Update: Sheriff’s Campaign Dirtier By The Minute!



The campaign of sleaze continues.

A second Tea Party has “endorsed” Democratic candidate for sheriff Louis Granteed in what has become one of the dirtiest Broward political race in recent memory.

All the dirt appears aimed at Granteed by a collection of political operatives that include Tallahassee consultant Todd Wilder.

The latest piece from Wilder’s out-ot-town committee must be read carefully.  Read it.

The piece does not say that the FBI caught Granteed on tape. It states that a bad cop was recorded saying he was protected by Granteed.

Big difference.

The crafty wording was vetted by, who else, a lawyer.

The most unique move was to get these Tea Party organizations to “endorse” Granteed. The Tea Party is anathema to almost all Democrats who will vote in the primary, especially given the outrageous statements attached to the “endorsements”.

First Tea Party Miami supported Granteed, an “endorsement” he wisely rejected.  South Florida Tea Party – membership unknown and influence negligible –  now is applauding Granteed.

“We applaud Asst. Hollywood Police Chief for his refusal to pander to the ultra-liberal Broward County Chapter of the Women’s Political Caucas by seeking their support,” said Everett Dirksen Wilkinson, the South Florida Tea Party Chairman.

The Women’s Political Caucus endorsed Scott Israel, Granteed’s opponent in this week’s primary.

Who’s behind these WMD’s aimed at Granteed?

Wilder, a Tallahassee gun-for-hire, surely has a connection to some.

Bob Norman at Channel 10 insisted that fabled political trickster Roger Stone is the Great Oz behind the screen, pulling the strings. I will say that these Tea Party endorsements look like something ingenious enough for Stone to cook up.

Stone denies any role in the smear. Browardbeat.com detailed his denial previously. Stone, who is far from publicity shy, usually embraces responsibility for any of his political work.

One person has been curiously silent about all this—Scott Israel.

Where is the statement from Israel denouncing these cynical political dirty tricks?

With this campaign and his refusal to immediately call for a stop to the smears, Israel is showing us what type of sheriff he will be.

It is clear that Granteed is deeply flawed candidate.  It is also clear that Israel is willing to do anything to win, not a trait I want to see in a sheriff.

There is no white hats among these Democratic candidates for sheriff.


The latest attack piece aimed at Granteed:

And Sunday’s piece:

22 Responses to “Update: Sheriff’s Campaign Dirtier By The Minute!”

  1. interesting says:

    “It is also clear that Israel is willing to do anything to win, not a trait I want to see in a sheriff.”

    I agree, that is why I wont vote for Lamberti, Rothstien, David Benjamin, etc. Al it appears made deals with a couple of devil’s in 2008.

    I agree, when Louie loses he will endorse Lamberti and will probably be on command staff at some point in 2013.

    The participants involved are politicians, win at all costs is the name of the game. In a perfect world the position should be non partisan and appointed but until then, you get what you get in an election.

  2. Israel is a Republican says:

    Scott Israel is a lying, unethical, dirty politician. Granteed gets my family’s votes.

  3. Watching the race says:

    This is an interesting tactic. Isn’t Todd Wilder Ken Jenne’s former chief of staff?

    Roger Stone is a noted Republican Activist. Why is he helping Israel a Democrat (allegedly) maybe he is not really a Democrat???

    Perhaps Stone is playing Israel? Puts out false information on behalf of Israel. There won’t be much backlash before the Primary.

    Lamberti can point to Israel’s false and misleading negative attacks and then Lamberti wins.

    The R wins the General.

  4. Broward Democrat says:

    There was nothing more disgusting than Lamberti’s campaign lies against Israel in 2008. To win that race, a Broward County Sheriff got cozy with one of the biggest crooks Florida has ever seen. Scott Rothstein.

    How could Al Lamberti not know or suspect that Scott Rothstein was a crook when everyone in town was astonished at how such wealth could be generated by any one law firm in Fort Lauderdale? Of course Lamberti knew. He ignored it because getting elected was more important.

    Lamberti used Rothstein money to hire the infamous Roger Stone to smear Scott Israel’s reputation. Stone’s work was just effective enough to help Lamberti squeek through to victory in 2008. That will not happen again in 2012. You can’t fool the people twice.

