Robo Calls For Sobel Are Annoying


Hey, People for a Better Florida.
Quit calling my house.

My house has received at least one call a day from the medical industry mouthpiece that hides behind the generic name, People for a Better Florida.
Its first target in the Hollywood-based state Senate Democratic primary was former state Rep. Ken Gottlieb. Today they struck out at another Democrat in the race, former state Rep. Tim Ryan.
Gottlieb and Ryan accept “Republican money, the calls claim.
These calls are being made to promote the candidacy of the third Democrat in the race former state Rep. Eleanor Sobel. Sobel wants to appear above the dirty politics that these calls represent.
I got news for Sobel and her supporters closeted in lobbyist offices in Tallahassee.
Robo calls don’t work in this house.
I’m not much different than others who sign the federal No-Call List to prevent being bothered by telephone salesmen.
Robo calls are sales calls and are an annoyance.
Sobel lost votes in this house because of the robo calls. I hope she lost votes across Broward, too.

One Response to “Robo Calls For Sobel Are Annoying”

  1. S. Only says:

    gee buddy, that’s pretty harsh. But it is obvious that it is Sobel’s doing. The same girl’s voice berates both Gottlieb and Ryan on different days. As far as my vote—well—I’m still undecided.