Sheriff’s Race Fund Raising: Israel Stumbles; Lamberti Soars


Contributors have voted:  Scott Israel is not the Democrat they want as sheriff.

Israel had a dismal fourth quarter fund raising in 2012, according to figures released by the Supervisor of Elections this week.

“There are eight months to go to the primary. This is a marathon, not a sprint,” Israel said. “It’s really much too early to write me off.”

The former small-town police chief was the Democratic nominee in 2008, losing to incumbent Al Lamberti.  He wanted another shot at Lamberti this year, but some Democrats are moving over to another Democrat — Hollywood Police administrator Louis Granteed. 

Granteed raised three times as much in the fourth quarter of 2011.If contributions are a gauge, Granteed will be Democratic nominee taking on Lamberti in November.

I hope the Hollywood cop’s skin is thick enough to take the political attacks that are coming. In fact, everybody in this race had better be prepared because they all have a lot of skeletons in their closets.

Granteed will be attacked for a nasty sexual harassment suit against Hollywood Police administrators in the mid-1990s. A federal court jury slapped Hollywood with a $150,000 judgement.

“Sexual harassment is not about a candidate having thick skin,” Israel said, calling the suit a valid issue. “I think it’s going to be a major issue in this campaign.”

Israel had complaints against him as a cop.  Some of his records mysteriously disappeared.

Lamberti, who was thisclose to scamster Scott Rothstein, is the subject of a new book charging the sheriff’s department is plagued by corrupt.

Granteed told me he did nothing wrong.  Israel has said he did nothing wrong.  I didn’t talk to Lamberti about the Rothstein connections, but he told other members of the media that there was nothing improper.

I have no idea whether these guys did anything.

But truth has nothing to do with advertising in politics. Newt Gingrich believes he was smeared in Iowa by untruthful ads.   The truth won’t stop the vicious attack ads. They will be part of the primary and the general election.

Lamberti is in the catbird seat for now.  He has the power of the incumbency and the backing of his rich Republican buddies.  He raised an enormous amount  the fourth quarter — $140,236.


Rich Republicans Helped Him

One of the notable names on Lamberti’s contribution list was real estate investor and road builder Ron Bergeron, who held a fund raiser at his Weston ranch for the sheriff. When trying to figure out how much money Bergeron bundled for Lamberti, I stopped counting at $30,000.

Car dealer Rick Case – another stalward Republican – gave at least $6,000.  D. J. Von Allman may have lost tens  of millions in the Scott Rothstein scam, but he still had $2,000 to scrap together for Lamberti.

Democrats were all over the Lamberti report, such as engineering company owner Tom McDonald, who gave at least $1,000 and Bernie Friedman and his law firm, which also came up with at least $1,000.

Lobbyist Billy Rubin was on the list.  And thousands came from Coventry insurance.

Hollywood City Commissioner Patty Asseff gave $250.  Former Sunrise Commissioner Fran Klauber gave another $100.

Although heavily weighted towards well-to-do Republicans, the contributors were surprisingly ecumenical.

The figures for the three sheriff candidates are:


  • Lamberti, Republican–$140,236 in the quarter; total cash $140,236.
  • Granteed, Democrat — $30,105; total $119,100.
  • Israel, Democrat– $9,755 in quarter; $63,290 total.

40 Responses to “Sheriff’s Race Fund Raising: Israel Stumbles; Lamberti Soars”

  1. Fearful In Hollywood says:

    Does this mean Asseff will be pushing a takeover of the Hollywood force by BSO? I am sure the public doesn’t want that.

  2. Al says:

    Lamberti will need that money to post bail soon.

  3. Str8 Talk says:

    Lambertis will win AGAIN in the end…Israel and Granteed will kill each other…then Lamberti will look like grown up

  4. Pride in Service says:

    I noticed about $12,000 in contributions to Lamberti were returned, including the $250.00 by Patty Asseff. Scott Israel should drop out of the race and endorse Granteed immediately. Democrat Granteed will benefit by being able to save his contributions for the general election against Lamberti.

    Lamberti is being stung with corruption and other scandals that should be enough to cripple him. If Granteed has the money to compete he should beat Lamberti.

