Source: Jenne Backing Scott Israel



He’s back.

It didn’t take Ken Jenne long to be involved in the race for sheriff. 

Apparently Jenne is taking a role in the sheriff’s race less than a month after leaving prison.  And 13 months after quitting the sheriff’s job and pleading guilty to corruption charges.

Jenne was replaced by Sheriff Al Lamberti, a Republican.

Now the word from a well-placed source is that Jenne is not happy with Lamberti.  He is preparing to covertly  help Scott Israel, Lamberti’s Democratic opponent.

Jenne will have a role shaping the message of an electioneering committee gearing up to attack Lamberti. 

This anti-Lamberti effort has a decided Jenne tinge:

*** The anti-Lamberti committee will probably be run out of the Tallahassee shop of Todd Wilder, former Jenne Chief of Staff.

Wilder’s Common Sense Coalition worked against candidate Rick Lemack in the Democratic primary. The attacks benefited the winner of the Democratic primary—Israel. 

*** Israel’s campaign manager is Judy Stern.  Stern helped run at least one Jenne campaign.  

Since leaving prison, Jenne hangs his hat at lawyer Scott Rothstein’s firm of Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler.

Rothstein, a leading GOP fund-raiser, has been publicly backing fellow Republican Lamberti.

My source says the anti-Lamberti committee will be funded by $90,000 from a Rothstein firm lawyer.

One question is what role Rothstein has in the anti-Lamberti committee? 

Would Rothstein allow work against his choice for sheriff right out of his own office? 

Would he allow one of his lawyers to give money to an anti-Lamberti effort?

Or is Rothstein playing both sides. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a common practice in politics and life.

These are questions.  I don’t have the answer because Rothstein and Jenne didn’t return my call.



16 Responses to “Source: Jenne Backing Scott Israel”

  1. bryon cole says:

    Lamberti is a good sheriff and deserves to win his first election. The dufuses who won’t vote for him becaue he is Republican deserve what they get with Israel, who has a questionable past. Read the Sun-Sentinel stories about how he was disciplined when he worked as a Fort Lauderdale undercover agent. The rec ords mysteriously disappeared. Just like Nixon’s missing 17 minutes of tape.

  2. Scott W. Rothstein says:

    Hey Buddy,
    According to your blog you tried to call me today. Call tomorrow and ask for Marybeth….she will find me for you.
    As for supporting anyone other than Sheriff Lamberti…not happening. He has my full support. As for what my attorneys do, that is their business. We have over 60 lawyers here….republicans…. democrats and all the in betweens. I have never and will never interfere with anyones right to support the candidate of their choice…..not the right thing to do and not smart business. And if one of my employees wants to try to out fund raise me…….they can have at it 🙂 It keeps the excitement alive 🙂
    look forward to chatting tomorrow.
    take care,

  3. Scott W. Rothstein says:

    And as for Ken…..he is staying out of politics for a while. His concentration is rain making and helping to navigate the lovely political landscape of Broward County for our clients.
    Speak to you tomorrow.

  4. So True says:

    I don’t think an endorsement from Mr. Jenne would be helpful. I wouldn’t want him endorsing me. I think you’re trying to boost Lamberti Buddy–and just make that stuff up. I really admire Scott, don’t know him, but sounds like a bright, open minded, good guy! Kudos to a man who thinks for himself!

  5. Broward Dem says:

    Rothstein’s support for Israel further confirms that Israel is still a Republican, though there was never any question. Democrats don’t rack up complaints of excessive force and unnecessary force or beat up minorities for kicks. Rothstein isn’t playing both sides. Either way, a Republican will be the Broward County Sheriff.

  6. Reader says:

    I feel I must respond to the last posting by “broward dem” as he’s taking a free and unsupported shot at Israel.

    Not one of Israel’s complaints was from a member of our minority community – they were all white males. All complaints were investigated and not sustained.

    Israel was also underwent background checks by the FBI to attend the FBI National Academy, by FDLE to be the Chief of North Bay Vilage and by Homeland Security to have clearance on info regarding terrorism. Guess what? Clean as a whistle!

    Six unsustained compaints from 20+ years ago after 1500 arrests? Please….at least know the facts….

  7. J. Farrell says:

    The general public seems to have forgotten that little shoplifting incident many moons ago at the Galaria Mall. Say it ain’t so Scott. The only reason your IA complaint was unsustained was the lack of a complaining witness. Pretty convenient that you have forgotten this very critical point in your career. Although you beat the rap at Fort Lauderdale, the DEA seemed to have a real problem with your integrity when making an application for employment.

    FROM BUDDY: This story has been shopped to every media outlet in Broward. They ain’t biting because they can’t find any proof it happened.

  8. David W. Singer says:

    To Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike:

    This email may surprise my fellow Democrats but, as a citizen, I feel obligated to recommend Sheriff Al Lamberti to be retained as Broward County’s Sheriff. Why, you might be asking yourself, would David Singer, one of Broward’s most visible Democrats, recommend Sheriff Lamberti even though the Sheriff will have a “R” near his name on the ballot on Nov.4th? Well, there are two reasons. First, Sheriff Al Lamberti is extremely well qualified to continue being Sheriff and has done a superb job in restoring both the ability and the integrity of the Sheriff’s Office. Secondly, the Sheriff’s Department has no business being a partisan office. Law enforcement is too vital to have partisan politics come into play. I know Sheriff Lamberti feels that way as well.

