Update: Sofia Vergara’s Boy Toy Won’t Run for U. S. Senate


I will never pass up an excuse to post stunner Sofia Vergara’s picture. Now I have another excuse.


 Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara on the red carpet in Hollywood.


It appears that her boyfriend, Wall Street heir Nick Loeb, has finally made a decision on whether to run for U. S. Senate.

The answer is a resounding, “No.”

Loeb has talked about running — with Vergara on his arm — for months.

In a news conference on South Beach today, Loeb said his health would prevent him from running.

He was in a car wreak last year and is still in pain and on medications. A statewide race would be too grueling, he said.

The Palm Beach County resident said he would still consider running for office in Florida at sometime in the future.  A state Senate race has been mentioned, even a possible race against state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale.

Loeb ran in the past for the Delray Beach City Commission and state House.

Loeb campaigned for state Senate two years ago in the district eventually won by  Bogdanoff. He dropped out due to marital problems.

After dumping the ex-wife, Loeb began dating model/actress Vergara.  She is best known as a cast member of the hit TV show “Modern Family”.

Vergara would have added some real glam to the race. She is the only potential candidate’s girlfriend I can remember who was in the news earlier this week for being advised to have a breast reduction.

I’m personally disappointed I won’t get to cover her campaigning for her beau.  Covering her would certainly be more titilating then covering, let’s say, Ilene Lieberman.

Loeb has GOP pitbull Roger Stone as an adviser.  Stone is a Loeb family friend.

 She won’t be a senator’s girlfriend

4 Responses to “Update: Sofia Vergara’s Boy Toy Won’t Run for U. S. Senate”

  1. Wayne Arnold says:

    While Republican Nick Loeb and his finance Sofia Vergara will make great political copy I doubt that he can overcome young Congressman Connie Mack’s name recognition and popularity with the Florida Republican power structure and primary voters. It will make for a very interesting U.S. Senate race with glamor and lotsa money and these two exciting people I guess anything could happen. With so many in the Republican primary it can be expected that at the end of that process the nominee will be so weakened by the attacks that Senior Senator Bill Nelson will be an easy winner.

  2. Lady Law says:

    A talented, beautiful and wealthy woman like Ms. Vergara can date anybody she wants. If she picked Mr. Loeb, he must have something on the ball. There are plenty of men probably a lot richer who would take his place, so it isn’t the money.
    Her support alone would make me take a look at him.

  3. I Vote says:

    It is too bad because I was looking forward to Nick Loeb. I don’t know if he would be the candidate for me. Somebody new is needeed. Bill Nelson has never concerned himself with anything in South Florida. I’ve been active for 20 years and have never met him.

  4. S only says:

    Is there a reason you show 2 pictures of a buxom woman in this story? Or is it you only want men reading your blog? I thought this was a “political” blog. Oh, excuse me, I guess this comes under the heading “views by Buddy Nevins”, although if she is a model, you wouldn’t actually get much of a view.