayor’s position became vacant when former Mayor Roy Gold dropped out of the race in June three days after filing.”

    This makes it sound like Roy was the only candidate for mayor and now it’s vacant.

    In reality, Commissioner Tom Powers, although he only technically “filed” in June, has been running for this seat for months.

    Roy jumped in to oppose him with about 5 minutes to spare before filing closed on a Friday, then Monday morning mysteriously took himself out of the race. Many people have wondered if this was a calculated move to extend the filing deadline to give someone else a chance to file.

    The mayor’s seat has been vacant since the current mayor is term-limited, but Commissioner Powers has been running for that seat for a long time.

    Skip getting into the race now, after the filing extension deadline has been extended, with no previous interest in the seat, is being met with much skepticism in the City.

  4. Eric Jiwani says:

    Tom Powers has been a leader in the city and has always been responsive to all the residents. He has shown consistency in his time on the commission as someone who truly cares.

  5. Lorraine Campbell says:

    Being a long standing resident of Coral Springs, I’m very proud of its present leadership.
    I can say with pride that the value of my home has increased and the crime rate has decreased.
    The homeowners and business owners of Coral Springs are looking forward to Tom Powers becoming
    our next Mayor. We do not need a politician who will use Coral Spring as his stepping stone.

  6. Adam Pissaris says:

    “Skip” has not been involved in the community and has not been heard from since after he left the Senate. Don’t let these kind of guys fool you!

  7. Coral Springs Insider says:

    It would be a HUGE mistake if Skip files for this seat.

    Skip may have been known years ago when he was a Senator, but his name recognition now amongst most of the CS residents is non-existent. If he is running for Mayor to position himself for a Senate race in 2016, this will really hurt him.

    Most Coral Springs residents know that Commissioner Powers has done an excellent job for our City. What has Skip done for CS besides represent us in the Senate? And when he was in the Senate, his headquarters was in Tamarac, so he was always referred to as Campbell, D-Tamarac, not Coral Springs.

    We in Coral Springs want a Mayor that is looking out for us, the residents, not someone looking to make a name for himself to help him aspire to higher office.

    Skip may have more money, and is more well known among the trial attorneys, but he will lose this race, which will cost him the Senate seat in 2016.

    Skip, do yourself a favor, skip this race and start running for the Senate seat now. You’ll have a better chance without a defeat on your record, and the condo D’s will more support your Senate race than the more moderate CS residents who don’t want an opportunist for mayor. You can’t buy us with bagel breakfasts.

  8. The critic says:

    That would be great! A lot of people do remember him and it’s been a long time since coral springs had any real or effective leadership! Best news I’ve heard in ages.

  9. Julie says:

    I don’t think voters in Coral Springs take well to career politicians. A few years back, John Somerer ran for his old mayors seat in town and it really turned off residents. Scott Brook defeated him easily. Also, while Powers has been doing things here in the city, what has Campbell done? I have been a volunteer here in the city for over 20 years and have never met Mr. Campbell once. I don’t know how he thinks he can win in Coral Springs.

  10. J. Chin says:

    As a minority, I need to share my perception of why I don’t trust politicians like Campbell. Residents of Coral Springs should be wary of Campbell. It would appear that he is using the mayoral position as a political stepping stone towards running again for the state senate and then it’s “Bye Bye Coral Springs!!!!” What we don’t need is a politician like Campbell in Coral Springs who does not have the interest of the city and the residents at heart. What has he done for the city? NOTHING. Has he been actively involved in helping the city? NO. I support only candidates who have been active within the community and who have helped the community. Tom Powers, on the other hand, has been very active and effective as city commissioner. While a city commissioner, the crime rate has gone down, property value has increased and the city is on the right track towards growth with the expansion of the Walk. These are some of the reasons why national publications have voted Coral Springs as one of best cities to live in Florida and also one of the best managed. It seems apparently clear that Campbell is only out for himself which is typical for a lawyer and a politician.

  11. Kevin Longueil says:

    Coral Springs does not need a career politician.We need someone that knows our city and has done an outstanding job as City Commissioner and Vice Mayor. I want Tom Powers as our next Mayor.