    The Sheriff’s opponent in the race has been a Republican and now is a Democrat. Frankly, we Democrats wanted Sheriff Lamberti to change his party as well.

    So, as you can see, when the office should be non-partisan, the political party distinctions are blurred.

    The two candidates are both qualified. They both have 30 years experience in law enforcement. Sheriff Lamberti has actually been doing the job and doing it well.If it ain’t broke,then don’t fix it. That, and the fact that he is a very concerned community leader (serving with me, as just one example,on the Board of the American Cancer Society), are the reasons I would urge you to vote for him.

    In conclusion, I have been a loyal Democrat in Broward County for 30 years. I have been President of the Young Democrats of Broward County, and a member of the DEC, a Delegate to the Democratic State Convention, and currently a member of the Obama’s team in Broward. With all that in my background, I still feel very comfortable recommending Al Lamberti for an office that should be non-partisan. In non-partisan races, such as judicial races, we just pick the most qualified. Well, in this race, I believe Sheriff Lamberti is.He has been doing a good job and will continue to do so.

    David W. Singer, Esq.
    1011 So. Federal Hwy
    Hollywood, FL 33020
    305-945-3045 Dade Office
    954-467-3045 Broward Office
    561-833-6944 W. Palm Office
    954-926-5746 Fax

  9. Reader says:

    If Lamberti feels so strongly that this should be a non-partisan race then why did he not have the conviction and may I add leadership, to take his case to the Broward County Charter Review Board during this past year? This board met several times during the past year while Lamberti was the interim sheriff and he NEVER once appeared in an effort to request the board to address the issue to change his position to a non-partisan position. All of a sudden, it’s a big issue for him because he finally gets it. This is a Democratic county.

    It’s about walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

    Do you know who did appear before the Chaeter Review Board? Scott Israel! He was there last spring to talk against expanding local goverment during these leans years because expansion would increase positions and budgets and could eventually take dollars from law enforcemnt budgets.

    That is walking the walk! We need leadership , not rheteric when it seems all is lost for Lamberti.

    Finally, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a receipe for diaster for any organization or business. The status quo approach shows the need for leadership, vision, and positive changes at BSO. I believe Israel brings that to the table.

    Do Broward County a favor and vote for Scott Israel!

  10. True Dem says:


    Stop blatantly lying. Israel was not investigated six times. He was investigated 10 times.

    Five of the complaints filed against Israel are missing from Internal Affairs where they were supposed to remain for 50 years.

    It’s a clear violation of the law.

    It’s no accident that the reports of false arrest and theft are missing.

    Israel owes the voters an explanation as to why he was investigated 10 times in a period of four years.

    Saying that he was cleared by corrupt cops doesn’t quite cut it.

    Israel thinks he’s above the law. It’s that simple. If you want a crooked, power-hungry Sheriff, then Scott Israel is your guy.

  11. Reader says:

    True Dem:
    The public record law was changed in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Files were legally purged prior to the change. That is what happened to Israel’s files.
    That cannot happen today as the current law requires retaining the files for 50 years. The State Attorney, FDLE and FBI would be investigating Fort Lauderdale Police if they did anything wrong with the files.
    Please speak with facts and not just ramble on with your misinformed opinions.
    The sad thing is that Laberti know this and is intentionly misleading the public about the files. So much for a sheriff that demonstrates leadership and integrity.

  12. sheep says:

    Israel, like Jenne are proven thugs, one did it with a weapon and the other did it with his greed…elect Israel and you get a Jenne “puppet”, so do everyone a favor, stay away from these two as well as Jenne’s son

  13. True Dem says:


    Why doesn’t Scott Israel explain the theft investigation?

    What happened at the Galleria Mall?

    Since the records are missing, let Israel tell the voters what happened.

    Scott Israel has already told all sorts of lies about his record.

    He told the voters that none of the complaints directed against him involved black men: “I have used force seven times in my career … seven white men. Never a minority.”

    What about the incident in which he fired his service revolver at Larry Montgomery and Gaston Aikens, two black males?

    Why should voters take Israel’s word that he’s clean? Scott Israel is always lying.

  14. c.c. ryder says:

    Israel and Lamberti. They are both qualified. Vote for either one.

  15. Mike Taylor says:

    The general public seems to have forgotten that little shoplifting incident many moons ago at the Galaria Mall. Say it ain’t so Scott. The only reason your IA complaint was unsustained was the lack of a complaining witness. Pretty convenient that you have forgotten this very critical point in your career. Although you beat the rap at Fort Lauderdale, the DEA seemed to have a real problem with your integrity when making an application for employment.

    FROM BUDDY: This story has been shopped around to every media outlet in Broward County for months. The problem they have with it so far: No proof!

  16. Ivor Pritchard says:

    Judy Stern is a CRAZY bitch. Wasting Israel’s money attacking GOP hard-ball player Roger Stone on TV while Stone is in DC trying to figure out how to bail out McCain.

    If Stone were involved with Lamberti- Scott Isreal would be toast.