Sheriff Al Lamberti’s Vote Buying Scheme



Sheriff Al Lamberti calls them Operation Medicine Cabinet and Shred-A-Thon.

I call them vote buying.

The sheriff says his twin grass roots efforts are designed to protect Broward residents.

Shred-A-Thon provides a way to prevent identify theft by safely disposing of credit card statements, check stubs and other personal items.  Operation Medicine Cabinet helps get prescription drugs off the street by buying old pills.

Medicine Cabinet, which has been going on for over a year, pays a $5 gift card for old prescriptions.  No questions asked.

And where was Operation Medicine Cabinet last week?

At the heart of our drug abuse problems: Sunrise Lakes condominiums.

Prescription drugs may be a problem among some in the condo.

Maybe they are taking too many blood pressure pills.  Maybe they are even taking pain medicine, because they have arthritis or cancer.

This is a matter for a doctor, not a cop.  Unless that cop is running for re-election.

The tip off to me is that Lamberti’s troops were at Sunrise Lakes. Last time I looked Sunrise has its own police and is not patrolled by the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

The pill popping fiends are not from places like Sunrise Lakes. But Sunrise Lakes residents vote in the upcoming election.

This outreach will be in Deerfield Beach this weekend.  Already announced for the weekend after the election: Pembroke Pines , another vote-rich city not normally served by BSO.

I’m a big boy and I’ve been around politics a long time.  I find this scheme really clever…politically.

Operation Medicine Cabinet and Shred-A-Thon prove that Lamberti is not a non-political law enforcement officer.  He is as political as any other politician on next month’s ballot.

As of last year, BSO said they collected 28,000 dosage units of “dangerous, addictive pain killers, stimulants and central nervous system depressants.”  They also bought 141,000 units of other prescription medicines such as Lipitor, which they say can be “harmful.”

So what?

Most of us throw away our own old pills and shred our own personal documents. We take personal responsibility, something the Republicans like Lamberti preach all the time…unless they are running for re-election.


Below is the news release on last week’s Sunrise event, one of two the sheriff’s department distributed:



DATE:   October 11, 2012                                                           PIO NUMBER: 12-10-13

The Broward Sheriff’s Office will hold a Shred-A-Thon and Operation Medicine Cabinet prescription drug “take back” event Saturday in Sunrise Lakes Phase 1.


9 a.m. – noon, Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sunrise Lakes Phase 1

8100 Sunrise Lakes Drive North, Sunrise


The prescription drug take back program, operating under the name Operation Medicine Cabinet, allows participants to turn in unused or expired prescription medication to receive a $5.00 gift card (while supplies last, limit one per family).

The Shred-A-Thon provides residents with a safe way to dispose of their personal documents, check stubs, credit card offers, receipts and any other paperwork that contains sensitive information. The service is free of charge. There’s a limit of five boxes per person.

The Shred-A-Thon events began in Broward County in May 2008, as a joint initiative by Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti and the Florida Attorney General’s Office, with the assistance of UNISHRED and The National Association of TRIADS.

For more information on the Shred-A-Thon, the prescription drug “take back” event or prescription drug prevention presentations, contact Jonathon Fishman at 954.831.8902.

                                                                                     This report by                                                                                      

                                                                                      Dani Moschella/PIO


29 Responses to “Sheriff Al Lamberti’s Vote Buying Scheme”

  1. Mike Rodgers says:

    C’mon Buddy. Isn’t that a far stretch?? Ya know, Sheriff Al has been doing these for several years now all over Broward County with rave reviews! This is a public service to our community and far more than any other Sheriff or Police Chief has done for us here locally. And Sunrise Lakes is loaded with old prescription drugs. It is a safety risk for the elderly to have old or expired drugs around they could take by accident. Also most of the elderly are preyed upon by ID thieves because they know old folks just throw everything away without shredding. I applaud Lamberti for doing it! And las time I checked, the City of Sunrise was still in Broward County and everyone who lives there pays for the Sheriff’s services also. Buddy, call it what it is, you are spinning two great community outreach programs Lamberti has initiated for us and you are trying to politicize them. Law enforcement needs more ways to openly communicate and work with our community and these are both great forums to do so. Shame on you Buddy, not sure why you have such a hard on for the guy! Lamberti man has done much good for this town and we should all be thankful. Quit being so damn negative! Oh and thanks Sheriff Lamberti, you have my vote and my whole family, block, church, etc.! Keep upo the good work!

