Sheriff Plans Big Money Campaign Kickoff


The race is on.

Sheriff Al Lamberti has opened his campaign account and has his first big money campaign fundraiser tomorrow.

The event is Thursday is a cocktail reception at developer and road builder Ron Bergeron’s private saloon.  That’s what Bergeron calls his free standing bar on his sprawling 60-plus acre Green Glades Ranch in Weston.

Lamberti named Ali Waldman as his deputy treasurer.  In addition to being a real estate attorney and lobbyist, Waldman is Bergeron’s girl friend.     


Senate candidate George LeMieux, Ron Bergeron, Ali Waldman, Sheriff Al Lamberti and Senate President Mike Haridopolis at an earlier Bergeron event 


Along with Bergeron – he’s taken to calling himself “Alligator Ron” since I wrote a Sun-Sentinel story about him being bitten when he tried to wrestle an alligator – the hosts include car dealers Rick and Rita Case.

Also a host is lobbyist Dave Ericks, along with some well-heeled Republicans.

I smell money – maybe $50,000 in one night.

The ability to scoop up that kind of money is one of Lamberti’s big advantage.

In addition to having the power of being able to get on TV any night of the week, he has access to all the high rollers in the Republican Party. Plus a smattering of rich Democrats.

The Democratic candidates Scott Israel and Louie Granteed have to beg for every dollar.

From the invitation, it appears Lamberti already has a professional campaign fund raising consultant. You can only afford one of those when you are counting on raking in the big bucks.

17 Responses to “Sheriff Plans Big Money Campaign Kickoff”

  1. Not sold says:

    Maybe Lamberti can spread some of that haul to the mess in Lauderdale Lakes where he decided not to collect what they owed for years. What about Fort Lauderdale where Lamberti has left the County on the hook to pay for their emergency communications. It is time someone got into BSO who knows how to trim the fat from budets and take no crap from the unions. I am interested to see Lamberti dance around the issue on Thursday at the workshop on the emerency communciations for Fort Lauderdale. You will see its going to be a showdown between John Rodstrom and Lamberti and Rodstrom will win. Not only will he win Thursday, but watch, John Rodstrom will be the next Sheriff of Broward County.

  2. says:

    Absolutely!!!!!John Rodstrom for sheriff.

  3. Reality says:

    Lamberti has more problems than he can handle right now and they will not end anytime soon. he can try and raise all the money he wants, but he will not have hundreds of thousands of Scott Rothstein money this time around and he will not just be up against Republican turned Democrat Scott Israel, but he will have a big problem with Lifelong Democrat Lou Granteed from Hollywood. He is very well liked and a very sharp candidate. I think he will out raise Israel and it’s going to be a tough road for Lamberti to beat him even as a newcomer in the general election. I watched Lamberti and Israel in 2008. It was a horrible mess. I have been watching Granteed for months and he has energized democrats and is bringing them back to the dem. party. In 2008, people basically voted for the best republican lamberti over Israel. However, after the disaster created in the state by the leader of Florida, lamberti is heavily tied to the republican party while the dems are fired up for change. This will benefit Granteed. A candidate can have plenty of money, but in the end the dems. and indep. out number the republicans. I will not support Lamberti again, he has been a dissapointment and could never endorse Israel. I think Granteed is earning the trust and respect of voters in all parties and I feel confident he will win. No disrespect meant to anyone, but it’s just how myself and many many others feel.

  4. Political Activist says:

    Liar Scotty Liar » 08/11/11 16:56:58
    Scott Israel should answer all the questions. The problem you have is that he lies to each person with a different answer every time. So good luck getting to the truth out of him. I am upset about Israel’s attacks on Wiley Thompson, but everyone around Broward in the black communities all know you can’t trust Israel and he hates blacks. That’s why there were so many complaints on him and how interesting his large IA file with the investigations were missing…..


