Was Granteed A Republican? The Sun-Sentinel and Elections Office Says Yes


Louis Granteed, who is running for  sheriff, has been telling voters he is a life-long Democrat.

Not quite, according to Brittany Wallman in today’s Sun-Sentinel.

Brittany writes: “Granteed was born in Pennsylvania; Israel in New York. Each has been registered as a Republican at some time in the past.”

But an angry Granteed said in an early morning call to Browardbeat.com: “I’ve been a lifelong Democrat my whole life.  I never switched parties.  She is wrong.”

Who is right?

Brittany was on vacation. She took time off to send me the following e-mail:

From: Brittany Wallman <BWallman@sun-sentinel.com>

Subject: Re: Question

Date: July 16, 2012 11:43:32 AM EDT

To: Buddy Nevins

 I told him I was not retracting it and that it’s accurate per the elex office. I never indicated I would change it and followedup by sending him my source info. 

He said it’s wrong but until I hear otherwise officially, it’s accurate
See below

From: Mary Cooney
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 02:12 PM
To: Wallman, Brittany
Cc: Brenda Snipes ; Dolly Gibson
Subject: RE: voting histories Louis Granteed

No.  He registered as a DEM in’86, but switched to REP in ’86 then back to DEM in ’90.


Mary Cooney

Public Services Director

Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office

115 S. Andrews Avenue, Room 102

Fort Lauderdale FL  33301






Florida Statute 668.6076: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone at 954-357-7050 or in writing to 115 S. Andrews Ave, Room 102, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33301.


From: Wallman, Brittany [mailto:
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 2:16 PM
To: Mary Cooney
Cc: Brenda Snipes; Dolly Gibson
Subject: RE: voting histories Louis Granteed



Has Louis Granteed always been registered as a Democrat?


I trust Brittany because I worked with her for years and knew she wouldn’t write something as controversial as this without proof. I am right.  She did have proof.

So if anybody got it wrong, it is the supervisor’s office.

So when he passes out the literature below is he lying?  Does he just have a bad memory?  Or is the supervisor wrong?

You decide.



38 Responses to “Was Granteed A Republican? The Sun-Sentinel and Elections Office Says Yes”

  1. Patti Lynn says:

    I am sure that Ms. Wallman verified her info, but, let’s give Granteed a chance to deny the story.

    If, in fact, it turns out to be true, then he needs to apologize for lying. A “little” campaign lie from someone who wants to be the county’s top law enforcement officer is unacceptable.

    The Hollywood PD’s record of questionable ethics should be of concern to the voters. The FBI investigation of the Hollywood PD that was compromised by an internal leak to the officers under suspicion should be of concern.
    Under these particular circumstances, this would not be a “Little White Lie” by the candidate. It should concern every voter, and every Broward County resident.


    What good is his denial? He advertised he was a lifelong D. He wasn’t, according to Ms. Wallman. He is either lying or she is wrong.

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Judging by is picture, that’s the wrong appendage in need.

  3. Granteed Team says:

    If you check the records, Granteed is a life long democrat and has never been a republican. Brittany has been called to redact the information and correct it. Granteed has not lied about anything and is the only life long democrat on the race.

    Buddy, you should have verified the information yourself before posting it. Please correct your story to reflect the truth.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @ Patti Lynn

    Have you ever considered working for the Fire Department?

    Every time you open your cakehole, the O2 gets sucked out of the room.

    I’d think that’d come in handy, battling a three-alarm blaze.

  5. Just Saying says:

    So Granteed LIED to the Democratic clubs in all his speeches for the past year … and now he LIED to you today, Buddy, even when confronted with the specific facts and dates. It seems Louie Granteed simply in incapable of telling the truth. And this dishonesty clearly disqualifies him from serving as Sheriff.

  6. Guest says:

    Patti Lynn,

    You keep bad mouthing the Hollywood Police Department but I have never seen you criticize the Lamberti run BSO. The Sheriff’s Office has grown into a cesspool of corruption under Lamberti’s “leadership”. It seems like a deputy a week is being arrested.