  12. vangork says:

    skip campbell is garbage. talk about a bad penny..dude, just go away…ran for school up water management…does that keep up florida retirement ? campbell..hit the road..

  13. JHoward22 says:

    Career politics have no place in the local sphere, in my opinion. The polarized mindset is too overwhelming in a community like Coral Springs where the people running the city are those best for the job, not those with the party title and big campaign budget.

  14. Donna Pruner says:

    Coral Springs residents do not need or want a career politician running our city.. we prefer to have people like Tom Powers, who have lived in our city and community for years and years. He IS the future of Coral Springs.

  15. Mike Goldman says:

    I have lived in the city for a long time and have never heard of Mr. Campbell, nor of anything he has ever done to or for our community. The city is currently making major improvements, and it’s nice to see all of the people who truly care about our community. I don’t believe Skip really gives a crap about our community. Why would he go from running for Attorney General to Coral Springs Mayor? What’s next, 6th Grade Class President? No way voters fall for this. Coral Springs is not a stepping stone for you, Mr. Campbell, to walk all over for your own personal benefit. If this is true, and he does run, I will talk to all of my neighbors, friends, and even the parents at my kids schools and basketball games to let them see what’s really going on here in our town!

  16. Caroline says:

    This is a joke right? His campaigns… Florida Senate, Attorney General, Florida Bar President, Coral Springs Mayor? Which one does not belong?

    What’s after Mayor? Do we even have a dog catcher position in Broward? What has he not run for? Lose this race and his name is garbage. Why would he risk it? I don’t believe this. Sounds like a typical political rumor. No way this guy has fallen this far.

  17. Cha ching says:

    This sounds more like a Mike Kaplan/Alan Jean idea for $$$$kip than a Skip idea.

  18. Hillary V. says:

    Coral Springs doesn’t need a politician. What this city needs is a resident who cares about the city. It sounds like Skip is just using the city to help him with a higher office. Tom Powers has proven his leadership throughout his time on the commission, while Skip has never even been seen or heard of among the residents of Coral Springs. Every member of our current commission lives and works in Coral Springs. They are in the commission because the genuinely care about this city and want to see it prosper even more.

    This all just sounds planned. Former Mayor Gold filed for mayor and then over the weekend decided to removed himself from the race, causing the race to extend 30 days. Then all of sudden Skip wants to file. Gold doesn’t care about this city anymore since he’s willing to do this. Makes me wonder is he ever cared. Coral Springs doesn’t need Skip.

  19. Sunshine law says:

    Buddy wasn’t Commissioner Powers prosecuted by the state of Florida? Didn’t that prosecution cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars? I know he was acquitted but do people so soon forget?


    In 2010, Tom Powers and another commissioner Vincent Boccard were charged with a Sunshine Law violation, after they met with police union officials to “mend fences.” Powers had been warned a year earlier not to violate the Sunshine Law.

    Judge Fred Berman threw out the charges, saying there was no evidence that the Powers and Bossard were discussing city business.

    According to the Sun-Sentinel:

    “You are assuming the appearance of impropriety creates impropriety,” Berman told the prosecutor.

    While he questioned the judgment of Tom Powers and Vincent Boccard meeting privately, Berman said, they did nothing illegal….

    Defense attorneys said at the start of the trial Tuesday that they weren’t discussing upcoming business. Rather, they were trying to “mend fences” with police union officials who were angry they had agreed to freeze police salaries for a year.

    The case cost the city $45,000 for Power’s defense and another $45,000 for Boccard.

    My take: That was $90,000 wasted because of Power and Boccard were too stupid (or arrogant) to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

    The two commissioners cost the taxpayers money so that they could “mend fences” — their words, not mine — with the police union. Why didn’t they meet separately?

  20. Im calling BS! says:

    No way this story is true. Skip is too smart to fall for this. Coral Springs has never had a real politician in office for a reason. We may be a larger city than years ago, but we are still a community with a small town feel.

    No way, no how, not now, not ever, will this city elect a guy who is just looking for his next “opportunity” to make more money off of being an “important” elected official. If you need to stroke your ego, buy a dog, but don’t think that Coral Springs will fall for this slick politician talking about how “we” need him and his “experience.”

