Sheriff Tony’s Pix, Name Being Used By Wife’s Firm As Marketing Tool


Despite a promise to end his role in a consulting firm, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony’s name and picture remains prominently displayed on the company website.

He is listed as a member of consulting firm Blue Spear Solutions’ “team.”

When appointed as sheriff a year ago, Tony said he would drop his involvement in the firm, which his wife Holly Tony now operates.

But Tony’s picture, captioned by the words “founder,” is given the same visibility as his wife’s on the website. The site is used as a marketing tool to sell the firm’s services.  

Holly Tony is a veteran registered nurse. Lead Instructor Chantal Fitzgerald is described as a Palm Beach County firefighter and paramedic.

Sheriff Tony is described on the website as a retired Coral Springs Police Sergeant with SWAT training. The website picture has Tony in street clothes. There is no reference to his role as sheriff on the page.

Still, Tony is the most visible office holder in Florida’s second-biggest county, Broward. And there is that promise to cut his involvement with the firm.

Tony was the founder of the firm which teaches how to respond to active shooter situations and other emergencies. 

The company’s name  — Blue Spear Solutions — harkens to Tony’s law enforcement background as a former cop in Coral Springs. The color blue has traditionally been associated with police officers.

Even before Browardbeat discovered Tony’s picture on the website, the continued operation of the firm by the sheriff’s wife has been criticized by some Democrats. One Tony critic told that Holly Tony’s role in Blue Spear Solutions “fraught with the potential of a conflict.”

Sheriff Gregory Tony

Tony’s role in Blue Spear Solutions was touted when Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed him sheriff a year ago. The inference was that Tony was an expert in exactly the skill that former Sheriff Scott Israel lacked— active shooting response. 

Israel was removed from office by DeSantis for his alleged failures in the response to the Parkland high school shooting.

Maybe Tony has the skills in responding to a mass shooting that Israel supposedly lacked.

Yet Tony was unable to use that expertise to enhance his personal financial situation.

His state 2018 Financial Disclosure form filed June 26, 2019 indicates he earned less than $1,000 from Blue Spear Solutions, the firm founded to teach response to emergencies.  

But can you believe Tony’s Financial Disclosure, since another key portion is clearly inaccurate?

The Financial Disclosure lists his entire 2018 income as $188,262, which is how much he receives as sheriff from the sheriff’s office. 


Tony wasn’t appointed sheriff until January 11, 2019, the following year.

He presumably earned nothing, zero, zilch from the sheriff’s department in 2018.

So Browardbeat has to ask:

Is a sheriff who can’t accurately fill out a two-page Financial Disclosure form qualified to run an agency with an annual budget of roughly $1 billion?

Is sheriff who allows the use of his picture and name as a marketing tool by a consulting company qualified?

Ponder that.

6 Responses to “Sheriff Tony’s Pix, Name Being Used By Wife’s Firm As Marketing Tool”

  1. Blue spear instagram says:

    Sheriff still shilling for Blue Spear

  2. Lets see it says:

    Here is the Affidavit


    The disclosure form is at the bottom of the story, also.

  3. Billy says:

    Where did he get the experience to train active shooter response?

  4. Blue lives matter says:

    The guy has never responded or handled an active shooter in law enforcement career. So how can he be an expert??? Don’t you need real on scene experience for that. Never heard of an active shooter incident in Coral Springs that would signify Tony being an “expert. So that title isn’t even verifiable. Great job tony. Way to make us real cops look bad.

    Isn’t it funny that in 2 months the only 2 people from Coral Springs quit in him…. hmmm 🧐…. I guess I’ll stay tuned.

  5. Broward Native says:

    If you review Scott Israel’s financial disclosures, you’ll see he only reported his FLPD pension in 2012 and in 2018 although he listed the income on his tax return. We know he failed to report boat trips, crab fests and who knows what else yet Broward voters were dumb enough to vote him into office on more than one occasion.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Cant we get QUALIFIED NON.PARTISAN candidates.for Sheriff?