    Why do you lie to people by telling them you are Jewish when you are NOT?
    Did you get caught shoplifting cologne on duty at the Galleria Mall?
    Do you hate the african american community?
    Did you IA file with complaints from african americans go missing?
    Did you get served with a court order by the mother of the son your had with her, but ignored him?
    Did you have a foreclosure with fired Plantation COP Tom Butts?
    Did you send a letter as a Republican trying to get a Republican Appointment by a Republican Governor and lost to Lamberti?
    Did you switch from Republican to Democrat after not even getting an interview by your own Republican Party Govenor?
    Did you get sued in 2008 and get court ordered to pay you mail person?
    Didn’t Judy Stern drop you like a hot potato because you got her sued too for not paying vendors in 2008?
    Don’t you have Fired BSO Captain Caccitore working on County time collecting money?
    Don’t you have plans to make Former Indicted BSO Captain Ron Caccitore your Undersheriff?
    Don’t you lie about being the Dade County Police Chief of the Year?
    Didn’t you do the Former North Bay Village Mayor wrong in front of the Commission?
    Didn’t you fail to make the Wilton Manors Chief’s short list?
    Didn’t you leave North Bay Village because you were getting fired anyway?
    Didn’t you and Ira Goldberg flee in your car from the BSO SET Team two months ago at the jail when you saw them moving in to arrest a female Detention Deputy? On tape too??
    Didn’t you tell people in Coral Springs you would privatize the jail to help the Road Deputies?
    Didn’t you tell people your main concern is the PBA because of Marano and not the Fire, Detention or Civilians?
    Don’t you try your street COP intimidation tactics to often on people?
    Didn’t you ride around in a limo after the 2008 Primary and threaten that our Deputies are all going to be fired?
    Big question… Didn’t you lose in 2008?

    I tired of all of these outstanding character questions…… It will take some time to analyze his answers???? I can answer them all myself. I will never support or vote for Scott Israel. He would be the worse Sheriff in the history of the BSO. I hope Buddy Nevins trys to get answers to these questions… The voters have a right to know!!!

    Say no to Israel!!!
    Liar Scotty Liar

  5. #1 Democrat for Justice says:


  6. no problem says:

    Rodstrom has Judy Stern running his campaigns she owns the black vote. All the major black electeds are with her, Sen Smith, Rep Thurston, Rep Gibbons, FTL Commish Dubose.

    Rodstrom has name recognition as someone who use his business smarts to find the fat in a budget. Also being in office for 20 years his name recognition is probably the same as Lamberti.

    BSO is no longer just a law enforcement agency its big business and John knows how to run a business.

  7. Frankie says:

    I don’t think Rodstrom can afford to be sheriff. He is a wealthy financial adviser who would have to give up his job to become sheriff. I haven’t run the figures so I am guessing. He would lose between half and three quarters of his current salary.

  8. Tamarac Talk says:

    Being just a regular citizen with no axe to grind like some, I really like Al Lamberti and feel he’s done a lot of work connecting to his constituents through coffees and social media. He is the people’s Sheriff.

  9. LEO says:

    Sheriff Al must hold his nose having to beg from the same people he should be locking up.

  10. Javier Martinez says:

    I Love Sheriff Al!

  11. Get rid of de Jesus says:

    Get rid of the scumbag and crook Neal de Jesus. Also, Ron Caccitore is still stealing from the public. He is defrauding millions from people who rightfully have the right to claim their homestead exemptions. Lori Parrish must go too…

  12. Concerned citizen says:

    Buddy, are you aware that Sheriff Lambert has a close supporter, who is also a BREC member, whi has regularly posted photos and comments on his Facebook page comparing Obama to Hitler? This person is also a big supporter of Allen West. While I realize that a candidate cannot be responsible for every belief his campaign workers have, it seems the voters of Broward County have the right to know if the candidates, in this situation share that view. And is this the official view of the Broward Republican Executive Committee? Comparing Obama to someone who killed millions, including 6 million Jews, is a great way to appeal to the voters of Broward, huh? I think even those Jewish voters who vote Republican would have a problem with that! You should really look into this!

    FROM BUDDY: Since I have no idea who you are talking about, capture the information from Facebook immediately and send it to me. I will expose it, but I need the smoking gun.

  13. Concerned citizen says:

    Is there an email address I can use?


    To reach me use:


  14. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Sheriff lamberti and his big parties. For the last time take ,your demand letters(Sept,27,30.) to Fort.Lau and shove it up your keester. You are lucky that I am not an elected offical, becaus eI would call your bluff all day long, send in the National Guard go National, w/ your BS, and watch you crucify yourself.John Rodstrom running for Sheriiff(verify please Buddy). Easy one for John.

  15. Javier Martinez says:

    Hours later we are still waiting on the smoking gun. Where is it, Louie?

  16. Blowhard Ron says:

  17. BSO RETIREE says: