Shaq’s $2,500 Fund Raiser For Sheriff





Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has some high profile friends.

Late last year, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler co-hosted a re-election fund raiser for Israel. The connection was Richie Supra, the former Aerosmith guitarist who now lives in Plantation and who performed at Israel’s swearing in ceremony.

Aerosmith fans paid $1,000-a-head to mix with Tyler, Supra….and Israel.

Now another friend of the sheriff’s, retired basketball star Shaquelle O’Neal, is headlining a $2,500-per-person fundraiser  at a private home in Southwest Ranches.

Ira and Wendy Goldberg are hosting the event next month at their home. Ira Goldberg is a captain at Broward Sheriff’s Office and a long time friend of Israel’s.

Shaq has been involved in law enforcement for years. He has gone through reserve training and has been a Los Angeles Port Police reserve officer and a Miami Beach reserve officer.

The 7-foot-1-inch Shaq, 43, lives in a 63,000 square foot mansion in Orlando. He played 19 years in the National Basketball League and currently is a commentator on ESPN’s “Inside The NBA.”

The invitation to the event is below:

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20 Responses to “Shaq’s $2,500 Fund Raiser For Sheriff”

  1. Corporal says:

    Israel needs to stand on a box when taking a picture with Shaq

  2. Spellchecker says:

    With that kind of dough on the line, you’d think they’d spell “O’Neal” correctly on the flyer.

  3. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Who people without government jobs contracts or funding or business with is none of my business but Mr O’Neill’s involvement with Miami beach’s police department DETRACTED from their LEGITIMATE duties and delayed confronting 20 years of corruption filled racism n political skulldugery.
    But the question I have is why is this a fundraiser for a TALLAHASSEE based group? Has Broward County annexed Tallahassee?
    Is the BROWARD county sheriff’s campaign run out of Tallahassee?

  4. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    We are getting jipped residents(and I don’t like getting jipped). W/ all that went on this past week from locally w/ the last meeting @ the county(Stacey Ritter withdrawal from her motion(in regards to drama w/ Dr.Snipes/Att.Bernie weeks(why???-stupid who gives a shit about att Brown)wait- to Mark Bogen offer(250g-from Uber-Lois Wexler instead of 250 cash/lois settles for th egavel(hammer)(by th e time you and Dale Holeness take Uber to court you will be gone(11/16-big plans for you though). To city hall in Ft.lau w/ there new security measures(there is a thief @ city hall-inside job Lee-so we the residents are inconvienced because you can’t trust some people in th e bldg(why???)(thank you -Larry B-no stopping us when you got me giving you front page stories(my pleasure-always bet heavy w/ me (huh Robbie)also speaking of betting heavy th e 20g I won last night on the play 4(1506 x4bucks-bingo)(old safe combo # -huh Bern(somebody up there likes me (hmm-you better both of you I was a good son-over-rated by som e of you but the coyote here always prevails(hmm). So as I was saying before my rant busy week and we get Shaq Oneil’ 2500 plate fundraiser for the Sheriff(really? really? -another one w/ an honary dr degree). Come on Buddy……WE expect more from you usually….

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    It must be a tumor.

  6. Goldberg an Embarrassment says:

    Ira Goldberg raising money is a joke. Israel cannot get everyday citizens and business people to donate to him, so all of his cronies like unearned Captain Goldberg have to keep putting high pressure on the same bad news people in Israel’s inner circle so they can all keep their Cush jobs and salaries at taxpayer expense. Shaquille is clearly not informed nor is he aware of the horrid reputation of Israel, Castillo’s, Goldberg, Supa, Scumberger, Goldberg, Jenne, Stone, BSO Uniform Bodyguard, Jamie, Maines, DiiPerna and many many more to come. Israel uses public money as a payback irresponsible slouch fund…took family on Cruise for one week all expenses paid claiming he paid 1500.00 for all five of them when the boat rents for $195,000.00 per week and nit available to the general public, David Pereira a heavy Republican gave $247,000.00 to Israel campaign and he’s a major Strip Club owner needing favors to abound undercover investigation in his clubs for prostitution and drugs, Israel found guilty of Ethics Violations within 6 months of taking office, Israel’s driver arrested from FBI investigation, Israel’s right have man DiPerna was fired by BSO for ethics and lying…..OMG. Shaquille has been notified and it is anticipated he will want his name removed from the event….

