Sheriff Draws An Opponent…From Ohio





Candidates living outside their proper district were big news last year.

But the controversy in 2014 was about candidates living a mile or two away from their constituents.

Sheriff Scott Israel’s first opponent for his 2016 re-election is from more than 1,000 miles away!

Edison Jules, who filed to run against Israel last week, is apparently Deputy Chief of the Shawnee Ohio Police Department.

This according to Linkedin and various Internet sites.

Maybe Jules recently quit the Ohio police and didn’t update his Linkedin bio.

He used a Plantation address on his papers for office filed Thursday, April 30.  The papers identify him as both a Democrat and a write-in candidate.

There is no doubt that this Haitian American’s experience is all in Ohio.

“I not only welcome him to the race, I welcome him to Florida as well,” Israel quipped.

Jules apparently has some connection to Hollywood resident Rafael Burgos. Burgos posted Jules’ biography on Facebook this weekend.



 Photo accompanying Burgos’s post about Jules and his candidacy.  Jules apparently is the person in middle


This one is curious. A Rafael Burgos from Hollywood was arrested for domestic battery and false imprisonment just one day before Jules announced his candidacy, according to an Internet report linked here.  

Hmmmm.  It smacks of a certain female political consultant well known for putting ringers in races. This consultant had a very public falling out with Israel after his 2008 race.

The last word should go to another Broward political consulatant who wants to remain unnamed:

“It’s pretty funny that the best the anti-Israel crowd could do is import an unknown guy from Ohio.”




Edison Jules Linkedin entry:

 Edison Jules

Highly professional administrator/executive who has demonstrated continuous growth, achievements, and impressive leadership in the management of complex activities within the health care industry. Solid business insight with the ability to ascertain and analyze needs, forecast goals, streamline operations, and envision new program concepts. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills serve as the foundation to effectively network, collaborate, negotiate, and maintain positive partnerships with physicians, staff, and outside vendors and organizations. Proficient in the management of a diverse range of departments, professionals, and programs through a complete understanding of the health care arena and integrated networks. Apt at setting, expecting, and achieving high standards of quality.

Deputy Chief of Police
Shawnee Police Department
July 2013 – Present (1 year 11 months)Shawnee Ohio
Under general direction of the Police Chief, plans, and coordinates law enforcement services of Shawnee Police Department. Is responsible to command the Law Enforcement Division and the Administrative Services Division of the Department.

Supervises Lieutenant, Sergeants, staff officers and other Department personnel as assigned.

*– Commands all major Divisions within the Police Department; serves as Chief of Police in the Chief’s absence.
*– Assists in planning and organization of programs within the section of the Police Department.
*– Aids in administration of Departmental and divisional budgets. Assists in preparing recommendations for the City Council and Mayor and implementing approved policies.
*– Assists in coordinating law enforcement and service activities with those of other city departments and agencies within the County, State and Federal agencies, as appropriate.
*– Advises and assists subordinates in solving highly complex police problems.
*– Establishes and maintains effective communications with community groups.
*– Maintains professional association memberships and attends meetings, seminars and conventions to represent the City and stay abreast of current trends and innovations.
*– May attend scheduled meetings and seminars to represent Police Chief in his absence.


Creator/ Executive Producer
Jules Productions LLC.
May 2013 – Present (2 years 1 month)Columbus, Ohio and New York, New York
Highly skilled, experienced and proactive creative professional with a unique and diverse background, providing a 360 degree creative experience. Excellent management skills, a visionary leader, and natural hands-on ability to create, execute and implement innovative concepts and ideas across multiple platforms. Passion for creative excellence and a long-standing successful track record of initiative, personal responsibility, leading by example and achieving results.

I am driven and motivated; a self-starter by nature, thriving on multi-tasking, tight deadlines and good communication. I seek new ways to generate interest and gain audience attention. In competition for audience, it is essential to stand out from the crowded landscape. New ideas and solutions based on fact and research combined with instinct are essential.

I have served not only as a creative director, executive director and senior producer, but also as an entrepreneur, and business owner. My career has depth and diversity, and in every situation presented, success follows.

