Update: Sheriff’s New Tactics To Save Empire





Sheriff Scott Israel is taking his fight to preserve his empire directly to The People.

Instead of meeting with the Southwest Ranches Commission, Israel has scheduled “an informal gathering of residents” to discuss why their town should continue being policed by sheriff’s deputies.

Bypassing the Town Commission is a new tactic by the sheriff,  but he says it wasn’t at his instigation.

“I didn’t call a meeting. The community wanted to talk to me,” Israel says.

Israel has not discussed a new police contract with the Southwest Ranches Commission.  His staff has had two meetings with town staff that the mayor attended.

Like many other government disputes, this one is about money.

Southwest Ranches paid roughly $2 million last year to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.  Israel’s agency wants $2.45 million this year.

BSO told the town that currently they only have one deputy on patrol 58% of the time. The situation is bothersome because  Weston or Cooper City told BSO they will not pay for deputies to service Southwest Ranches unless they needed in a life threatening situation, according to both a town official and Israel.

Southwest Ranches wants more police.  The sheriff has suggested adding two  more deputies, which would put a second deputy on the road at all times. That would increase the Town’s cost to 2.45 million.

Town officials say their tiny community can’t afford an extra money.

Officials believes they may be able to make a less expensive deal with Davie for police services.

Israel’s pitch will be what he told Brittany Wallman of the Sun-Sentinel last week:

“I would caution any elected official in bargaining for police services or fire services or any public safety services based solely on cost cutting. To me that is not responsible governance.”

In a remark sure to annoy cops outside BSO, Israel was quoted as saying that the sheriff’s department is the “Cadillac” of policing in Broward and can’t be judged solely on a cost basis.

Israel is facing a dilemma.

If Southwest Ranches splits from BSO, it could set an example to the 13 other municipalities serviced by the sheriff. If more start leaving, BSO will be greatly diminished with far less employees. It would affect all employees, because job opportunities would be tougher in a smaller agency.

Under former sheriffs, the cost of BSO in the 14 communities it serves was somewhat of a shell game — policing was subsidized by county taxpayers and didn’t reflect the real cost, according to BSO.

Israel says he wants to keep Southwest Ranches, but won’t do it unless they pay the actual cost of the service.

“We don’t want to lose anybody.  We want to be the vendor for everybody for police and fire services,” Israel says. “But I must have revenue neutral contracts….We can’t have Fort Lauderdale or any other cities subsidizing other cities….I’m cleaning up at a mess left by my predecessor.”

Israel’s plan to charge the real the cost of policing is something those being protected by city police and fire should appreciate.   Ideally everybody should pay their fair share of policing and EMS.

But when Israel gave his new “more realistic” cost proposal to Southwest Ranches, the town balked.

Below is the e-mail invitiation from former Commissioner Don Maines of Southwest Ranches to the “informal gathering”


Sent: Fri, Oct 18, 2013 4:51 pm

Subject: Meet the Sheriff:


There will be an informal gathering of residents of Southwest Ranches at the home of former Council Member Don Maines on Tuesday October 22, 2013 at 6:30 P.M. This will be your opportunity to discuss with Sheriff Scott Israel our needs in Southwest Ranches and ask questions about what the Broward Sheriff Office can offer over other Law Enforcement Agencies and the future relationship between B.S.O. and Southwest Ranches. (Let’s talk contract!)


Address:  17401 S.W. 48th Street (Rolling Oaks)  Southwest Ranches, 33331


R.S.V.P. 954-252-8881 or by e-mail


Thank you, Don Maines

33 Responses to “Update: Sheriff’s New Tactics To Save Empire”

  1. Southwest Resident says:

    The Sheriff just disrespected our entire City by by-passing our elected body. . We elect them to represent us. We have a Mayor, City Commission and a City Manager. The residents are worried the Sheriff will retaliate if they speak against staying with BSO.

  2. Ghost of McLovin says:

    $2M a year for one deputy 58% of the time? What the f$!k is BSO paying this deputy?