    A blood oath has been made by Broward Democrats. We will no longer tolerate Al Lamberti at BSO. Scott Israel will win this primary on Tuesday and then we the people will take back their Sheriff’s office.

  5. Al fan says:

    Last time, it was Israel vs Lamberti and Scott lost. Give Louie a chance this time. My gut is that he, too, will lose. But at least it’s another choice.

  6. Funny as in Ha Ha says:

    All Louie has is the same dirt LeMack threw at him in 2008 that didnt work. The reason this race is so boring is because its all the same allegations we have heard for years.

  7. voter says:

    Have to wonder why they want the job? Why do they want the job? Keep it up – I’ll either skip this line on the ballot, or vote for Alberti while holding my nose in November

  8. Tamarac Talk says:

    Spoke with Scott Israel’s campaign manager yesterday and stressed that they needed to send a press release separating Israel from these dirty politics. Even though he isn’t behind the robocalls, his inaction shows he condones them.


    I remain unconvinced that the Israel campaign is innocent in all this.

  9. M says:

    Im so tired of the “got close with Rothstein the criminal line”. The entire world was close with Rothstein at that time, including the candidate for President of the United States. Anybody who was anybody sought to be close to Rothstein”s money and influence. This included about every candidate running for any office including Israel. I challenge anyone to find some quote from any politician at the time denouncing Rothstein or questioning his character. Rothstein was a sad indictment of our current political process not any individual.

  10. Tamarac Talk says:

    I remain unconvinced that the Israel campaign is innocent in all this.”

    I agree, I believe there is knowledge in Israel’s camp of this, but Israel is looking the other way. I believe this was the plan.

  11. Plantation Historian says:

    At the end of the day, all this nonsense did was assure that Lamberti will be re-elected. Nice job to all, way to make sure a Dem will not win the general election. Sad state of affairs…..when will our party wise up?

  12. Lamberti is garbage says:

    All of you Lamberti supporters are in for as big surprise. Your hero will be exposed once and for all for his crimes.

  13. Supporter says:

    This weeks attacks are definitely the approved work of Scott Israel, Amy Rose, Wally and Jeff Marano. These people have everything at stake ie.. future campaigns,contracts, lobbying work and much more. Israel and his people are in deep trouble come Tuesday. It is all around Broward that Louie Granteed is kicking Israel’s ass and has massive support.

    I did not know Louie as a Candidate until about a year ago.I am very impressed with him and do not believe any of the dirty literature or horrid robo calls. Anyone with any sense can see through it and will vote for Louie.

    Israel has no class and his political career will be over on Tuesday. Louie has run an excellent campaign and is one of the hardest working candidates I have ever seen.

    Louie does deserve a lot of credit to taking the high road and staying focused on winning and not running a negative campaign. That deserves alot of votes. A candidate that listens to the voters and how people resent negative campaigning and false attacks.

    Scott you have managed to screw it up again because you are an idiot. Louie you have done a remarkable job for a first time candidate and I now understand why you have been endorsed by over 40 elected officials and organizations. You are a class act and have votes from everyone I know..

  14. Former Israel Campaigner says:

    I would first like to say that I no longer support Scott Israel. I have been working with his campaign and after what I saw this week at Early Voting, Mail Pieces and Robo Calls, I cannot be apart of the disgraceful attacks and campaigning against his opponent, whi has always been nothing less that respectful and pleasant to talk with. This campaign and their tactics has been upsetting me for sometime, but I have decided I cannot associate myself or put my reputation on the line with a group of people, especially Scott that are unethical and behavior that is criminal. I must encourage people to support Louie Granteed. Scott Israel is not a good person.

  15. Johnny B says:

    Two things.

    Mark my words…I Johnny, J. Difalcone said…

    1. Lamberti will win by double digits to either of them, but would destroy Scott Israel but this time by a much larger margin.

    2. Read the mailer closely, Louie exploit this piss out of the fact that Scott wants to be “SHERRIFF”, uhhh doesn’t he mean “Sheriff??” The guy can’t even spell the seven letter word for the title of the position he wants! Are you F’ing kidding me?? LMAO, Duhhhhhh!