    Some of the money was returned. Some of it was returned because contributors either gave more than the lawful amount or there was a mistake in bookkeeping. I don’t know why Asseff apparently got her money back, but the form says she gave money and he kept it for two months.

  5. Hollywood Police Retiree says:

    I think the article was fine Buddy, except I though it was very distasteful and a very CHEAP shot you took on Granteed about a suit against the City and not him. Granteed has talked about it over and over and has done nothing wrong. He has never in his life sexually harassed anyone. He is a good human being and well respected. He is one of the most respectful people I have ever met.

    The person paid Granteed and Maher, so they would not to sue her for false allegations. She was AWOL and disciplined by them. She left people unprotected during tehg middle of teh night and went home to another City. You should not make false assumptions and slander someone when there is no proof to substantiate the information.

    You should remove that from the article since it is false and slanders his good name, especially when an entire book was written last week about Lamberti and you don’t mention nothing negative about him.

    Also, with everything negative written about Israel you wrote nothing negative about him either.

    If you are going to take a CHEAP shot at someone, be fair and write about all the candidates to include the Sheriff.

    I read you columm Buddy and usually agree with you, but in this case I think you should do what’s right and remove that particular remark which is clearly a CHEAP shot.

    FROM BUDDY: I only mentioned it to indicate what is going to use against him. I will make it clearer that I have no idea whether the charges are true or false.

  6. Central Broward says:

    Hey Buddy,

    I have to agree with the Hollywood Retiree. I have followed this race from teh begining and checked into that same information. It is not true at all. Granteed did not sexually harass anyone. You have bad information.

    I also think it was a cheap shot. You are giving viewers the wrong perception. I have met Hollywood Assistant Chief Granteed and spoke to many people that know him. He has an unbelieveable reputation and is very well liked.

    I think he will be the next Sheriff. Thsi is not an easy position, but Granteed has certainly been working hard and is a credible candidate. Israel has his shot and should just gracefully bow out.

  7. Marius Davis says:

    I am a political strategist and have quietly been watching the Sheriff’s race.

    The Hollywood Chief Granteed is a rising star for a newcomer to politics and is very impressive on the ground and in fundraising.

    In actuality incumbent Lamberti has only raised a few thousand more than Hollywood Granteed. This is an sign for Granteed as a Candidate and the Broward Democratic Party.

    Being a newcomer with credentials and excellent qualifications added to the ability to fundraise big dollars outside the normal political establishment is very impressive. As a side note, Granteed has more contributors than either of his opponents.

    I don’t know Mr. Israel, but I am sure he is evaluating his situation and realizes it’s not in the cards for him. He has his shot in 2008 and should join forces with Granteed, so the DEMS can win the seat.

    Granteed continues to gain significant support and contributors each quarter at a tremendous rate. His campaign is clearly on solid ground and managed very well.

    Let get DEMS to unite behind one candidate.

  8. Political Activist says:

    Hey Buddy,

    If you read the Israel campaign report relating to accuser, there was not one contribution made at the event, except for her $500.00 in-kind contribution. It was a bluff that didn’t work.

    The accuser has also been reprimanded by the Florida Bar four times. Look it up. She took money from her clients escrow accounts. How creadible is she???

    I am suprised that you would write such mis-information. I have always know you to be better than that. You changed the remarks in the article, but still take teh cheap shot. You must be supporting Lamberti again.

  9. Dem in 2012 says:

    Scott Israel’s campaign is dead in the water. I’m sure if he could raise money he would be slandering Granteed as we speak, that’s his style.

    Lamberti raised $300,590.13 in his first quarter in the 2008 election. That’s more than $160,000 more than he raised this time. This is a direct result of people’s disatisfaction with him and the loss of Scott Rothstein money. Lamberti’s in trouble.

  10. IsNotReal says:

    by Liar Scotty Liar » 08/11/11 16:56:58

    Scott Israel has no room to comment about anybody period.

    Scott Israel should answer all the questions. The problem you have is that he lies to each person with a different answer every time. So good luck getting to the truth out of him. I am upset about Israel’s attacks on Wiley Thompson, but everyone around Broward in the black communities all know you can’t trust Israel and he hates blacks. That’s why teher were so many complaints on him and how interesting his large IA file with the investigations were missing…..


