Sofia Vergara’s Boy Toy Meets With Pollster About U. S. Senate Race


Nick Loeb and Sophia Vergara:  If he runs, he would be the first Florida  Senate candidate chased by paparazzi.

Wall Street heir Nick Loeb was spotted by the Miami Herald’s Nakedpolitics blog last night meeting with Gov. Rick Scott’s pollster at a South Beach steakhouse.

You know what that means.  Another chance for me to run pictures of Loeb’s mucho caliente girlfriend,  Sofia Vergara of TV’s Modern Family.

Loeb, who dropped out of a 2010 Broward/Palm Beach Counties state Senate race last year because of marital problems, is considering a run for U. S. Senate next year.

Since his divorce, he’s been hanging with Vergara.  Here’s why:

He often ends up in gossip columns and on websites like TMZ. com.

Here is a previous post about him.

Also making more noise about running is former House Republican Leader Adam Hasner of  Delray Beach. Although his district was mostly in Palm Beach County, he represented a sliver of Broward and is well known here,  too.

Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolis is already running.  He wasted no time and campaigned at the Southwest Broward Republican Organization Monday night.

Mike Haridopolis and Southwest Broward Republicans President Jim Narang at Monday’s meeting

The Republican primary is starting to look like a donnybrook.  That could only help U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson, who needs all the help he can get as the only statewide Democrat left in Florida.

Here is the Herald post.

7 Responses to “Sofia Vergara’s Boy Toy Meets With Pollster About U. S. Senate Race”

  1. GOPapa says:

    I would think Loeb’s girlfriend could help him with the Hispanic vote, too. She has a distinct Spanish accent on TV.

    FROM BUDDY: She not only has an accent. She speaks Spanish, having been born in Colombia. She also had a TV shows on Spanish-language networks.

  2. Harold Torne says:

    You forgot to mention the eventual winner of the Republican primary — Connie Mack.

    Loeb is too flashy and too much of a playboy to win a Republican primary. What is acceptable on South Beach will destroy him in North Florida.

  3. No Hasner, Please says:

    I think Loeb is a flash in the pan. I can’t imagine upstate Republicans voting for a Jew like Loeb with a flashy Hispanic celebrity girlfriend.
    That doesn’t mean anybody wants Adam Hasner. He was a joke in the House who never did anything and is now looking for a job. I tried to get his office to help me once and got nothing but the runaround. Anybody but Hasner.


    Loeb is Episcopalian.

  4. Jim says:

    Mack isn’t a playboy

  5. serious ? says:

    Please, Mack is a joke. At some point people will connect the dots…the 7 years of college, the negative net worth in his personal financial life, pretending to be a family values guy but leaving his very young children for Sonny Bono’s ex…etc etc etc…list is too long to go into now

  6. Seriously Wrong says:

    Mack is the best candidate. He’s a dedicated conservative who had a Tea Party philosophy long before there was a Tea Party. He fell out of love with his ex and in love with another woman, which is the same as thousands of other voters. We Republicans have to get beyond that kind of thinking and support a candidate who is with us when it comes time to vote in Congress.

  7. Oodles says:

    Loeb is Episcopalian.

    So was Cap Weinberger. It may not mean much.