  16. Plantation's Historian says:

    Former Iseral Campaigner …. At the polls this week, I have never seen two ruder candidates than Scott Israel and Louis Reinstein.

    They stand together and trash their opponents to perfect strangers. They were clueless that people were saying what jerks they were making of themselves!

    I would hate to think that is what would be representing OUR party in Nov ( Com on man!!! )

  17. Real Deal says:

    I find it fascinating how some only consider Roger Stone to be a dirty political trickster when he’s doing work that could hurt Al Lamberti’s opponents.

    But when he does work that helps Lamberti then he’s either a saavy political operative or his trickster moves are not mentioned at all.

    Buddy, do you find that curious?


    Let’s see what happens after the primary. If Roger Stone helps Lamberti and the media finds out about it, I’m sure it will be covered.

  18. Just Saying says:

    Is it possible this entire Roger Stone involvement is actually a Machiavellian “dirty ops” scheme on behalf of Sheriff Lamberti? Perhaps this is just a pretend effort designed to look like it is coming from Israel and in reality is a GOP effort to cause Democratic hurt feelings and disunity in November, which will help reelect our incumbent Republican Sheriff in this very Democratic county? That seems more likely than a hardcore Republican dirty trickster like Stone actually being an Israel supporter.

    FROM BUDDY: You might be on to something.

  19. Watching the race says:

    If Stone is involved with Lamberti, why isn’t Israel denouncing the attacks?

    Whats actually happening is that it is Israel and Stone. Israel has been bragging about town that he would have a “ton of money”

    This has to do with Rothstein.

    Todd Wilder, loyal Jenne aide. Jenne and Stone worked together at RRA.

    Who do you think started the strip club story about Granteed? Jenne was the one who saw him there. Jenne hates Lamberti and blames him for the fall.

  20. voter says:

    good points in these comments, as now I am convinced that Lamberti knows he will win in November regardless of results tomorrow. those on tomorrow’s ballot were the author of their own undoing, slinging the mud and accusations. Did any of them ever address issues that voters care about? BSO staffing and crime, 911 implementation county-wide?

  21. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    This is where these canidates that are going up against Big Al Lamberti just don’t have a clue into how to beat him. Again w/(with) Lamberti in how he is handleing the e-911 situation. Here we go again Al w/ your demand letters. Ok so now he is going to shut off Ft.Lau on Sept 1. Nice huh. He does this every time. These canidates should be sounding off in disgust, that thi s Sheriff plays these games. And all you people that work for lamberti down at th e Dispatch Off. this Sheriff really has your back ,again he sent you your termination letters dated Sept 1 to be effective. So again he states to you Dispatch personal-take a hike. He cares no more about you down there, then he does w/ the man on the moon. Boy, Al you are lucky I am not in a postion of authority I would call your bluff so fast. Like this- ok he want s to shut us off(911), good fire them all Al. Then I would proceed in calling every media outlet(i know plenty) to cover this,and then call in the National Guard to help out. Yes decare a state of Emergencey. You see how fast he chages hi s tune. And Ft.Lau-shut up, or put up($$) in plain English. Get it Lee “Bugsy” Feldman. No he;s to busy keeping up w/ who’s the employees(your own) leaking all this info to Robert. More coming Bugsy. As far as these canidates, yet again you miss every opputunity to nail his arse(Lamberti).

  22. Lamberti-Israel says:

    The latest attack mailer and e-mails attacking Louis Granteed were sent by info@News-Desk.org. via Grasstop Concepts. According to POLITICO, Grasstop Concepts is used exclusively by Roger Stone.

    Ben Smith of POLITICO writes in a
    March 08, 2011 article:

    “This is curious: A friend forwards over a copy of my item on Donald Trump’s campaign, sent from the anonymous info@News-Desk.org and with a sinister headline attached: “Probe into Trump effort.”

    News-Desk is widely reported to be one of the many sources of anonymous emails from Republican consultant, and sometime Trump aide, Roger Stone. The email was sent, according to its source code, using the platform of Grasstop Concepts, a firm I’ve only seen Stone and his allies use..”

    It looks certain that Scott Israel and Al Lamberti have teamed up against Louis Granteed. What is that all about??