    Why do you lie to people by telling them you are Jewish when you are NOT?
    Didn’t you get caught shoplifting cologne on duty at the Galleria Mall?
    Don’t you hate the african american community?
    Didn’t you IA file with complaints from african americans go missing?
    Didn’t you get served with a court order by the mother of the son your had with her, but ignored him?
    Didn’t you have a foreclosure with fired Plantation COP Tom Butts?
    Didn’t you send a letter as a Republican trying to get a Republican Appointment by a Republican Governor and lost to Lamberti?
    Didn’t you switch from Republican to Democrat after not even getting an interview by your own Republican Party Govenor?
    Didn’t you get sued in 2008 and get court ordered to pay you mail person?
    Didn’t Judy Stern drop you like a hot potato because you got her sued too for not paying vendors in 2008?
    Didn’t you lie about Judy Stern and talk crap about her?
    Doesn’t Fired BSO Captain Caccitore work on County time collecting money for your campaign?
    Didn’t you promise to make Former Indicted BSO Captain Ron Caccitore your Undersheriff?
    Don’t you lie about being the Dade County Police Chief of the Year?
    Didn’t you do the Former North Bay Village Mayor Geller wrong in front of the Commission?
    Didn’t you fail to make the Wilton Manors Chief’s short list?
    Didn’t you leave North Bay Village because you were getting fired anyway?
    Didn’t you and Ira Goldberg flee in your car from the BSO SET Team two months ago at the jail when you them moving in to arrest her? On tape too??
    Didn’t you tell people in Coral Springs you would privatize the jails? At the football field..
    Didn’t you tell people your main concern is the PBA because of Marano and not the Fire, Detention or Civilians?
    Don’t you try your street COP intimidation tactics to often on people in the black community?
    Didn’t you ride around in a limo after the 2008 Primary with DePerna and threaten that our Deputies are all going to be fired?
    Big question… Didn’t you lose in 2008?

    All of these outstanding character questions…… It will take some time to analyze his answers???? I can answer them all myself. I will never support or vote for Scott Israel. He would be the worse Sheriff in the history of the BSO.

    Buddy, I hope you try to get answers to these questions… The voters have a right to know!!!

    Say no to Israel!!!
    Liar Scotty Liar

  11. Lady Blah-Blah says:

    Coventry’s Contract is up soon with the Sheriff. Its no wonder they are lavishing him with money since they just lost their contract with the County.

  12. BSO says:

    I find it amazing that Scott Israel never has a positive thing to say about anyone. It must be tough being perfect.

    What the hell kind of Sheriff would he make when all he does is talk crap about people.,

    He is not for me!!!

  13. IP Daily says:

    Hey Buddy,

    What are the odds that some of those posts above came from the same IP address?

  14. A Supporter says:

    I am pleased Louie is doing great. He is a super guy and will be a terrific Sheriff. By the remarks, he must be doing excellent and others are very worried.

    Louie, you have tons of loyal supporters. We are with you all the way. Don’t let false negative comments distract you, just keep doing what your doing.

    I am not a politician, but everyone knows desparate opponents go negative and attack the most popular person in the race.

    Louie Granteed for Sheriff in 2012!

  15. DEMS says:

    The Democratic Party finally has a real chance to win the seat back with Lou Granteed. The party needs to get behind Granteed and Scott Israel should too. Its the right thing to do, so we win.

  16. Disapointed says:

    I saw Israel and Granteed snipe at each other in their speeches over who was a real Democrat at West Broward in November. I won’t support or vote for either of them. Looks like Lamberti in November.

  17. Democrat says:

    This is all the results of Mitch Ceasar’s inaction. A real leader would have coaxed one of them to leave the race so that money and time wasn’t wasted on a primary. With the Rothstein mess, Lamberti could have been beaten. Our Democratic non-leader insures that it will be another missed opportunity

  18. Watching the race says:

    Is it possible that the life long republican Scott Israel is staying in the Democratic Primary because he wants to ensure a republican wins the seat.

    The only way Lamberti wins is if the D’s are weakened from a costly primary with no cash to campaign in the general.

    By Israel staying in the race he is preventing all of the D clubs from throwing their support by the more likely nominee. By rule the party can’t support one D over another.

    By staying in the race, Israel is preventing the party from getting a head start in recapturing a countywide office.

