Sheriff Supports School Board’s Abby Freedman



Sheriff Scott Israel reiterated his support for School Board Member Abby Freedman this week.

He did it very publicly —  On Twitter and Facebook.

Israel reminded voters that Freedman was “my friend.”
Scott Israel On Twitter




Click on the link and you are taken to Israel’s Facebook page and this picture:






The support is no surprise.  A longtime friend of Freedman, Israel swore her in at the School Board in 2012.

The popular sheriff’s support can’t hurt the beleaguered Freedman. It comes at a time when sheriff should be popular. That’s because the state this week reported a significant 7 percent drop in Broward crime in 2013, Israel’s first year in office.

Freedman may not be so popular, at least in the Parkland section of her Northwest Broward district. She riled Parkland residents by threatening to bus their children to schools outside that community.

Several vocal Parkland residents have vowed to work against her re-election.

She already has an opponent, Robert Mayersohn.

Freedman hasn’t opened her re-election campaign yet.

The qualifying for School Board is June 16-20.

12 Responses to “Sheriff Supports School Board’s Abby Freedman”

  1. Broward voter says:

    1. So, he won’t take a stand on something which affects law enforcement like medical marijuana, but he will get involved in school board elections.

    2. The postings were on social media, but Israel claims that he never uses a computer. Who is doing the postings for him? A BSO employee? If so how do these relate to the operations of the BSO?

  2. Ron Gunzburger says:

    Just a minor correction on the crime stats. You quoted the stats for the entire county, including cities with their own police departments.

    The actual statistics for the BSO territory is as follows:

    VIOLENT CRIME: Down 13% (compare to State of Florida/FDLE violent crime rate: down 2.4%).

    OVERALL CRIME: Down 8.1% (compare to State of Florida/FDLE overall crime rate: down 4.7%).

  3. louder than words says:

    I’m sure these angry Parkland residents will knock on every door in Kings Point, and every condo in Margate, make thousands of phone calls and raise tens of thousands of dollars so that 2-time loser Bob Mayersohn can get elected. Last time Bob finished close to dead last in a 5 way race, even though he’d been running for a couple of years. I guess he’s doing things differently this time with a fancy new website and social media firm. News flash Bob — voters in Kings point might not be checking out your twitter feed. I think they’re more of an instagram crowd. Luckily Sheriff Israel didn’t post the picture there.

  4. That Sucking Sound says:

    Bob’s running again? Jesus Christ. How many times has one guy have to lose before he realizes that the voters just don’t like him.

  5. Time Will Tell says:

    From earlier articles you wrote Buddy, maybe Sheriff Israel will have another photo op with Abby later this summer, with her being taken into custody……

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    popular? he’s a dolt with a moron attorney

  7. what says:

    our honorable sheriff is endorsing before freedman filed ?
    Although the crime rate did drop in Broward and he and his staff is to be commended it dropped in most of the state

  8. A rose by any other name..... says:

    Sheriff Israel supposedly doesn’t use a computer.

    I wonder if his staff (including the husband of Abby Freedman’s campaign manager) are involved with his social media postings.

    I’d vote for a turkey sandwich before Abby Freedman — but given the Sheriff’s own issues in Parkland, I’d be surprised if he decided to stand up and endorse (non-Candidate) Bully Abby Freedman when she’s not filed to run for anything.

    I wonder if Abby will blow through another $100k of her (husband’s) money to try to get re-elected to this part-time job.


    I can’t imagine she will need $100k this time around.

  9. They Are Clueless says:

    Of Course he is. Amy Rose was both their campaign Managers, and when she walked with them they were together, Abby won because she funded her own campaign, and in the runoff she ran against a neurotic moron.

  10. harvey p. says:

    Tells me all I need to know about Israel. Poor judge of character. Calling Freedman a dilettante is being kind.

  11. Deerfield says:

    The sheriff looks so pompous in the picture. His arrogant smug face is annoying and has dishonesty written. All over it.

  12. Plain Language says:

    Just read into the hatred these Lamberti people have for Scott Israel. The reason is simple. Without Lamberti they have no patronage. It’s really not about who the Sheriff is. It’s really not even about Israel or Lamberti.

    It’s about their patronage jobs being cut off.