Chief Executive Officer
Health Care Partners LLC
January 2010 – Present (5 years 5 months)Columbus, Ohio Area
Oversee administration of several physician clinics and surgery centers: a clinical operation and a mobile facility. Assume full responsibility for the strategic planning, development, operations, sales and marketing, customer service, human resources, administration, and P&L performance.
• Administer and direct all aspects of firm’s planning/development strategies; drive forward new business. Development through in-depth analysis of client’s needs and requirements to promote growth and enhance revenue.
• Wrote the company’s policy and procedure manuals and employee handbook; updated and revised where needed.
• Significantly increased revenues and decreased expenses through streamlining procedures and implementing cost-cutting measures.
• Successfully negotiate and execute contracts, including managed care agreements. Promotes networking capabilities to capitalize on profitable joint-venture alliances.
• Maintains a focus on the development and enhancement of the professionalism of employees; provides continuing education opportunities to promote maximum professional growth and increase morale and productivity.
• Ensure total compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Performs system and procedure analysis to test and analyze internal controls, identifying areas for improvement. Work closely with and maintain a good rapport with a “watchdog” organization set up to monitor quality of service in dialysis operations.
• Continually scrutinizes short-term and long-term strategies, goals, and mission achievements, instituting new objectives to maximize revenue generation and new business development

16 Responses to “Sheriff Draws An Opponent…From Ohio”

  1. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    That’s funny. Remember when Lamberti stacked the D’s during the 2008 election to split the vote so he could fraudulently win the election?

  2. Too Bad says:

    Didn’t Judy Stern want to run the Chief of Miami Gardens before he got busted with prostitutes?

  3. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Do we laugh because he’s totally unqualified for the office of Sheriff or cry because ethnic politics is the only basis of this absurd candidacy? I mean if there are people who believe our current Sheriff shouldn’t be elected can’t they come up with a credible candidate not this joke in bad taste?

  4. Broward Voter says:

    I’m laughing so hard it almost hurts. That’s very funny.

  5. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    I should run. I mean this nonsense is just what I have been talking about. This Hatian can run, vote, jerk off in front of you, but sucker-boy here gets his voting card taken away from him(the only reason I didn;t fight it , is becaus e my mother was dying at the time(and she was going to end up in some nursing home-isn’t that right Ft>alu city comm Trantalis(your) friends(some) are scum bags-you are lucky becaus e of their gross actions(phone calls etc,harassmnet) you didn’t catch the fall o ut from that(meaning beating). So I guess I pay taxes, work, etc but can’t vote becaus e baldy there (Gov,Goober Scott) thinks he will lose votes(no shit). Lastly ps- thos e that are wondering what happened w. special Pros. Tim donnelly I ha d to temprarily cancel , due to personal issues.(on my side). I will reschudule later this month. I like him by the way.We will get justice people(hang in there)…..

  6. hmmmm says:

    Curious as to who the consultant is that may have put this guy in the race.

    I bet this guy gets endorsed by many or all of those listed below:

    Steve Geller, Lois Wexler, Perry Thurston, Chros Smith, Dean Trentalis, Mayor Lamar Fisher, Dem State Committeeman Ken Evans, Joe Eggletion, Vicente Thrower, Joe Gibbons, Chris Mancini, Dan DeCoursey, Troy Samuels, Lori Mosley, Julio Gonzalez, Joy Cooper, Tim Ryan, Michael Rajner and Barbra Effman,

  7. hmmmm you forgot some says:

    Don’t for get Al Lamberti, Neal DeJeaus, Ashley Walker and Louis Granteed.

  8. Wally and Pepe says:

    Big mystery who the anonymous consultant is…everyone knows you pal around with Mike Ahearn and you allow him to smear Judy Stern regularly on this blog.

  9. Huh? says:

    So the guy who introduces this Jules clown to Broward voters is this guy…

    And after being accured of beating his girlfriend, this jerk poses for a pic in a boxing stance. I’m sure his defense lawyer will love this!!

  10. Real Deal says:

    @ #6 — Oh, you mean Judy Stern.

  11. Talks like a politician says:

    Walter Duke should run. He became Mayor of Dania Beach as a carpetbagger. The tradition lives on. Now, a carpetbagger from Ohio wants in on the corruption in Broward County.
    From the looks of his resume, he might be a good partner for Barbara Sharief in the medical care financial “mistakes” business. Or maybe he could team up with Rick Scott on that issue. Come to think of it, the guy seems perfect for Florida. Don’t count him out.

  12. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Yo Count Choddy…
    my nomme de plume is neither tasteless or stupid. I worked at BSO when Scumberti was there and I told the Feds what was going on. I can’t control the politics. Lamberti belongs in jail.

  13. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Yeah I didn’t think you would be bale to provide a cohesive response.

  14. dontyouknow says:

    Israel is a really great sheriff.
    He is straight up and no nonsense.
    He doesn’t allow anyone to lead him astray- and is a stand up guy!

  15. Politically smart says:

    Ahearn is such a sad creature, what a joke he is around town.


    And the reason you are taking a shot at him is???? He had nothing to do with this post.

  16. Piano Playing Chicken Man says:

    Edison is being used to split the vote, in the primary, so judy can help Lamberti with his campaign. Its designed to make Israel spend his money on a meaningless primary to soften him up for the general election.