Sheriff Candidate’s False Ad Pollutes Mailboxes


The Sun-Sentinel was right.

The newspaper’s editorial board refused to endorse either Democratic candidate for sheriff, calling their campaigns “a bit rank”.

Scott Israel proved the Sun-Sentinel right again this week with an attack mail piece on his opponent Louis Granteed that doesn’t just stretch the truth.

Israel’s mailer is just plain false.

The piece has a Tallahassee PAC’s return address and was mailed from Miami.  Todd Wilder, once one of former Sheriff Ken Jenne’s right hand guys, runs the PAC.

Is the PAC independent of the Israel campaign?

You decide.

That said, I don’t know whether Granteed sexually harassed anybody. And neither does Scott Israel.

Here is what I do know:

The Scott Israel piece mailed this week couldn’t quote newspapers correctly. That makes it false.

It says that “Hollywood taxpayers paid over $200,000 because Hollywood Police Officer Louie Granteed abused his position to cover up and engage in sexual harassment…” Then the piece credits that statement to the Sun-Sentinel on July 12, 1994 and the New Times on July 30, 2009.

Neither newspaper mentioned in the ad wrote anything like that on those dates.

I repeat: Neither article mentioned in the ads said that the city paid anything because of Granteed.

The Sun-Sentinel’s article discussed the suit being filed, so it obviously doesn’t talk about what the city lost in damages.  The second New Times article never mentions that the city paid damages because of Granteed.

If I had used such an inaccurate reference when I was a daily newspaper reporter, the paper would have had to publish a retraction.

This Scott Israel advertising is inaccurately sourced.  The source cites for some of the claims are tenuous or sloppy.  Perhaps the underlying allegations themselves are fairly accurate — or not (depending upon your perceptions).  I just don’t know that.  But the citation errors undercut the credibility of the claims.

The fact that it hides behind a Tallahassee PAC makes it even more odious.

The candidate is always to blame.

Scott Israel is to blame.  The PAC is helping him deceive the public in this piece.

If he deceives the public about this, what kind of a sheriff would he make?


24 Responses to “Sheriff Candidate’s False Ad Pollutes Mailboxes”

  1. Chaz Stevens Sucks says:

    First off Buddy. Prove Israel is directly involved with this PAC. You probably didn’t know this but Lamberti was one of the causes for Jenne going to jail. I think that Jenne’s natural hatred for Lamberti is at work here. Why didn’t you contact Israel to comment? Or are you hoping for a PIO job at BSO still?

  2. Chaz Stevens Sucks says:

    And another thing Buddy. Granteed was indeed named in the suit but got excused out of it because the city had the deep pockets to pay Fortunato. You should brush up on your tort law and you would know this is common. Granteed was SPECIFICALLY ACCUSED by Fortunato!


    They should have used difference references. The references they used don’t say what they claim.

    Again, I don’t know if Granteed was a sexual harasser. That’s not the point. If he was, use language that is accurate.

  3. Selective Voter says:

    This is just a simply disgusting move by the Israel campaign. I guess all the talk I’ve heard about him lacking honesty and integrity over the months is true. I have not been the most dependable voter (don’t judge me), but I am going to vote in this primary now.

    Louie Granteed, you are getting my vote! Make me proud of my decision.

  4. GIVE ME A BREAK says:

    Buddy, you might want to erase the family name and address off of the mail piece and re-post it.

    Thanks. I didn’t notice that. I took it down.

  5. Robert M. says:


    You have still got it! No other reporter gets to the bottom of a story better than you do.

    I have to say, this is pretty sleazy stuff for a supposedly seasoned politician like Scott Israel. He pulled the same underhanded tactics when he ran against Rick Lemack and Al Lamberti in 2008. I would have thought he learned his lesson when he lost then.

    The public does not like personal attacks and sleazy unethical behavior.

  6. Too Soon says:

    Granteed was indeed released from the lawsuit because HE DID NOTHING WRONG. Granteed and a Lieutenant went to Ridgely Fortunato’s residence k for her because she was AWOL from her duty assignment Her police car was hidden in her garage.

    Israel, you can’t beat Granteed by running a fair legitimate race so you have to lie and hide behind PAC’s to spread your dishonesty.

    Voters, don’t trust Scott Israel!!

  7. Buddy fan says:

    Great job weaving through the B.S. Buddy. Scott Israel always seemed sketchy to me. The missing Internal Affairs files, his arrest in Key West that his father the cop got him out of, the foreclosure and child support lawsuits, etc.

    I imagine if you dig a little deeper you will find who paid for his attack ad.

  8. Kevin Tynan says:

    My first thought was – WOW this was some real shoddy work and then I was reminded about a PPTOPA theater production of The Best Man I saw over the weekend. (Well worth seeing in its final shows this weekend.) In the play there is a great give and take about negative campaigning and the lesson learned is that the better candidate should take the moral high ground on the “politics of personal destruction.” Alas, our current political environment continues to make these types of personal attacks as acceptable. Political discourse should be about issues and ideas and not who can sling the better mud.