  3. The Truth says:

    @1 Southwest Resident:

    Really? The Sheriff agrees to attend a meeting of concerned resident and THAT’s an insult to the town.

    You really must have some thin skin around your thick skull.

    The whole point of American Government is that citizens have the right to petition their elected officials for redress of grievances. These SW Ranches residents want to talk to the Sheriff, what’s the issue.

  4. Smart Move says:

    Isreal is smart, no doubt that City Commission was kissing Lamberti’s butt for the last 4 years thankful to have a sweet deal that other cities were subsidizing. The Sheriff is right go to the people that matter, the voters.

  5. Owl says:


    According to your article, BSO wants a 19% increase from the $2 million they currently get. The Sheriff is asking for $2.45 million. That’s a 22.5% increase. It might be an easier sell if these guys told the truth; taxpayers keep paying more for less.


    I used the percentage figure the town gave me.

  6. questioning says:

    Did I read that correctly. $2 million dollars for one BSO officer for 58% of the time. Sweet, I’ll do it for 75% of the time for $1 million and I will include the car.

  7. LEO No. 1 says:

    Shame on you, Buddy. The sheriff should not be criticized for trying to make BSO more efficient and cost effective. Lamberti ran BSO into the ground and Israel is trying to repair the problems.

  8. Davie Resident says:

    Southwest Ranches shouldn’t even be a city.

  9. Resident says:

    I would be very careful about taking anything the Sheriff says as gospel. He is full of it and will sell us a pile of crap with a smile. His reputation is being a person that is less than truthful with people and it shows by the people he surrounds himself with. He is clearly in panic mode about us going to Davie. Why is it said to be okay for the Sheriff to be responsible with our taxpayer money and we as taxpayers can’t be responsible in our own city and with our own money. The Sheriff is way off base with his tactics.

    Also, why didn’t the Sheriff hold this meeting at a public place instead of someone’s house that volunteers for the Sheriff at BSO.

    That is wrong!!!

  10. Vladimir Duquesne says:

    If I was a southwest ranches official, I would be bothered by this- if ranches re-ups with BSO and they have an issue, who is the sheriff going to talk to? Is he going to deal with the town or go to the residents? It looks like the sheriff is running a campaign here, not negotiating a contractor/customer deal. A huge misplay from downtown. Those people are stubborn over there, this is only going to annoy them.

  11. Broward Native says:

    Davie Resident is right– Southwest Ranches shouldn’t be a city. They should be part of Davie. The residents so badly wanted to retain their “rural” lifestyle, unlike Davie, of course (wink, wink). Guess what? It costs money to be a city. Like having a police force, with a chief and an XO and cars and guns. You know, things that Davie already had and would have been added to those streets they took over. Now they see the real cost of doing business. And by the way, I’m no fan of the Town of Dave and think the Sheriff is a boob. Even if SWR goes to Davie, there will be no ripple effect. There aren’t other police agencies that could take over policing Pompano, Deerfield, etc. SWR is nothing more than a big HOA.

  12. Vladimir Duquesne says:

    One further thought- all the contract cities should be paying close attention. If the sheriff is willing to end run the officials in the ranches, he’ll do it in other places as well. Watch carefully!

  13. Steve says:

    Let’s see if I get this straight.
    1. Sheriff having problems with his payroll and budget.
    2. Sheriff now has to charge more.
    3. City balks, Sheriff behaves like petulant teenager and goes around governing body to plead his case (Dad says no let’s ask Mom).
    4. Former whatever guy is his ticket and former guy maybe looking for something from Sheriff (maybe a job if the pattern holds).
    5. If this is how Sheriff operates that city better consider other opportunities.
    6. What did I miss.
    7. Too bad the rank and file at the Sheriff’s office has to put up with this nonsense, they are good people.

