Sheriff Al Should Take These Steps Now


Here are some steps that Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti needs to take immediately to win:

(1) Hire another political consultant who knows their way around Democratic politics. 

I hear Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar blocked your appearance at a Broward Democratic club after the officers invited you to speak.

That is significant.  It means you have hidden support among some of the most partisan Democrats in Broward. 

You need to tap into this support. You can’t win in this county without getting at least some votes from Democrats.  A Democratic consultant could help.

 (2) Form a highly-visible Democrats for Lamberti organization, preferably with a long-time Democratic condominium leader as its head.

Make a big splash when its formed.  You’ll get plenty of coverage in the local newspapers, since their blogs eat copy faster than a horse eats oats.

Let these folks work the condominiums for you and go places you can’t, like inside Democratic clubs.

   (3) Start campaigning heavily. You should have a speaking engagement every breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-dinner. 

Forget Republican clubs, since you’ll get their vote anyway.

Show up at condominium club houses and civic organizations. Have supporters pass out literature at every Broward appearance by Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

If they don’t let you into Democratic Clubs, stand outside and shake hands alongside well-known Democrats who support you.

(4) Ask as many people as you can for their vote, everybody from the guy who cuts your hair to the waitress serving you.

Democratic U. S., House Speaker Tip O’Neill told the following story numerous times which was repeated in a People Magazine profile of him:

“Another defeat brought further enlightment. This time (O’Neill) ran for Cambridge city council while still in college and lost by 156 votes.

On election day he was approached by a neighbor. ‘Tip, I voted for you even though you didn’t ask me,’ she said.

The young candidate was aghast. ‘But Mrs. O’Brien, I shovel your sidewalk in winter, I mow your grass in summer, and I take out your trash twice a week,’ he protested. ‘I didn’t think I had to ask you.’

‘Thomas,’ she told him, ‘everyone likes to be asked.’ 

(5) Get free media as much as possible. 

You and not your spokespeople should be making every statement about the sheriff’s department, whether explaining a crime or Halloween safety for kids.

What’s scary, if you are a Lamberti supporter, is I’m told that his campaign team has been told to take all of these basic steps. 

So far, I haven’t seen anything. 


5 Responses to “Sheriff Al Should Take These Steps Now”

  1. leo says:

    There should be a group called Deputies Against Lamberti.

  2. anon says:

    maybe these things have not happened because judy stern and cacciatore have blocked all these things

    or maybe no dems want to get involved with al after what his pal rothstein pulled during the primary

    FROM BUDDY: Leading Ds still want to get involved. They told me so as late as this week. But it is getting very, very late. I still stand by my prediction on Scott Israel…..

  3. anon says:

    so buddy how much heat did lamberti and co put on you to write something about al after you predicted scotts win? looks like quite a bit.

    FROM BUDDY: What kind of pressure could they possibly put on me? The only person who put pressure on me is my wife, who said I shouldn’t be giving away information I could charge for.

  4. BlackandBlue says:


    He needs to reach the Black community. Not through the regular money hungry Trolls but through credible non-poltical types. Nov 4th is going to bring a tremendous Black voter turn-out. They will be %100 partisan at the presidential level but can be swayed at the county level especially if one of their choices is Scott Isreal.

  5. Dem says:

    I am a democrat and I am for Lamberti.