    Your support for Lamberti is evident and your analysis of the Hollywood Police Department is wrong. Hollywood PD had a couple bad and highly publicized incidents in its history but they were dealt with swiftly and the department moved on.

  7. Produce the Evidence says:

    The Supervisor of Elections Office explanation doesn’t make sense. Why would Granteed register as a Democrat then immediately switch to Republican?

    I would bet a paycheck that this is an error by the Elections Office Staff.

    It is simple to determine. produce the alleged document completed and signed by Mr. Granteed showing they he switched parties. My guess..there won’t be one. This sounds like a simple error made by a bureaucrat.

    FROM BUDDY: Four years is not immediately.

  8. Plain Language says:

    While Granteed is busy denying this allegation, let him also state clearly that he will never accept any position at BSO so long as Al Lamberti is Sheriff.

    At first I didn’t pay any attention to the rumors but now I can’t afford to take that chance anymore.

    Granteed must confront the constant rumor that he and Lamberti are in league to beat Scott Israel in the primary. And that Granteed’s reward will be a job at BSO should Lamberti win.

    Everyone knows they were friends while Lamberti was acting chief in Hollywood. All of this put together is starting to smell very fishy to me.

  9. Heavy D says:

    Granteed is more a D than Israel that is for sure.
    Israel is just kind of squirrely and weird too.
    I love me some Chaz but I agree with Patti Lynn’s later remark in that this reporter and every other one in this County is either to scared to report on the corruption and misconduct rampant under Lambert’s tenure or they are biased or incompetent.

  10. Is Not Raek says:

    Israel was arrested. Is he better. This sounds like a bad clerical error.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @ Guest

    Go easy on her…

    She’s tired from all that sucking at the Bob Norman man-teat.

  12. Just Saying says:

    There are only two options here to get to the TRUE FACTS.

    (A) Scott Israel secretly colluded with the Supervisor of Elections 22 years ago to insert fake change of party records for Louie Granteed in the official Broward voter roll, knowing that someday he would use it to embarrass Granteed;
    – OR –
    (B) The official Supervisor of Elections voter roll records were correct, and Granteed was simply caught in a lie.

    Ask yourself which is more plausible?

    If you picked (A), you’re probably one of those crazy Obama “birther” conspiracy types.

    My money is on (B): Granteed lied (and apparently is continuing to lie to Buddy and Brittany today).

  13. Ghost of McLovin says:

    569,125 registered democrats in Broward and these two jamokes are the best they can muster to run against a republican? what a poor state the broward democratic machine is

  14. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    All this talk about Democrat, Republican, when someone was of this Party or that-One thing Brittany Wallman does her homework. If she states that she says this man was a Republican , then she substanchiated it-which she did. She as a reporter all she does is REPORT the news, thats it. I hav e never seen her give this one, or that one special treatmnet. In another incident just recently in the “NON-Partsian” Race for City Comm-(Charlotte Rodstrom’ seat) you have Dean Trantalis running, who thensgets endorsed by the DOLPHIN DEMOCRATS-which part don’t you understand the race is non-partsian-First week there DINO and you allready have an EThics Complaint against you. Nice work…..

  15. Steve Schwinn says:

    Hollywood Police is the worst, except maybe the Seminole PD.

  16. Duke says:

    As a true life long democrat, it pains me to see that neither democratic candidate for sheriff comes to the table with clean hands.

  17. Pines Democrat says:

    Somebody just told me about this. Granteed is finished as far as I’m concerned I never want to see or hear from him again.

    I believe the rumors now. He is Lamberti’s shill in this race.

  18. Get your facts straight says:

    Supervisor of Elections clerical error. Nothing More..

    Sorry to disappoint you Scotty Israel and whackjob supporters.

    Now let’s get to the real news. Scott Israel arrested as an adult and had his father the police officer “fix” thing with the arresting agency.

    Corruption must run in the Israel family!

  19. Produce the Evidence says:


    The Supervisor ofr Elections e-mail to Brittany said Granteed registered as a democrat in 1986 and then switched republican in 1986. Why would he switch his affiliation in the same year?