  9. Jim Ryan says:

    Thanks Buddy
    I have been to several candiate nights. It’s a shame that two qualified lawmen running for sheriff and one has to resort to dirty tricks to win. Don’t tell me about what someone has done in the past but what you have in mind for Broward County Sheriff Department. And in my mind Louie Granteed has done that and has my family’s. Vote

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @ Kevin Tynan says:
    Political discourse should be about issues and ideas and not who can sling the better mud.

    Remind me again… You once represented Steve Gonot?

  11. Getting the band back together says:

    Hmmm Wilder was the guy on the Judy Stern/Scott Israel ECO in 2008 called Common Sense Coalition. Judy and Wilder go way back. Could Judy be back with Scott?

    If so, seeing what I read on other blogs for those keeping score at home the Sternites for 2012 may be

    BC Commission Candidate Tim Ryan
    Scott Israel for Sheriff
    Chris Mancini for SAO
    Rep. Joe Gibbons
    Judicial Candidates:
    Mickey Rocque
    Melanie Golden
    Ilene Lieberman
    Julio Gonzalez

  12. Lamberti is garbage says:

    This whole thread is a Lamberti sham. Lamberti did Jenne, not Israel. If you were a real reporter you would find out exactly what Lamberti did to get Jenne, but we won’t hold our breath. Cheap shot. Lamberti sucks. Keep posting garbage that Lamberti taxpayer funded groupies can reply to.

  13. Broward Voter says:

    Buddy, Buddy. You yourself said the mailer was not sent by the Scott Israel campaign.

    Israel didn’t say Granteed sexually harassed a police offer under his supervision. The police officer herself said that. Under oath. She continues saying it today. What part of that don’t you get?

    You and Granteed can continue calling her a liar all you want but she is the victim in this case and her story is very credible because she won her case. Granteed denies that sexual harassment took place under his command yet she won her case. Which of those two claims seems more credible to you?

    The fact is under Granteed’s supervision Hollywood PD went through the worst period in their history in terms of cops arrested, all manner of corruption and misconduct. Granteeds best friend is serving time for taking bribes while on the job. How could Louie not have known that? Let’s not even mention that he remains the main suspect in leaking information that killed the FBI’s investigation of more corruption in Hollywood.

    Is that the kind of leadership you want at BSO?

    The rumor remains strong that Al Lamberti plans to reward Louie Granteed with a big job at BSO if he wins re-election. Granteed will be rewarded for carrying out his assignment of slowing down the Israel campaign before the general election.

    Louie has been very skillful at dodging this question. You have refused to ask him directly if he will refuse any BSO job under Lamberti.

    Israel would never work for Lamberti. Why not ask Louie the same question? Everyone knows that Scott Israel is in this race to replace Al Lamberti not work for him. Scott Israel remains the candidate for Sheriff with the most credibility and that’s why he will win.

  14. Jeff Marano says:

    Granteed has answered the question over and over you repeating idiot. You write the same shit over and over again. The Lamberti/Granteed rumor was started by Scott Israel and myself. Granteed has said he is not involved with Lamberti, Not Interested in any job but to be Sheriff. You are a dumb ass.

    1. Granteed has cruched Israel in fundraising.Why would anyone become the second highest democratic fundraiser in Broward County when he could have just put his name in and done nothing.. O yeah… your an idiot.

    2. Granteed has repeatedly said he has never made any deals with Lamberti you dumb ass ignorant moron.

    3. Israel ruined himself and any chance he had in 2008. People HATE Israel and his mail pieces were more brilliance by him and Amy Rose. Todd Wildler was an idiot for getting involved, but Ken Jenne’s hands are in this shit. Israel promised Jenne $500,000.00 in lobby work right after he dumos the Pre Trial Release Program for the Bailbondsman that have given him contributions which he tookd because he is desperate.

    4. O yeah!! Israel is so desperate and is going down on August 14. Granteed’s people are all over the early voting polls kicking Israel ass.

    5. With an arrest record, sued for child support, sued for foreclosure, sued for not paying his bills, sued as North Bay Village Chief for harassment of a resident and beating up black men for years in northwest Fort Lauderdale says enough.


  15. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Granteed has cruched Israel in fundraising

    Is this now a contest of who can do the most sit-ups?

    Judging by Granteed and his three chins, someone better have 911 on speed-dial.

  16. Jeremy North says:

    Sounds like the wheels are coming off the Granteed train. History’s a bitch and she never seems to go away

  17. You're A Coward says:

    Jeff Marano wrote no such message and never would because he knows those things are lies. Only a coward uses another man’s name.

    Louie Granteed has NEVER stated that he will refuse to accept job at BSO under Al Lamberti. Until he says that he has no credibility. Once he accepts a position at BSO you will all see the true measure of him.