  2. Manny Rodriquez says:

    Who is paying the $5 for the old prescription bottle? The taxpayers or the Al Lamberti campaign? Lamberti has to do something now that Rothstein isn’t around to pay the campaign bills with ill-gotten Ponzi scheme money. You go Al! You are hanging yourself with your own rope! (a little like some of the inmates under your supervision.)

  3. Maria Gomez says:

    This seems like a very shameless act. At a time when Broward is contemplating the release of prisoners out to the streets because of underfunding we see the sheriff making discretionary expenditures on what amounts to his re-election campaign. This is disgusting.

  4. Creekgirl says:

    Acts of D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N!!! Al must really feel he is losing or he would not have pulled such an obvious stunt so close to the election. Spend some more of your campaign cash on more union mailers and local “balloteros”. You”ll get better results.

  5. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Elevating Al Lamberti, in the Magic Carpet ride of BSO’s Chosen Few is the political equivalent of allowing a five year old kid to handle a loaded gun.
    Given enough time, it was inevitable that Lamberti would self destruct.
    The really sad thing about this Clown is the light it places the BSO in, and the fact that Lamberti’s handlers knew full well, he would self destruct…Then when it happens they will collectively wipe their dicks on Al’s bald head, and go on their way…

    Reminiscent of many Lottery Winners, that piss it away and died broke……

  6. voter says:

    gonna hold my nose and vote for Israel
    its the lesser of two evils on November 6
    it’ll take him a year to figure out the gig because the 2012-13 BSO budget is set, but maybe Israel will surprise up with wise choices

  7. Rosalind D'Angelo says:

    Law enforcement is not a partisan issue. It’s about honest public officials protecting the public. This November, the election is about replacing Lamberti whose record includes rigging the Policemen’s Benevolent Association’s candidate endorsement process and being closely involved with convicted Ponzi schemer, Scott Rothstein.

  8. Memories says:

    Didn’t the Sheriff have the exact same evant a year ago when it wasn’t an election year? I think he is probably just doing his job. If that gets him some votes, so be it.

  9. Buddy Gets It says:

    Buddy, you finally get! It’s about time.

  10. Stop The Railroading! says:

    The Sheriff can best perform a public service by directing officers to focus on violent crimes with actual victims, which would be a very big change from the current policy of sending as many people as possible to be railroaded by Satz for possession of marijuana, prostitution, and other victimless “crimes”.

  11. John Henry says:

    I saw lamberti’s picture on a shredder truck this past week and almost crapped myself in disbelief. How is that ethical? How is that legal? How much is the shredder company paying BSO for the use of the sheriff’s likeness? How did this one company get exclusive rights to use the sheriff’s likeness? Can Lamberti advertise my company?

  12. Gloria Ruiz says:

    Lamberti is above the law. BSO regulations against consorting with known felons do not apply to him. If he wants to use taxpayers money to pay for nearly empty bottles of blood pressure medicine and swollen prostate gland pills that is his right. Remind me use the $5 I got to buy stock in Walgreens.

  13. voter says:

    John Henry-
    photos of lamberti on shred trucks no different than keechl on busses back in 2010
    buying advertising with campaign funds is what they do
    not to worry – israel may get lucky and al can open a P.I. firm after he leaves bso

  14. Just Sayin says:

    Keechl purchased those bus ads in 2010. Lamberti is being advertised for FREE on the side of the ShredIt trucks … propping up Lambertie’s campaign but getting around campaign contribution limits — presumably because he awarded ShredIt a lucrative BSO contract and that is part of the kickback to Lamberti.

  15. Mimi Rodgers says:

    Lamberti is on point with the programs and the election. He will win BIGGER this time than last.

  16. Scott Israel for Sheriff 2012 says:

    When Scott becomes Sheriff I believe he will start getting the house in order from day one. I too almost crapped myself in disbelief when I saw the shredder truck with Al’s picture plastered on it go by. This is blatant, shameful, unethical and smack of the BSO patrol car hanging from a crane over I-95 for God knows how long back in 2008. No Charge Al … we had the crane that was inoperative and you had the BSO patrol car that was not being used. What the heck? Let’s drape a “Keep Al Lamberti our sheriff” banner underneath and call it a day!

    Lamberti is a lying POS thug!

