Update: Lieberman Running For Judge



County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman is running for the county court, as predicted a month ago on Browardbeat.com.

Lieberman filed for Group 6 County Court today just before noon.

Group 6 is an open seat with three candidates already — Kathleen “Katie” McHugh, Garrett Michael Berman and Robert Abraham Jakovich.

Her campaign treasurer is W.George Allen, lobbyist and civil rights pioneer. The deputy treasurer is her husband — attorney Stuart Michelson, the former city attorney of Sunrise.

The way that Michelson got his job in Sunrise was criticized by some, part of the political controversy that has surrounded the couple for years.


Miami Herald, The (FL) – Thursday, June 19, 2008
Author: DAN CHRISTENSEN dchristensen@MiamiHerald.com 
Abstract: Mayor Steven Feren wants Sunrise to hire his campaign treasurer, who is also the husband of a county commissioner, to be the next city attorney.

BY DAN CHRISTENSEN dchristensen@MiamiHerald.com 

The Sunrise City Commission is poised to award a no-bid legal contract worth at least $432,000 a year to the husband and law associate of Broward Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, a deal unique for its price and political links between city and lawyer. 


Her filing answered the question what name she would use on the ballot.

She has been known as Lieberman in political circles and among voters for years.  But her Florida Bar license is under her married name of Michelson:



Ilene L Michelson
Member in Good Standing Eligible to practice in Florida


ID Number: 850799
Address: Law Office of Stuart R Michelson 
800 SE 3rd Ave Fl 4
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 333161152
United States
Phone: 954.4636100
Fax: 954.4635599
E-Mail: IleneMichelson@aol.com
vCard: Download contact information  
County: Broward
Circuit: 17
Admitted: 06/27/1990
10-Year Discipline History None

I’m no lawyer or election law expert, so whether it is kosher for her to run for judge as Lieberman is for somebody else to decide.

Lieberman’s race for judge has been talked about in political circles all year.  Several sources say that political consultant Judy Stern has already agreed to manage Lieberman’s campaign.

Lieberman is sure to be the issue in the campaign. Although candidates for judge are restricted in how they criticize their opponents, other individuals are not.

A veteran politician, she was the executive mayor of Lauderhill before joining the county commission in 1996.  She has relatively little legal experience outside of the political world.

But although she is an experienced politician, she has never had a tough countywide race.

She literally walked into her county commission seat when incumbent Commissioner Jerry Thompson quit the campaign. She has had token opposition since then.

Here is my take on Lieberman’s candidacy.

Copy of  Broward Supervisor’s Website with links to the candidates:

County Court Judge, Grp. 6 Garett Michael Berman Filed
County Court Judge, Grp. 6 Frieda M. Goldstein Withdrew
County Court Judge, Grp. 6 Robert Abraham Jakovich Filed
County Court Judge, Grp. 6 Ilene Lieberman Filed
County Court Judge, Grp. 6 Kathleen Mary “Katie” McHugh Qualified




19 Responses to “Update: Lieberman Running For Judge”

  1. The Long Black Robe (ret.) says:

    Another good reason why judges should be appointed, not elected.

  2. Woody72 says:

    With the Kosher Mafia (Democratic Party) in firm control of the misinformed condo vote, Lieberman stands a good chance of wining. Good for her, bad for us.

  3. Ilean LIEberman says:

    I like the idea of being a judge. Not as much opportunity for bribes and payoffs, but the paycheck is steady and it’s a job for life. Now, which big law firm should I lean on first?

  4. BettermentofBrowardCounty says:

    The “Queen of Trash” was biased toward the current monopoly she created. Do we expect her rulings to be unbiased?

  5. phew says:


    Chris Mancini
    Julio Gonzalez
    Ilene Lieberman

    Wow, quite a stable of candidates for Judy this cycle.

  6. Str8 Talk says:

    Ruth Lynch: Why are you using campaign funds to purchase gas in your car? This is just like Scott Israel…NOT a very wise purchase. Taxpayer dollars should be used for other campaign promotions, it should AT LEAST be a sacrifice to you until you get elected…(which no one believes you will) $40 in four days for gas, for all campaign events? THIS DOESN’T SMELL RIGHT

  7. Broward Employee says:

    Ilene Lieberman should be a defendant and not a judge. She has spent her time on the commission pushing projects for her husband’s clients. She is crook, nothing more.