    Like I said, it doesn’t make sense. It seems more likely to be an error made by clerical staff at the SOE office.

    As long as his voter’s card said DEM, Granteed wouldn’t have even been aware they made an error and would have no reason to suspect otherwise.

  20. Voter says:

    WHO CARES? whoever is sheriff is a constitutional officer that will get the SAME budget from the county whether he is a dem, repub, or independent. I care about their ideology for law and order, fraud intolerance and no corruption. FL is not an OPEN primary state so many cannot vote in primaries unless IN THE PARTY. After 20 years as a registered democrat, who voted across party lines when necessary, I changed parties so I could vote in the Jan. 2012 prez primary on January 31. If Broward is majority democrat per voter stats, should we vote in any dem just so we can say we did? Wasn’t Jenne a dem/
    Please Buddy, this FILLER is a disappointment and let Brit write her own stuff.

  21. sidelines says:

    another line item on the ballot I will be skipping on august 16 and november 6

  22. Truth says:

    Granteed lying again, wow what a surprise.! To think that he would withhold the truth about his lifetime party affiliation is shocking, NOT ! The only thing that he has stayed consistent with in his lifetime is his lies, cheating and scamming. All you misled democrats and BSO employees, don’t make the mistake and vote his way. This car salesman will screw you in a minute.

  23. Taxpayer says:

    1986 in Broward was computerized?
    no probably not to today’s standards
    heck Xcel had not yet been invented. Lotus 1,2,3 probably wasn’t either
    hand entered data by clerks under Jane Carroll
    sure sounds like a mistake on the rolls if the card in the wallet said Dem
    lets move on
    all 3 candidates leave us wanting

  24. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    News flash.

    Scott “Israel” changed his last name to get the Jewish vote.

    His actual last name is “Honky”.

  25. Former Granteed Supporter says:

    Mary Cooney is no clerical. She is a total professional. There is no such thing as an error of that kind with so much detail.

    No more lies. Just tell the truth! The cover up only makes him look worse. He has to just fess up and it might go better. But if he keeps lying it cannot end well.

    Buddy, perhaps the thing to do since this is being blamed on a clerical error is to get copies of the documents and publish them?

    That’s what a liar gets for not admitting it when caught. It only gets worse when we lie on top of other lies. Clearly Granteed does not have the character to be our sheriff.


    You are right about Mary, who I have known longer than both of us would want to admit. She is a total professional. Any employer would be proud to have her as their employee. When she reported that Granteed was once a Republican, she was just reading from the supervisor’s computer system. She is not responsible for imputing the information.

    The original documents Granteed allegedly signed have been requested. Be warned, I don’t believe there is no requirement to keep public documents since 1986. So the supervisor may not have them.

  26. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Have I mentioned lately that Lamberti is garbage? The most despicable, unethical, dishonest scumbag ever. Yeah…he deserves to be sheriff. BARF.

  27. Fire Bitch Brittany says:

    I wouldn’t trust anything that Brittany Wallman writes. She is an untrustworthy bitch who makes mistakes regularly, just like her no-talent husband who was on that tabloid. Now he is on TV and who cares.
    When are the editors going to see through her? Boycott the Sun-Sentinel.

  28. Marvin says:

    Let’s say it was a clerical error. But if it was it wouldn’t have taken 4 years to correct. As soon as he went to vote in a primary he would have seen the Republicans on his ballot. Can someone pull his voting history for that period to see if he voted in any primaries during that time?

  29. christine says:

    Okay Granteed you have had your say. Now good to sleep, like a good little lad.

  30. Proud Dad says:

    Former Granteed Supporter (AKA Scott Israel)

    Everyone can see through your phony post. Granteed’s supporters know he’s honest and they certainly wouldn’t drop their support based on faulty information.

    I have a unique idea Scott… why don’t you come clean about your arrest, shoplifting incideent while a police report, missing Internal Affairs files, Mismanagement of your finances, foreclosure, child support lawsuit, etc.