  17. Scott Knows Jack Schitt says:

    Actually, because you clearly don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground, let me enlighten and educate you…#1-Scott Israel will NEVER be Sheriff. #2-The crane scenario was checked out. The crane was not workable and the car was never a BSO car, but was only made to look like one. Pretty clever! Sounds like sour grapes. Since it bothered you so much, I will see what we can do to get it up again for you thru the election Scott, you F’ing scumbag, low-life piece of dirt! 🙂

  18. CONFIRM FACTS says:

    To Mike rodgers: I have never directly attacked a particular person on blogs, but you are an uninformed Lamberti lack idiot. Sunrise has had its own prescription return programs for years, however I believe sunrise operates the program properly, they don’t pay for the drugs. Lastly, what exactly has the sheriff done for my city? Nothing! Our city has a phenomenal fire and police department that provide far superior services then the sheriff could ever imagine to attain. And when I call 911 I can understand the operators because they speak English and are respectful. This is absolutely a pay for votes initiative, message to Lamberti stay out of sunrise and stop trying to have your campaign lacky give you credit for what the city of sunrise has accomplished!

  19. CONFIRM FACTS says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that sunrise has also been conducting events to shred papers for their residence. So, why exactly is the sheriff campaigning in a city that they do not service in any way? Pay for votes, that’s why.

  20. 911 Operator says:

    Hey CONFIRM FACTS: You are not living up to your name. Sunrise dispatch is run by BSO and they are BSO employees.

    The Sheriff is a county wide constitutional officer which gives him and his deputies jurisdiction in any city in the county. Why is he in “your” city you ask? Because it’s in Broward County….rae rae!

  21. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    I think this is a stretch buddy and I am one of your biggest fans. These shredding and pill dosposal events have been going on for years. I believe that there has been a lot written about the problems of municipal water supplies having incresed levels of various prescription meds in them. Privacy is also a concern with ID theft and I took advantage of several events to shred years and years of financial atatements.

    If I recall correctly, there were some private businesses which were in the paper complaining about the county taking some of their business.

    This is small potatoes Buddy unless you can show me video or audio of sheriff officers handing out election material or telling donars to vote for Lamberti when they collect my expired pain pills or mutual fund statements.

  22. Mike Rodgers says:


    Yes, you should confirm facts…wrong on all fronts. And btw, love this one…no one can tell the Sheriff or any Deputy Sheriff where to go or to stay out of their city as long as it is in Broward County. The Sheriff is the ultimate authority on that, not any municipal cop, chief, mayor, or councilperson. All city residents, including those in Sunrise, pay for Sheriff’s Office services and they do operate in those cities too. All warrants, civil process, writs, any needed specialized units, aviation, dive team, Swat (even if you have your own), Crime Lab, etc. You know Jack Schitt too, much like Scott. Makes sense you all are on the same team…uninformed, wrong, and too stupid to figure it out on your own. Sad. Buh bye.

  23. CONFIRM FACTS says:

    Wow, 911 operator, you have officially claimed the right to be called a bumbling Lamberti lacky idiot as well. Sunrise is a full service city the sheriff doesn’t have anything to do with anything in sunrise except to try and get votes. And yes I know the sheriff is a county office and yes I understand concurrent jurisdiction and yes I know that sheriff doesn’t provide any services to sunrise. Do you, really, do you? Idiot.

  24. TO: Sick of Higher Taxes says:

    To 911 Operator: Confirm Facts is actually correct. You are in the wrong. Sunrise has never had BSO run its dispatch.

    And that is a fact that anyone can check. Just look at the city’s annual financial report online. Then, if you still aren’t sure, bull the county’s budget and see how many “Sunrise” dispatchers are on the County’s payroll….NONE.

  25. Bob says:

    Time for some fact checking Mr. Nevins. The drug take back is in Pembroke Pines on November 8th which is post election at a senior center. So is he buying votes then? How about on November 10th? December 8th? Check out the calendar and check the facts.

  26. Just Saying says:

    To “Scott Knows Jack Schitt” –

    Apparently you are one who is full of it! In the unreported in-kind car/crane donation case from Lamberti’s 2008 campaign, Lamberti paid a fine to the Florida Elections Commission (Case No. FEC 09-077; FO No: FOFEC 10-121-W) for the wrongdoing.

  27. player says:

    Correct on BSO having jurisdiction county wide. They sit at same intersection the FLL cops sit at, trying to catch redlight runners. Wrestling over that ‘traffic’ revenue. Too funny. Thats what their law enforcement is these days – revenue driven. They don’t make any money dusting for prints in a break-in, just more paperwork.

  28. Scott Knows Jack Schitt says:

    @Justsaying-Not related to the car supposedly being a BSO car or the crane being in use though. Unrelated sorry, buyt better luck next time! 😉 Scott you still know Jack Schitt!

  29. Deputy Dog Ruff Ruff says:

    Gotta love it