  7. Just Saying says:

    @ #6 Embarrassment

    The only embarrassment here is your post. Wow, everyone can smell your bitterness from here. Don’t continue to be a two-faced chicken hiding behind made up names. We get it: you’re mad Israel didn’t hire you. Get over it. Move on. You’re never coming to BSO.

    As for Pereira, per the Bob Norman story ages ago, Pereira once formerly owned an interest in a strip club in Reno, NEVADA. That has zip, nada, zilch to do with Israel and BSO and Broward County.

    Get a life … cuz Israel is going to be Broward Sheriff for life.

  8. Spell checker says:

    Gunzberger is in France right now. The misspelling of the name on the invite clearly shows when Ron is not here the overall IQ of the upper ranks of BSO drops by 98 percent and makes Robert Walsh look like an articulate genius.

  9. Stop Bad Mouthing Cacciatore says:


    I don’t know what you’re suggesting about former BSO Captain Ron Cacciatore. He is not corrupt. The only time he was brought to trial, he was found not guilty of fraud.

    From the Sun-Sentinel

    Besides, if there was anything to the indictment 15 years ago,why would Lori Parrish hire him and his son?

    It’s because he’s a political powerhouse, and he doesn’t need to hide behind anonymous names on blogs.

  10. Truth Really Hurts Post 7 says:

    Wow. Ira everyone else can smell how scared you are to lose your Cush non deserved tax payer position and all you can handle ass kissing. Just by your hostile post your confirm the information. The post is not made up information and is all factual. The truth really hurts and the ones that will need a life are you and all the other Israel hires and freeloaders because he is definitely out in 2016 and will go down as the worst Sheriff in BSO history. You can count on that and take it to the bank.
    You are hated in the jail and everywhere in the agency and will be escorted out of the building with SI. It will be a sweet day for all of us at BSO. In the future, stop posting because you again embarrassed yourself and confirmed the post and make yourself look like an idiot. There is zip, nada, zilch chance SI will get elected. Others are getting in the race.

  11. Jail Guard says:

    he is no a law enforcement officer. he is a detention deputy who is allowed to parade around as a [police officer. We’ve been duped.

  12. Sam The Sham says:

    The Sheriff’s job is Israel’s to lose. He will have that job as long as he wants it, for one reason and one reason only: He is a Democrat.

    As long as he does not pull a giant boneheaded mistake, the partisan voters of Broward will forgive all of Israel’s minor (and some major) corruptions, crony promotions, mismanagement and inefficiencies.

    That is the way it will remain here for as long as people think that partisan politics trumps actual law enforcement qualifications.

    Speaking of crony promotions, wasn’t Ira Goldberg just a Detention Deputy before Israel became Sheriff and was then magically promoted to Captain?

  13. Dear #10 says:

    How dare you call Ira an ass kisser? Do you doubt he would have worn those sleeveless shirts of the colleges Israel’s sons are attending and went to all their sporting events if Scotty was not Sheriff.

  14. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    #9…you have got to be kidding. Chickenman was dirty and so was Parrish. They just got away with it.

  15. Jail Guard says:

    Read the facts here. FDLE should know about this:

  16. Come on says:

    I see Buddy deleted the address. Let me guess big bad Ira called and said to remove it due to law enforcement exemption? I guess it is OK for the big donors like Bergeron and Rick Case to know where the event is being held but not the peons?

  17. Broward Voter says:

    The name is spelled properly on the invitation.


    Shaq’s last name is spelled O’Neal. It is now spelled right on the invitation. On the first version of the invitation the name was misspelled. The sheriff’s campaign team requested I replace it with a second version that spelled his name correctly.

  18. Piano Playing Chicken Man says:


    Has it ever occurred to you check the jail guard out. Where is he getting his wealth from? Its a reasonable question. What was his path to captain? Get on top of this, the answers will shock you.

  19. Retarded Tubbs says:

    Follow the money. Something the jail guard has never learned. Oh, follow the contracts. There will be much shock.

    This is the end of the jail guard.

  20. Piano Playing Chicken Man says:

    Training Division allows him to drive a real law enforcement vehicle that should be given to a road deputy. he wears a gun on the streets, but its on for show. he can’t take action or make any arrests. This is a joke and would no be happening if professionals were running the Training Division. A joke and insult to LEOs.