    What kind of man abandons his first born son? You said “I paid every cent of child support due”. That’s your answer?! How about your kid needed a father not a monthly check!

  31. Granteed Supporter says:

    It is typical for the Scott Israel group, Scott Israel, Ann Zucker, Ron Caccitore, Russ Deperna, Tom Trixton, Amy Rose and a few others that continue with their negative blogging because they have no chance of winning in the primary or general election. I have known Louie Granteed for over 25 years and he is one of the most ethical and honest people I know. I totally believe there must be a clerical error. Louie has always been a proud Life Long Democrat and would never knowingly or intentionally mislead anyone. He is of excellent character and if there is some mistake, he would be the first to accept responsibility, but it won’t change the fact that he will win the primary election. His opponent Scott Israel is a compulsive liar and intentionally lies and fabricates information at Democratic Clubs and has been for years.

    By the way, is there a time limit or a definition for life long democrat??? Who is the expert or a professor that could provide insight on those words. If a person is a registered Democrat for 25 years would that qualify? Certainly Israel who switched from Republican to Democrat in 2007 is not a life long democrat and he lies all the time. If Israel needed to be a republican for a job in New York, then why did it take him over 25 years in Broward County to switch to democrat or was it after he submitted a letter to Governor Christ stating he was an excellent republican candidate to be appointed to Sheriff which he never got an interview and he never got the appointment and then switched to democrat…..

    Scott Israel is a scammer and has been lying to dems for years.

    I fully believe in Louie Granteed and know he has always been an honest man with integrity and respect for people.

  32. Broward Coalition says:

    Patti Lynn, you are a disgrace to the Broward Coalition and by your post which I have already printed is a voilation of the Broward Coalition 501(3)c corporation for you making the false statements. We have a group filing an ethics complaint and requesting an investigation, which will ultimately order you removed as the President of the Broward Coalition. By the looks of you last meeting with about 8 people, except for candidates is a clear indication you are not respected, not liked and not a good President. Within a month of you being President, a very large majority of normal members will no longer attend the meetings until you step down. That will happen soon based on the ethics investigation an sanctions. We will be sueing you personally and will break you and your bullshit agenda against people. You are nasty, a liar and total pain in the ass to deal with. You were warned about your posts and now you will suffer the consequences. We have a lawyer pro bono and will break your bank and force you to pay all our attorney fees etc.

    You just don’t know how to keep your big nasty mouth shut. It is not suprising that you have compromised the Broward Coalition, a non-profit by attacking Sheriff Candidate Lou Granteed. Just for your information, Granteed has more friends and supporters involved in the Broward Coalition than you could imagine. Not a smart move Patti when you are representing the Coalition. You have pissed everyone off…

  33. Buddy for Lamberti says:

    Hey Buddy,

    Why haven’t you been hired by Sheriff Lamberti? You are his biggest republican supporter and staff writer. Everything you write about the Sheriff is so one sided. As a follower, it is disappointing that you are so obviously one sided.

    I couldn’t pass the physical.

  34. Duke says:

    This is so simple it’s stupid. He got caught in a lie. His attempt to cover up the lie is worse than the lie itself. So what else is new?

  35. christine says:

    Dear Broward Coaliton, yup you on#31. I don’t know Patti Lynn, and I could give a flying pettuty about who is running for Sheriff in Broward town- they are possess serious fatal flaws. I have read lots of Patti Lynn’s stuff on this and other blogs, and frankly I disagree with her 99.5% of the time. Your sad, pathetic attempt to use this forum to lambast her speaks more of your social retardation and ignorance than of anything I have read lately. Grow up and find somewhere else to piddle.

  36. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Christine, kindly shut the fuck up and go away… I only wish someone would invent brain whiteout — as to erase the image of your corpulent visage from my mind.

  37. christine says:

    Chaz, Still pathologically obsessed with me I see……

  38. Louie’s A Liar | The Florida Clarion says:

    […] months of promoting himself as a “Lifelong Democrat” and days of berating a local newspaper reporter for suggesting otherwise, Broward County Sheriff candidate Louie Granteed  (D-Tootsie’s) has been […]