Sources: Bev Gallagher Is A Target Of Feds

Beverly Gallagher says she has medical problems and can’t attend meetings. She may have.

She also has legal problems.

Multiple sources say she is the target of an investigation into corruption at the School Board.

The word from sources  is that the feds have tapes of Gallagher and have been probing into her affairs for years.

Gallagher, 51, was a parent activist and a veteran of the school system’s advisory committee when she won election to the School Board from southwest Broward in 2000.  She has three children.

Days after her election, her husband Tom Gallagher left her.  At the time he was a lawyer at what is now the Ruden McClosky law firm.   

She told me that his departure created a financial hardship for her.

This week, Bob Norman in The Broward Palm Beach New Times speculated that Gallagher might be about to resign. I have my differences with Norman, but he has rightfully taken this probe seriously from the start.

The daily newspapers? They really need to assign somebody full time to this probe because I’m told it is going to break wide open soon.

Stay tuned.

9 Responses to “Sources: Bev Gallagher Is A Target Of Feds”

  1. Davie Dave says:

    This is very sad but predictable if you followed the New Times and this blog.

  2. vince mcmahon says:

    mikey satz, you are next you creep.

  3. Conflict of Interest? says:

    How can one feel bad for another when they volunarily compromise themselves for the lure of easy money and artificial love of the sleaze-bags that corrupt them???

    I don’t get the sympathy that is going around the community. If she is guilty…she made the decision on her own at her own peril.

  4. It's Empathy not Sympathy says:

    Empathy and sympathy are related but different things.

    Empathy is the capability to share and understand another’s emotions and feelings. It is often characterized as the ability to “put oneself into another’s shoes.”

    Sympathy exists when the feelings or emotions of one person are deeply understood and appreciated by another person.

    To empathize is to respond to another by experiencing feelings of a similar sort. Sympathy sometimes includes empathizing but always entails having a positive regard for the other person.

    We can empathize that someone is going to jail for an act that they committed because we would never want to go to jail. We can feel badly about them being punished in that way without failing to acknowledge that what they did was wrong. Sympathy in that situation would only occurs if that person felt they were innocent, and we felt the same way.

    The distinction is important.

  5. Corrupt says:

    It is no surprise that a School Board member is under investigation. Why have they been allowed to go on so long wasting our money for their special interest friends. What about all that land they bought and didn’t use?

  6. Sympiopath says:

    It’s Empathy…,

    You’re an idiotic excuse for a philosopher. Please read your rubbish again; I think you’ll agree.

  7. The suggestion is empathy says:

    Clearly the appropriate emotion is empathy in this case, if at all, and not sympathy.

  8. Eggelletion? says:

    You write about Gallagher, but what is happening with the investigation into the county commission and Eggelletion?

  9. Hey Buddy says:

    If you were to guess at the specifics of what the FBI is looking at in the Gallagher case, what would that be? It’s been reported the she was involved in land deals for schools that were not needed, unusable acreage in SW Ranches, lobbyists having a bite at it all, etc.

    Then there’s some job that she supposedly holds that a lobbyist friend secured for her.

    Are these the FBI’s angles do you think or would you guess that they have uncovered something darker?