  14. SW Broward says:

    Seems like the Sheriff has hit an all time low. It appears that he has turned a contract negotiation into a political campaign. Guess that’s what happens when you surround yourself with politicos instead of real administrators. To meet with residents at a former Council Member’s house before meeting with the elected officials is just dumb advice. Especially, when you stop to realize that the house he is going to is that of a Council member who was overwhelmingly voted out of office. Could political payback be in this former Council Member’s future??????? We will just have to wait and see.

  15. Musical Genius says:

    I support the concept of bringing this to the people, but lord this guy is embarrassing – BSO is the Cadillac of policing is an insult to LEO’s who chose not to work inside the political BSO machine. Is he the Sheriff or a used car salesman? Who writes this for him? They should be fired.

  16. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    The Truth is more like the ^$%#$%. It seems like the Sheriff is sounds desperate and allowed himself to be called to a meeting so he could put pressure on the people oid SW Ranches to keep paying him $2 million (more, now) for 58% of ONE deputy. Does he think they are that stupid???

  17. Surprise Surprise says:

    It no surprise that everyone a reporter questions Israels poor decision he never accepts responsibility and he always changes his story. When will Israel stop pointing the finger. The sole person for raising fees was Israels and Israels only. Can Sheriff liar begin to take responsibility for his own poor decisions. What a weak leader and disappointment to the community. I don’t trust anything that comes out of his cocky arrogant mouth. You shouldn’t either.

  18. West Davie Resident says:

    #8 and #11, there were those who said in the 1700’s that the colonials were not worthy of being a country. I say bully to those who want self-determination and can afford doing so. My dear Davie is more of a city these days than a congenial town like SWR. While my town could certainly provide police services to SWR, I say let the horsie and mansion groups in SWR keep up their good work protecting their open space zoning and small town feel.

  19. Watchman says:

    So, SW Ranches needs law enforcement and naturally calls on BSO. Israel can’t get a budget increase from the County Commission, so he starts shaking down the cities for the extra cash –: Interesting that one of Israel’s chief campaigning points was that Lamberti was overspending . It may be that cities would be better served by their own forces- sometimes a Chevy Pickup is better suited for the job than a “Cadillac”.

  20. Rancher says:

    I was there last night. Sheriff was invited to that community meeting this was not his meeting. It was a resident meeting that invited him. He was a pleasure to listen to and made good sense in what he said. My neighbors and I like BSO and do not like the idea of changing our police just to save a few dollars. Mary Gay made a total fool of herself again with her ignorant comments. There seems to be no end to that smelly old lady’s stubborn stupidity. Doug McKay was there kissing up to her like a puppy on a leash. My family has lived here a long time. It makes me angry to see us laughed at. I am not pleased with the people we elected and the decisions they are making which affect me and mine. Not happy at all.

  21. In The Know says:

    Vladimir, your real name is Andy Berns, the Town Manager of Southwest Ranches. Please use it when posting.

  22. Hoiw stupid are you people says:

    Forget partisan politics for a moment in regards to the Sheriff and ask yourself this… what item do you use on a daily basis, gas, groceries, utilities etc has not significantly gone up in price in the last 5 years? Everything has gone up in price, where is the logic to think that the cost of policing has not done the same? Ask the Sheriff to break down his numbers, if there is fat to be cut than so be it but to take a position that a conspiracy is afoot causing the price to go up seems silly.

  23. Duke says:

    I went through this back in the early 90’s when parts of unincorporated Palm Beach County became Wellington. We had our own police department for a while before PBSO took over. It just made more sense. Southwest Ranches is no Wellington. They have nowhere near the land mass or population. How did they even become a city? Reminds me of the old Hacienda Village.

  24. Floridan says:

    This has to be one of stupidest posts in recent memory, and it has nothing to do with the question of which agency polices SWR.

    Can you imagine the headline if Israel had refused to speak to the residents? Something like “Aloof Sheriff Snubs Citizens,” probably.

    My homeowners group often invites elected officials, developers and others doing business with the city to speak to us regarding issues of concern. We don’t expect them to ask our city commissioners for permission to do so, nor do we feel we have to rely on information filtered through another source.