  21. Too Stupid says:

    After all of this talk about Powers and Boccard you still called them stupid in the same sentence while referring to them as Power and Bossard. Great Job

  22. Check It Out Buddy says:

    Too bad no one has really told the truth behind what really happened to Boccard and Powers. Quick summary….

    The two of them were asking at public meetings to look into the union contracts.

    The City was going broke paying for the police pension.

    The union had proof of the City Manager’s inappropriate relationship with a certain female, and was holding it over the Manager’s head to keep increasing their benefits.

    The City Manager, City Attorney, and Union President set them up, thinking that they would plea and walk away.

    Powers and Boccard knew they did nothing wrong, and stood up for what was right.

    When it came time for depositions, the police told the truth, that they called for the meeting, but no city business was discussed.

    The judge dropped the case saying nothing illegal took place.

    Now it gets really interesting… The City Manager, City Attorney, and Union President all no longer hold those positions, with each one *voluntarily* resigning after Powers asked for an investigation at a commission meeting.

    Anyone can be accused of anything. But for those that want to know, ask around what really happened.

    I’ll support Powers because the man stood up for what was right, and has continued to move the city forward.

    I won’t be supporting Skip because he has only stood up for himself and is only looking to move himself forward!

  23. Congrats Buddy! says:

    Congratulations Buddy! From the looks of these comments, every voter in Coral Springs reads

  24. somethings fishy says:

    this guy Skip Campbell – does he work at the same law firm as Mike Ryan – mayor of Sunrise?

    last minute filer who then drops out
    city scrambles to re-set the board for new filing
    If we elect this guy Campbell we are tools

  25. Bill W. says:

    As a long time resident of Coral Springs I find it shocking that Skip is even considering running for Mayor. Recently Coral Springs has seen enormous improvement with the current city commission, which includes Tom Powers. Powers has demonstrated effective leadership throughout his years as a member of the commission. He knows how to lead this city in the right direction and will do so successfully as mayor. I trust my city in the hands of Powers, not in the hands of an opportunistic politician. If Skip plans on using this mayorship to springboard his political career into the Senate I say “Don’t run Skip.” We need a candidate who truly represents Coral Springs and has Coral Springs’ best interests at heart. Skip will not benefit Coral Springs in any way. He is just using this city as something to add onto his résumé.

  26. Observer says:

    What a shit ton of astro-turfing by someone in the Powers camp.

    Look at the similarities of the comments and the names along with the times separating the comments.

    I don’t know if Skip will make a good mayor or if he’ll even run. These comments make me want to vote for anyone but Powers though.

  27. Mooseport says:

    If things were bad in Coral Springs I would welcome someone other than Tom Powers, but the fact is, things in the city are great. Taxes, property values, crime, all good. Why would we want someone out of touch with LOCAL politics? I’ve said this to the supposed “insiders” Skip should just become active in the local clubs and campaign now for Rings senate seat.

  28. Powers and Boccard go away says:

    As a long-time Coral Springs resident I welcome and encourage this wonderful news. Tom Powers is a liar and the sooner he goes away the better. Ignore all these previous “planted” comments. This one is real.

  29. Francis Farnum says:

    Why argue that Skip Campbell is using this as a stepping stone.You do not have to search far and wide to know that we have a current and some past Commissioners that is doing and have done the same. Check the records Tom Powers has not put forward any new ideas over the last two years and how do I know well because I asked for one.Look closely and you will find that his judjement is bias and somewhat suspect if he does not share your views eg: (Volunteer appointments for the 50th anniversity celebrations committee)How could this be good for our city.Tonight is as good as any for you all to come out and share your views.Regardless of the outcome, running for office without oppisition is never a good thing.