  8. Commentator says:

    I hear she is a good attorney doing administrative work, but I think most would agree she does not possess what is called “Judicial Temperament,” which is one of the biggest problems when dealing with some Judges.

    Some people are good lawyers, and some are good judges. Not every lawyer can be a good judge, and not every good judge is necessarily that good as a lawyer.

    What is most interesting is that I understand when you run for Judge you can’t use the normal campaign tactics as running for any other office. That will be a challenge for Stern. No Dirty Politics or you will see a complaint filed so fast you will see your head spin.

    Just knowing what I know about her from the County Commission, I would be scared to death to appear in front of her since she always thinks that she knows everything, and has little tolerance for any other views.

  9. Courthouse Observer says:

    Oh, God. We have one know-it-all bully already as judge, Streitfeld. We don’t need another.

  10. Plain Language says:

    Straight: Campaign dollars are not tax dollars. They are private dollars that become a form of public dollars once donated to a campaign. Campaign funds can only be used to pay for allowable purchases and the State Elections Division issues and enforces those rules. A candidate reimbursing themselves travel is absolutely permitted. Now I don’t have a dog in any of these races but it is important in any discussion to first establish the facts then introduce an opinion. In fact, the argument could be made that because reimbursement is permitted, any candidate that pays for their own gas should claim that expenditure as an in-kind contribution to their own campaign. I personally have never seen a complaint filed for failure to do that, perhaps there has been. But from an accounting perspective it makes sense. Gas and insurance and deterioration on vehicles does have value and should be claimed no different than spending on stamps or coffee cake at an event or any other cost.

    FROM BUDDY: Candidates routinely take expenses for campaigning. Some of that money is probably for their vehicle. I remember that one candidate leased a vehicle for the duration of the campaign because they didn’t want to put the miles on their own leased car.

  11. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    And this shocks some of you. Planned well after her Immunity deal huh red? And the husband the treasurer-keep a close eye on the money. You got to hand it to her she’s really the cats ass. I still have very little respect for her sid e kick Bev Stracher-who basiccly is no better than the Chaits(snitchs)…And to Joe Egge do your time and shut up.

  12. hey robert says:

    Didnt you read your pal Judy Stern is running the Lieberman for Judge campaign, now go be a good lap dog for momma stern and support Ilene.

  13. Watcher says:

    Observer…Why pick on Streitfeld? All he asks is that lawyers be prepared and professional…

  14. Bad call says:

    Ilene has run and won enough times one has to wonder why she would use Stern? Judy has not won much lately and everytime her name is mentioned the word corruption/eggelletion are mentioned. Why would Ilene want more scandal talk around her. She should have gone with Barbra Miller

  15. What's important? says:

    Buddy, Ilene can run as Lieberman or Michelson. They are her names, and she has used both at times. A women does not lose her names when she marries. She can use one professionally and one socially. Both names are used and she is known by both. It doesn’t matter what name she used when she joined the florida bar. Focus on more important issues cause her name is a non-issue

    FROM BUDDY: Is this your legal opinion or just your opinion? Judicial candidates operate under much stricter rules than regular candidates.

  16. Ha Ha Ha says:

    The County Commission is the waiting room for likely future inmates, not future judges! I’ll be voting for the most ethical judicial candidate, not the one who has spent the most time hobnobbing with slimy lobbyists!

  17. caselaw says:

    After the jordan breslaw decision by the 4th last year she can run under either name

  18. Git R Done says:

    Oh No, tell me this isn’t true?

  19. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Judy Stern is her own person. So is Charlotte and John. As for Judy running Lieberman campaighn fine. Doesn’t mean I’ll support her. I like Judy, and the Rodstroms. And from what some of you are saying if the friendship is over and there is retilation from any one of these 3-would be detrimnetal to all 3 of them. They are all good people. Leave it alone.Go Comm.Lieberman run for Judge. Thats it.