  19. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Bare w/ me today Buddy (took my mother to breakfast and this bozo couple telling me my mother belongs in a wheel chair-mean while there’s not a mark on her-mind your business cute couple befor you get hurt-yes think I care)Anyway its no surpris e w/ the hillbillie there giving Lamberti cash,(Case) lets not forget the pull you got at the airport-jack-ass-sell your fiats. Money,money ,money,yeah Al. did you here his “bs” at the county this week, he’s a team player, but yet horse face asked for 7mill for his helicopter. Doesn’t need authorization then what where you doing praticaaly on your knees. And those funds that he CONFISICATES, belongs to the City, and County. Lee feldamn-saw you too, little different at the County Lee-huh-perfect oppurtunity to ask where your cut is from Sheriff Al. Can’t help you out w/ the 911-dispatch, demand letters and all huh? 7mill for toys(his) but no money for our 911-but Sheriff puts Publuc Safety first-yeah after you promote your Lt>Cols(joke)and pay them 6 figures. Besides what are you doing you look 100yrs old the other day. The heavy starch shirit although made you look 10x fitter than you actually are. Find the Indian, Hindu Guru Dr.Zachariah he’ll throw you quite a party. When you do have your million dollar pool party tell Gandi there his other Dr. friend wil call Dr.S-is being sued for neglience, unbecoming conduct for a physcian etc. Need I say more.,. I know your wife will, call patients, and give medical advice. Pathetic from the Hindu doctors to this mess of a Sheriff. Beam me up Scottie….

  20. Nick says:

    Scott Israel not being able to raise more than 10k, even in the typically slow Q4, is embarrassing for a county wide candidate. Especially one that has run before countywide.

    Scott, however, is not a party guy. IMO, he doesn’t care about the long-term viability of the Democratic Party. If he did, he probably would have showed up some after his first loss.

  21. No Bull says:

    Al Lamberti is the next Sheriff, get over it. Granteed might have a place in his administration IF he gives his support to Sheriff Lamberti AND he stops going to the Cheetah strip club on duty to “visit friends”.

  22. janey says:

    Democrat the party in Broward is good for nothing. Rod Smith the state leader should have done something long ago. There are no leaders and there is no party. Guaranteed if this was New York, the party would have made sure that primary elections did not happen and that all money is only spent on general elections…but we are in the middle of Munchkinland as far as the Democrats in Broward go. Totally leaderless and activists and candidates want to stay far away from the organized party.

  23. Sam the Sham says:

    Robert Walsh, did you forget your meds again?

    Lamberti wins easily as the Dems will be in disarray over local infighting and being ashamed of their president seeking re-election.

  24. Loser Walsh says:

    Walsh needs to be run over.

  25. dems for more dollars says:

    It’s funny that Louie Granteed parades around town talking about being a lifelong Democrat like he’s so committed to the party. Nobody outside of Hollywood had ever met him or heard of him until he decided he wanted to run for Sheriff. And to top it off, he never voted in his life until 2008. Not exactly what anyone would call a lifetime commitment.

  26. County Democrat says:

    Message to Nick (aka) Nick Steffin. It’s amazing how you align yourself with people just like yourself. Strip clubs,sexual harassment cases,internal corruption. Everything that I mentioned pertaining to our current candidates for sheriff Lou Granteed and Al lamberti. Let me tell you what Scott Israel has done for Broward County. He has served as a public servant for 25 years protecting the law abiding citizens of Fort lauderdale. And unlike yourself has not been kicked out of his home,cost the city of Fort Lauderdale 250,000 in a sexual harassment case(Lou Granteed),recently written up for attending a strip club while on duty(Lou Granteed), and never had his name tarnished by corruption allegations in his 25 years of service(Al Lamberti), because any free time Scott Israel has, is spent with his family. And yes, Granteed has promised not only you, but half the lawyers in Broward the BSO special council position. Israel was out-spent almost 5-1 in the last primary with vicious attacks of un-truthfulness, and he won. Good luck, the Granteed and lamberti people are in for a big surprise.

  27. Ronald says:

    “County Democrat”

    I have heard or read the following about Scott Israel. Please provide me with detailed truthful answers to the following questions:

    Did he get caught shoplifting cologne on duty as a Ft. Lauderdale police officer at the Galleria Mall?