  30. The Realist says:

    What are all of you talking about? Career politician? Skip was a State Senator for 2 terms and that is it! I would bet that 95% of the people commenting on here do not A) live in Coral Springs and B) do not follow the issues in this city! Tom Powers has been the least effective commissioner! And if anyone who would be considered to be a career politician would be Tom Powers. He is the one taking the steps up the political ladder here. Skip has been a true staple in this community for decades. He represented the cities police and fire rescue as general counsel for years. Myself, someone who has worked in the political field for years now, knows the true nature of the people who hold and have held the seats. Skip is a registered democrat, however, he was never one to be a slave to the party. He walked, talked and believed in every vote he made, not just voting along party lines. He was one of the most respected members of the senate and in a republican controlled legislature, he was selected to be the chairman of various important committees. I really don’t think you low information voters and commenters understand how much of a testament to the mans character that truly is. Skip would make a fantastic mayor. I am a registered independent, I voted for Romney, and will be supporting anyone but Hillary in 2016! I hope Skip does file and does win.. And I also urge all of you to do some research and know what you are talking about before you comment!

  31. Robert Townblinder says:

    Coral Springs catches a break. The voters will have a choice. A fiscally responsible, socially empathetic, trial attorney who makes his living representing the little guy versus a power hungry bureaucrat. It appears that the bulk of these comments are written by one person because they all use the same phrase, “career politician”. Mr. Campbell’s career is as a trial attorney. His opponent is someone who has voted for a 64% increase in salaries for the commission and wants to extend term limits to 12 years from the present 8. Who is the career politician?

  32. Check your facts! says:

    Realist, take a look at some of the facts here. People are talking about Skip as a “career politician” not because he served two terms in the senate, but because he also ran for attorney general and florida bar president. He only served two terms in the senate and no other office because he wasn’t successful in his other races. Also, I think the reason why people are concerned of him using the mayor’s seat as a stepping stone is because he himself has said he is looking into running for senate in 2016 (check the link below). Also, if his commitment to the city is making money as the attorney for the police and fire departments, I’m sure he will have their support (if not, that would be an embarrassment), but what else has he done for the city?

    I think it is amazing that you would ask people to do some research while saying that Powers is the least effective commissioner (might want to read the paper once in a while), saying that Campbell is a staple in the community for decades (what has he done), and that Powers is a career politician for running for office in his community while Campbell has basically run for any available seat. Where was Campbell’s desire to help his town three weeks ago when qualifying ended the first time? What has he done for the city besides make money off of the police and fire depts? And judging by your comments, I have a feeling you are a paid campaign staffer who is trying to spin the truth as fast as you can.

    Don’t forget to do some research and check the link below!

  33. just wondering says:

    “Skip was a State Senator for 2 terms and that is it! ….He was one of the most respected members of the senate and in a republican controlled legislature, he was selected to be the chairman of various important committees. ”

    let me guess – he was term limited. Otherwise he would still be there, right?

  34. Carol says:

    I’m happy to see some competition. Now we finally have a choice. I remember Skip Campbell from over 10 years ago when he donated money to our struggling temple. We don’t forget. And what’s wrong with a politician with experience? I would think you people would appreciate this.

  35. Transparency for Coral Springs says:

    I think it is time Coral Springs had a choice. Democracy is having a choice, not people running unopposed. As a citizen I resent being told that I am going to get a $30 million city hall without getting a chance to vote on it, I resent multi-million dollar contracts being handed out without a bidding process, I resent the candidate for mayor voting for a 64% salary increase for himself and the other commissioners. I am glad we have someone running against this abuse of power.

  36. Check your facts! says:

    Hey Transparency, just curious as to who is telling you about a city hall that costs $30 million? I saw the numbers, and that’s not correct. And just so you know, the pay increase is going in front of the voters. It will not be supported, but if it were, it wouldn’t take affect until after Powers would be termed out. I watch the meetings on city tv, I advise everyone else to do the same.

  37. Hey Transparency says:

    Actually, we did vote on whether to replace City Hall. It was on a referendum on a ballot. Or maybe (1) you’re not even from Our Town or (2) you’re one if those who don’t vote then complain about the results.

  38. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Just wondering – do the plans call for the new multi-million dollar City Hall to be hidden behind so many large trees that nobody driving past it will even know it’s there? You know, the very same way that retail stores who depend upon customers actually being able to find them are so routinely abused in Coral Springs?

    City Hall needs an industrial dose of its own medicine. A 1,000-large-tree barrier on all sides of City Hall should be about right!