Sharief Fund Raiser Officially Cancelled


It’s official.

The much-criticized fund raiser for Barbara Sharief  is officially off.

Lobbyist Bernie Friedman sent an e-mail to his contacts minutes ago announcing what we all knew.  

Sharief demanded the Friedman-run event be cancelled after news of it hit the media.  Sharief, who will probably take over from departing County Commissioner Diana Wasserman Rubin after the November election, had promised not to meet with lobbyists.  

 Here is the announcement:

From: Friedman, Bernie []
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 4:25 PM
To: Friedman, Bernie; Schiller, Neil
Subject: October 4 Luncheon at Riverside Hotel is Cancelled.

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11 Responses to “Sharief Fund Raiser Officially Cancelled”

  1. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Sharief is a liar, she approved the event, just like she did for the Platt event (OR DID SHE NOT APPROVE THAT ONE,TOOOOOOOOOO)……PLEASE, SHE IS FULL OF IT!

  2. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    You see you’re gonna get caught.

  3. nottinamazes me says:

    Sneaky, sneaky…
    She’s already playing with fire! And we all know what occurs when that happens….
    She’s not even on the dais yet!
    Has anyone looked into how she’s really made her “millions”????

  4. Witchhunter says:

    Didn’t Friedman also do a fundraiser for Gunzburger? She doesn’t have a real race in November, in fact, she put the write in candidate into the race to close the Primary. No ethics there.

    Now she’s raising money from lobbyists and county contracters so that she can pay herself back the money she “loaned” to her campaign. No ethics in that either.


    Sue Gunzburger is not facing a write-in. She is facing an independent on the ballot — Russell Setti.

  5. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Buddy, are you going to investigate what “Nottinamazes me” says”?

    It does deserve looking in to!!!

    He/she? is not the first person who has said, whispered, this.

  6. The Mavin says:

    Sharief, be warned. Sleazy Bernie Friedman ruined HOllywood.

  7. Witchhunter says:

    Buddy, you are right. The write-in candidate that Gunzburger put into the race when she thought she had to close the Primary has withdrawn.

    But the independent is no threat to her.

    You watch. She’ll raise money from lobbyists and special interests anyway and use it to pay back the money she loaned to her campaign.

    Anyone who contributes to her campaign now should be on public notice that they might just as well be writing the check to her personal account.Now that would be against the law would it not?

    Many will be watching. Maybe even the State Attorney.


    Sue Gunzburger put $25,000 more of her own money on September 10, weeks after the August primary. That seems to negate your contention she will be collecting large sums to pay herself back.

    Also note that neither Bernie Friedman or his law firm Becker Poliakoff have thrown any fund raisers for Gunzburger.

  8. Mikey says:

    I agree with Stone Cold. Sharief got tripped up on her lies. She’ll meet with them and their clients and even accept money from them only not when it is publicized by the media. Oh, boy have we got another Joe Eggelletion on our hands.

  9. New Election Game Plan says:

    Say no lobbyist cash during primary since they weren’t giving you a dime anyway. Self fund your campaign since nobody knows where that cash comes from. Reporters suck it up. They help you win. Now the lobbyists all come groveling. Tell them to raise you money so you can repay yourself. If you get caught pretend to be outraged with the lobbyists. Cancel the events. Reporters will fear looking like chumps. They will ignore the obvious and keep giving you a free pass. Now tell the lobbyists to bundle their cash for you instead. You still get paid but they can’t take the credit. Smart and legal. This is the new ethics. Get used to it.

  10. W.T.Williams says:

    The comment above is something I’ve been thinking about. Reporters should check out Sharief’s claim she self funded the campaign. The suspicion is that she received money and passed it through as her own. Lots of activity and staff members were on the street and don’t show up in the campaign report. Sharief will prove to be a big phony.

  11. nottinamazes me says:

    Honestly, I didn’t think Broward residents were as stupid as they are. I knew there was rampant ignorance. I knew they might even be grossly uneducated/misinformed. But I didn’t realize they were as dumb as they really are until they proved it by voting for this woman. She pulled the wool over their eyes easily and they were willing to let her do it. I need to change my name now, as I’ve finally been amazed by something in this county.