    Did he have anything to do with his Internal Affairs file with allegations of brutality against African Americans mysteriously disappearing?

    Did he father a child with a young woman and then deny paternity forcing the mother of his child to sue him in court to acknowledge paternity and support his infant son?

    Did he get sued for foreclosure due to his financial irresponsibility?

    Did he abandon his principles and core beliefs and switch parties from being a lifelong Republican to dDmocrat for political opportunity?

    Did he get sued in 2008 for yet another failure to pay his financial obligations?

    Did he accept hundreds of thousands of dollars from convicted ponzi kingpin Scott Rothstein and his associates?

    Is he secretly and illegally using 2012 campaign contributions to pay clawback attorneys for campaign contributions he received in 2008 from Scott Rothstein?

    Is he ruining the Democratic chance of regaining and fixing the Sheriff’s Office by failing to drop out of the race despite lack of support and calls from the party to do so?

    Is he putting his own ego and interests above that of Broward County’s vulnerable citizens?

    Mr Israel, I suspect you or someone close to you wrote the previous post from “County Democrat”. This is your chance to set the record straight in your own words. I look forward to your truthful answers supported by factual evidence.

  28. Nick says:

    County Democrat,

    First off, it’s STEFFENS.

    Second, I was not kicked out of my house. I moved out when my wife and I separated. There’s an enormous difference.

    Thanks for the interest.

  29. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “Loser Walsh” to Sam the Sham”. To both of you and anyone else w/ your name calling and threats, i do not care who you are,who you know etc. I have a “Louiville Slugger” (baseball bat-that still has the dents in it the last time one of you degenerates. w/ your big mouths ran into your home where then i smashed evey window in your dumps to make my point across)in th e back seat of my car, that I won’t hesitate to smash over your head. Then I will personally call Adderly(chief) to get your bloody carcass off the street. So bring it on bitches.

  30. Loser Walsh says:

    Walsh, take your meds or have momma stern give them to you.

  31. Central Broward says:

    These posts are typical Scott Israel. Scott israel cant raise money, doesn’t have support and is the biggest compulsive liar anyine could ever meet. Israel cannot control his anger or emotions because he is getting the shit kicked out of him. What a life… Scott Israel is only about Scott Israel. His money will be out soon and the doors are closing everyday on any chance of fundrsiaing more money. He can take all the shots (lies as usual) he wants at Granteed and Lamberti, bit it doesn’t change the fact that his campaign is OVER. The only one that doesn’t get it is him… The worst and losing candidate (Israel) in a race always turns to desparate negative attacks because they have no chance of winning, no creditabilty, no money and just can’t let go….

    Granteed is a life long democrat and Israel hates hearing it all over town because he is fake and really a REPUBLICAN. ISRAEL IS A REPUBLICAN AND ACTS LIKE ONE EVERYDAY!!! My God, Lamberti is a Republican and is better than Israel.

    Scott Israel hasn’t done crap in public service, but beat up black men and get caught stealing on duty. He was hated in Fort Lauderdale and was hated in North Bay Village because he is a corrupt and disgrace to law enforcement. He has no experience and is a horrible leader. WHAT HAS HE EVER DONE??? NOTHING BUT TALK ABOUT HIMSELF. HE IS EXCELLENT AT THAT, BUT A SUPER LIAR..


  32. Pompano Dem says:

    It is clear Mr. Dems for dollars that Granteed has more friends than Hollywood. If you compare the campaign fundraising reports Granteed has contributors from every City in Broward County.

    Just another Israel attempt to falsely attack his opponent an try to spread more fabricated information.

    Scott, everybody reads the reports, everyone knows you are full of shit, everyone can see the contributions collected, everyone can see where the contributors are from and everyone can see you have only 26K left in your account. Everyone knows you are lying and can read the reports themself.

    You were a loser in 2008 and you are a loser in 2012. Are you that thick headed or just plain stupid??? Please answer…

  33. DEC Member says:

    The Dem. Party needs to get Scott Israel to gracefully bow out. His time has come and gone.

    These posts attacking his opponents are not helping the party and he did the same thing in 2008.

    Scott Israel might be a nice person, but he is not going to win the seat for the Democratic Party.

