Sheriff Dealt Setback By Tallahassee




Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi dealt a blow to Sheriff Scott Israel on Wednesday.

In a three-page opinion, Bondi said that Broward cities can dump the sheriff’s department and hire a neighboring city for police services without a referendum.

Previously, there was a question whether a city legally hire another city for policing and whether a referendum was needed.

Now the question is whether Bondi’s opinion will cause the Broward Sheriff’s Office to shrink, as cities haggle for cheaper policing deals?

At the very least, BSO is in for tough negotiations on any renewal contracts with the 14 cities it now serves.

Keith Poliakoff, town attorney for Southwest Ranches who asked for the opinion, is in negotiations to renew BSO’s contract for police services.  Poliakoff was ecstatic.

If you parse his comment below, he is predicting that all cities will now get better and cheaper deals when negotiating for police services.

“I am thrilled that Florida’s Attorney General has confirmed that municipalities do have an alternative option for the provision of police services.  Competition in the marketplace will help to ensure that all municipalities are treated fairly when negotiating for police services. Today’s landmark opinion will dramatically change how all municipalities deal with police services long into the future,” Poliakoff said.

As an alternative to BSO, Southwest Ranches has suggested Davie might handle the town’s policing. It might not stop with Southwest Ranches.

There are many Broward communities that could be served by their neighbors.

Bondi’s conclusion (click to enlarge):



17 Responses to “Sheriff Dealt Setback By Tallahassee”

  1. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    Before cities start counting their savings, remember that Pam Bondi is just another attorney. Her opinion does not carrying the weight of law. Only a judge can decide the question.

  2. Sam The Sham says:

    This might take a judge for the final blessing, but this opens the door for cities to try it. The Sheriff would have to sue to stop them.

    You would think that the Sheriff would have a huge pricing advantage with economies of scale and salaries. Sheriff deputies have a relatively low starting salary, typically $6K to $13K BELOW other Broward cities.

  3. Wont work says:

    This is a bunch of hot air. If this were to even happen can you imagine the blow up amongst the residents if someone in Ranches has an issue with the police department and they have to deal with the Davie Town Council who runs the PD. How about if the more affluent Ranches is deemed by those in Davie as getting more services. Politicis is all local and this would be a nightmare for both cities. At best this is a weak bargaining chip.

  4. Watching the race says:

    @ Las Olas Lawyer

    Certainly you jest, laws are enforced and not enforced daily in direct reference of AG opinions.

  5. Alice in Wonderland says:

    What a perfect storm!!

    Here is a sample of advertisements.

    Fire sale on police services this week-end only 50% off.

    We only provide honest officers.

    We provide a return on investment, have us handle your next reverse drug sting.

    Our refurbished officers come with 30 day warranty.

    Dent and scratch sale.

    Spring White Sale 2 for 1.

    Our Chief is the best money can buy

    Our officers have never received stolen money from Scott Rothstein.

    Discontinued Models:

    One size only,Miniature Captain of internal affairs, has experience in deleting database, covering out-of-state arrest.
    $9.99 no warranty expressed or implied.

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Props to the Sun-Sentinel for nailing the Sunrise police department in its recent investigative report:,0,1931783.story

  7. West Davie Resident says:

    @#3 perhaps you did not know Davie is already providing the Ranches with fire service. And Davie already has a police trailer near Stirling Road and Dykes which is seconds away from the Ranches. Both towns have a good working relationship. Imagine if Cooper City also dropped BSO, these three municipalities could have an awesome regional operation together.

  8. SW Ranches says:

    When a town is so financially distressed that lowest price is their primary concern when considering police and fire service you have to ask yourself. Is that kind of place you want to call home?

  9. Plain Language says:

    Davie should merge with Cooper City and SW Ranches. Why have these little bitty towns anymore? Makes sense.

  10. City activist robert Walsh says:

    Who cares what the Barbie doll says(aka Pam Bondi). This is an Attorney General for the State of Florida and she tells the Gov. to hold out on an execution on a man that rapes and kills some poor lady and she because she is having some shin-dig for her re- election. Again cancels an execution and after the fact when the word gets out then says sorry. it was a lapse in judgement. I’ll say. Who cares what she says. There you go Mayor Seiler run for att.General. I could beat her(and I’m not even an attorney)…

  11. Shitty Activist #15 says:


    Nor are you eligible to vote or hold office.

  12. John Smith says:

    Israel is a moron, and is completely unqualified to hold office. He is a puppet for Ken Jenne, and you deserve what you got, when you voted him into office. Buddy hit the nail on the head, and knows what time it is.

  13. Anonomyte says:

    @Robert Walsh – I have to agree with you 100%. The changing of the execution date was a selfish decision. She should have changed the date of her fundraiser.

    @Plain Language – I love Cooper City. What’s so special about Davie? Please don’t lump us in with SW Ranches. We had enough of their “we’re special” attitude when they were unincorporated.

    @West Davie Resident – I wasn’t initially thrilled when Cooper City got rid of our own police and fire departments. After many years have passed by, I do not have a negative comment to make. BSO Officers and fire officials have visited our HOA meetings for many years now. They are very pro-active, and I’m satisfied. I don’t want to get involved in “Davie” politics. It’s too bloody. I love my hometown.

  14. Middle of the road says:

    @#8 – If you are a SW Rancher you might know that the Sheriff wants to raise SWR public safety costs over $1 million ($408 per home tax increase) to make the local force meeting his expectations and standards. The town ask for a small increase in force. He insisted in a large increase. When he presented his plan to the council about a month ago and made it clear that his was a take it or leave it deal. That was before the town had options. Now the town has options.

  15. City activist robert Walsh says:

    #11-‘Shitty Activist” for now. I will get that voter reg. card sooner than later Bozo(your fat right?) And to #13-I know who does this AG thinks she is)….

  16. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Sunrise police forced to stop by Sun-Sentinel investigative report!,0,7155041,full.story

    Ryan, Sofield and two other clueless commissioners didn’t think the police did anything wrong (!!!) and the last commissioner said “No Comment”. All of these clowns also support red light cameras.

    TamaracTalk just found that the top two citizen concerns were “Red Light Cameras” and “$700 Monthly Car Allowance For Commissioners”. In their interviews, neither Gomez nor Gelin had a clue about what the top concerns actually were…

    South Florida politicians – if they aren’t corrupt, they’re probably clueless!

  17. Just Saying says:

    Don’t see how this is “bad ” for the Sheriff. Sheriff Israel told the town there is a minimum level of coverage needed to SAFELY protect the residents and those protecting them. The town only wants policing on the cheap … inadequate backup (or none at all). There are many ways the town council can save money, but cutting corners and safety to save some dollars is the worst of all options.