  25. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Sheriff Israel here needs to address quite a few issues that have transpired over this past year. First if these towns want your services then they will pay up. To go to the residents instead of the elected officals in these towns is counter-productive. These residents can endorse you until they are blue in the face. Its their elected officals that they put into office are the true policy makers. To side-track them and basicly go to the residents is a tactic that could back fire on him. Then he needs to address this cowboy mentality. First we have the guy ,after being tipped off that the man was going to rob the Allstate insurance company. They shot this guy what 10 or more times(w/ karate classes next door). Ok so he had a weapon. What one single gun shot would have been enough, no shoot him almost what almost a dozen times. What everyone had to discharge their weapon(why?). Then we have the gang banger staying @ the hotel on Oakland Pk blvd. You knew what room he was in, why didn’t you stake the joint out and wait for him to come out(simple). No you blow your cover, he fires his weapon and again they shoot him like twenty times(why?). I needed to go to the Oakland Pk. post office the road was closed. I’m thinking i’m running over nails and its shell casings. I mean where was the planning in that. You could have killed innocent people. Then the highway chase. You had the eye in the sky chasing him. Where was he going. No pursue @ over a 100 miles an hour. To kill an innocent woman. Traveling from bringing her kid to school. You had the guy. You had the ultimate eye in the sky helicopter tracking his every move. No cowboy tactics lets get him. Yeah you got him ,but at what cost. I mean I think more training needs to be applied to these officers in general. Also to point out everyone esp. your distractors(judy Stern)are watching your every move. Some one gives you anything, report it. (trump dinner $850 a pop-you forgot). Then the fisaco w/ the cruise ship- come on. You bring up “if your father could see you now”. Would he really approve is the question…

  26. Jurassic park says:

    Who is Judy Stern?

  27. City activist robert Walsh says:

    #27. You don’t know Judy Stern. Fort Lauderdale’s Poltical consulant to the stars(huh). Word has it Sheriff Israel back-stabed her. Word also has it that Lamberti is getting the “411” on everything you do Sheriff. Word also has it that the “411” is coming from Judy Stern. Word also has it Sheriff Isreal that Lamberti is showing up @ every public function to get you razzled-don’t fall for it. Word also has it that Lamberti is texting these elected officals while you are speaking to jack your prices down. Lamberti who knows the ropes is telling them what questions to ask you. Play fair “Big Al”.. You have some issues to work out Sheriff Israel but a lot of us will give you a chance to prove yourself. Except Big Al. Make up w/ Judy Stern via Sachs. Trust me…..

  28. Right on Robert says:

    Stern is with LaMarca too. Keechl is going down!

  29. Middle of the road says:

    The SWR Council voted last night to continue to negotiate with Davie. BSO is out of the running. Hey Sheriff, you were persona non grata. Why, did Angelo tell you it was best to stay away?

  30. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    I am still the sheriff.. I don’t care what the voters said. I never cared about them anyway.

  31. Plain Language says:

    A newly released county audit verifies that Al Lamberti was intentionally undercharging cities friendly to him, like Cooper City and SW Ranches and overcharging the difference to Black communities less likely to vote for him like Lauderdale Lakes and West Park.

    When Israel came on board he made the decision every city would pay their correct amount. Suddenly this looked like a price hike to some when in fact it was BSO charging correct amounts for the first time.

    The county audit report is right there for all to see. Lamberti’s city payment scheme is plain to see.

  32. City Activist robert walsh says:

    #28 You are right. A lot of us are supporting Chip..(” Adcock though concerns me”….)

  33. Resident says:

    It might be of interest to you that Mayor Nelson sold his house and NO ONE knows where the guy is “renting”. It’s one place then it’s another. Latest announcement by the so OVER PAID Town Attorney Keith Poliakoff was that he was living on Thoroughbred Lane… Hummmm. Has anyone seen him move in? If anyone wants to let us know…
    This residency shell game has been overly used in our State recently. They all do it. I think if you don’t OWN the home in your district, you shouldn’t be allowed to run for office there. Plain and simple!