    I read the posted information and I found some interesting and laughable. I don’t know who “Broward” is, but Granteed is very popular all around Broward County. That is not accurate information at all.

    Israel is so arrogant he doesn’t realize he is wasting his time thinking people in the party are with him. The DEMS are all supporting Granteed and have no interest in Israel.

  34. Shitty Activist Robby Walsh says:

    Don’t Worry everyone. As soon as I’m through self medicating with crack and tequila, I will be on the prowl. With my trusty Louisville Slugger, I will be battling all those people I hate, which by the way, is a longer list than the one Sam Fields has. And when I am through bashing in heads, I’m going to take some remedial grammar lessons at correspondence skool.

  35. Super PAC says:

    There seems to be alot of Scott Israel bashing on here, all seeming to think that Israel is a horrible person who can’t win. For someone who is said not to be a vaible candidete, he sure gets a lot of attention. With documented evidence of wrong doing with Granteed(sexual Harassment case,deciblined by the city of Hollywood for being in a strip club 3 weeks ago)And Lamberti being investigated by the feds, I still have not seen one piece of evidence supporting the attacks on Israel. If they exist, PLEASE show them to us!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Lou says:

    Lamberti fled town… call BSO and ask if you don;’t believe it.

  37. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Crack and tequila huh? As if. And some of you what is your fasination w/ Judy Stern. More power to you Judy.

  38. DEC Friend says:

    Well Mr. Super Pac, it’s funny you make comments when the Israel camp bashes everyone. You Israelites write lies and false information about Lamberti and Granteed.

    As far as I am concerned, Scott Israel royally screwed over my dear friend Judy Stern and we will never forget it. The word is out all over Broward County not to support Scott Israel and for all Dems to support the Hollywood Chief Louie Granteed.

  39. Real Deal says:

    Until he says otherwise and because he has refused to say otherwise, I believe that Granteed is a shill for the Lamberti campaign.

    There’s no doubt that they are personal friends going back to when Lamberti was acting chief in Hollywood. Friends don’t run against each other. Granteed has refused to say why he would make a better sheriff than Lamberti which is impossible to justify for somebody running against an incumbent. He has also refused to say that he will not accept any position within a Lamberti BSO if offered one.

    This creates suspicion that Granteed’s job is to hurt Israel who is the legitimate Democratic contender in this race. Granteed could stop those rumors but he refuses to try. It also appears that the supporters of Granteed all have some level of connection to the BSO status quo.

    As a practical matter Granteed would need to raise 4 times the money that Israel and spend it early just to match Israel’s name recognition. Which he is no closer to doing today than when Granteed first announced. Israel is the clear front runner on votes and if the election was held today no question Israel would win. Do your own poll and see.

    If I were Israel the thing to do is continue to ignore Granteed who has his own escapades and rumors to explain and instead focus on beating Lamberti. Israel already has the democratic primary sewn up. Granteed is no match for him there at all.

  40. Real Deal Idiot says:

    Mr. Real Deal aka Scott Israel..

    You are a very desparate candidate getting your ass kicked by the candidate from Hollywood.

    You can try and throw your over blogged Lamberti/Granteed things all you want, but I have personally talked to Granteed about your false information. Granteed is in to win and is not interested in any job, but being Sheriff. You should clean your ears because it’s been told to you at least 100 times, but desperate candidates don’t really hear to good bexcause if they did you would know it’s time to get out.

    Talk about support, you have absolutely none and continue to believe otherwise. You have had nine months to raise money and HAVE NOT. You have 26K left in your account compared to Hollywood Granteed who has 125K. It is over for you. You have no chance of winning and if you couldn’t do it in 2008, you will never do it in 2012. The real deal thing to do is show some class for the party sake and just get out.

    I am sorry to be the one to tell you besides many others that it’s not in the cards for you and it’s time you accepted the real deal and get out. You are just embarassing yourself.

    The Hollywood Granteed is more than you could handle. He is the front runner and everyone knows from 2008 that you lie, make up false stories about people and can never be trusted as long as your lips are moving.

    Your campaign is in big trouble, you don’t have support and your can’t raise money…. You can talk about your name all you want, but you will not win the primary. The Hollywood Granteed has massive support and many were with you in 2008, but never again.

    Seriously, it’s time to get out.