  18. Truth says:

    Broward New Times
    written by Thomas Francis
    May 12, 2009

    “(Wiley)Thompson and Fort Lauderdale attorney Bruce Udolf were targets of hit mailers. Udolf portrayed in a cartoon as a country bumpkin based on his Southwest Ranches residence, apparently. And Thompson’s cartoon likeness dressed in a suit and bow tie, suggesting to black voters that he was an “Uncle Tom.” Or perhaps to white voters that he was Malcolm X? Whatever the case, Thompson was furious. And though he refused to confirm it during my interview with him, it was clear he suspected that supporters of Democrat rival Scott Israel circulated the literature. (Israel denied it.) What’s more, during the roughly two-dozen candidates forums, Thompson and Israel had become increasingly hostile…”

    Same M.O. by Israel..No surprise

  19. Dead Joe DiMaggio says:

    Hey, its me again. Dead Joe. I only got a few seconds because I gotta get back to heaven. Left Marilyn at a bar with Errol Flynn and there’s no trusting that putana around a skirt hound like him.

    But I gotta tell you this Granteed has got me a little hot under the collar. I don’t care what moron youz guys elect. But for that jerk to say I endorsed him when I’m fucking dead. Just saying, but a guy like that has got to be a little crazy. I mean OK he’s hard up for endorsements. Can’t he find somebody alive instead of bothering us dead guys?

    Like you guyz wouldn’t notice? What was he thinking and this guy wants to be sheriff? In my day a guy like that, maybe we’d let him sweep up the police station or something.

    He should be more concerned with that kind of bullshit than people talking about his actual record.

    Take this sexual harassment thing for instance. Which in my day was no big deal, I mean lots of the broads saw that as a compliment. But those days are long gone and a present day cop should know better.

    A working girl has a right to earn her pay without some guy making moves on her. A cop has no business doing that or allowing it anywhere near them. Word is this took place all the time in Hollywood. That’s not right.

    If Granteed was a cop and a supervisor and stuff like that took place he was part of the problem. Follow the law. How complicated is that for a cop? I hear the lady won her lawsuit but he calls her a liar. So now he’s picking on women that complain about him too.

    Hey pal, if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime. Go bellyache someplace else cause I ain’t got no time for your excuses.

    Look, I gotta get back. Already I see that bastard Errol making eyes at Marilyn. But here’s the point.

    How can you trust a guy to be sheriff who doesn’t own up? Who says he’s supported by dead people he never met? I mean seriously, fuhgedaboudit. A guy like that needs a fast slap in the mouth.


  20. Too SoonH says:

    Dead Joe,

    Nice way you talk about women (Putana, Broads, working gir). With a such a poor opinion of women, you must be a key member of the Israel campaign team.

    That’s pretty much how Scott treated the mother of his first born son that he abandoned. Scotty, stand-up guy that he is, says “I paid every cent the court ordered me to”. Oh that’s so nice of you Mr Israel. Knock up a women then abandon her and your son to fend for themselves. How do you think Zach felt growing up knowing his father wanted nothing to do with him? Did you feel the urge to abandon your wife when she was pregnant with triplets?

    How many complaints did you get as a Fort Lauderdale cop for beating black men? I tried to find out, but all your internal affairs files somehow disappeared.

    I heard your being pressured to drop out of the race by the Democratic party because of the nasty campaign you’re running. Sending out attack mailers and robocalls full of lies about your opponent. Is this true? Have someone tell the truth for you because you’re incapable of telling the truth.

  21. Just Saying says:

    Here is what an impartial individual — investigative journalist Bob Norman of Channel 10 — just published today on the allegations:

    “The truth is that Granteed was a key figure and one-time defendant in a sexual harassment claim made a former female police officer in the early 1990s that led to a six-figure settlement against the city. And the truth is that convicted Hollywood cop Kevin Companion told an undercover FBI agent that if he got in trouble Granteed would bail him out of it. How significant those incidents really are — well that’s up to voters.”


  22. Too SoonH says:

    Bob Norman must have spent about 10 seconds “investigating then.

    What Norman omitted about the complaint filed against the City
    of Hollywood is more important and closer to the truth than what he

    To quote Barbara Stern, who thoroughly researched the topic.
    “The Scott Israel team would rather engage in a smear campaign about a lawsuit which was filed in 1993 then spend $53 to learn the truth. The “sexual harassment” lawsuit had no allegation of
    Granteed engaging in sexual harassment against a coworker. He was brought into a 9 count lawsuit filed against the City and three
    officers. The claims against Granteed stem from he and his Lt. going to the woman’s home to check on her after she left her shift early without permission(otherwise going AWOL). The officer was disciplined for her actions and while she disputed getting the write up she admitted to
    violating company procedure. Granteed was dropped from the lawsuit and CERTAINLY was NOT the target. I know because I have the lawsuit and read the file. It is sad that the campaign has resorted to such low tactics to mislead the public. It’s a shame as I support Scott the first time he ran and he supported my campaign. I was not going to get involved in this race but was so disgusted by Shenanigans I decided to dig deeper to learn the truth.”

  23. Jeremy North says:

    Who is Barbara Stern? And why does her ‘analysis’ matter?

  24. @votesmarter says:

    Bob norman… Bob norman… OH YOU MEAN BRITTANY WALLMANS HUSBAND… Brittany Wallman friend of Amy Rose… Amy Rose head of the scott israel camp… Oh ok now I’m caught up