Shades of Trump? Local Candidate Sues To Overturn Election





No doubt you’ve heard the adage, “A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

You can decide whether it applies to losing Fort Lauderdale mayoral candidate Ken Cooper.


Ken Cooper


Cooper is the attorney of record on a suit filed to overturn the results of the November election.  

He wants “defective” absentee ballots thrown out. Once the faulty ballots are removed, Cooper wants to be declared the winner over Mayor Dean Trantalis.

Shades of President Donald J. Trump?

The suit began circulating through City Hall after Thanksgiving. 

It should be noted that the results was not close — Trantalis won by 15 percentage points, or almost 13,000 votes.

It should also be noted that the results have been certified. 

Cooper says one reason some of the ballots are illegal because they didn’t list a reason why the voter is voting absentee. He lists less than 100 ballots, which is obviously far less than is needed to overturn the election if his allegation is true. 

The law suit is against the Broward County Canvasing Board, the Supervisor of Elections and Trantalis. It is pending, but if I was Cooper, I wouldn’t be measuring the mayor’s office for furniture yet…or ever. 

The suit is here:


10 Responses to “Shades of Trump? Local Candidate Sues To Overturn Election”

  1. Fort Lauderdale Voter says:

    Cooper should just go away

  2. Comical says:

    36 thousand registered voters in fort lauderdale looked at a ballot with the name Trantalis on it and then chose to vote for the other guy with no name recognition, no experience, no depth of knowledge, no solutions, and a questionable tax payment strategy. Too bad a real candidate didn’t show up to run for Mayor. Its going to be a long 4 years!

  3. David Brown says:

    Doesn’t the Bar or the court sanction attorneys who file frivolous law suits ? I am particularly offended by frivolous election law suits.


    That’s a very interesting point, David. I believe judges should be tougher on those attorneys who waste the court’s time with frivolous lawsuits.

  4. Landslide says:

    Comical, don’t be a clown. The mayor won by 15 points which is a landslide in anyone’s book. Cooper was on TV for 2 months, spent $100k-ish and worked his butt off. No name ID? The guy has been running around here for years!

    If Trantalis had gone negative to respond to Cooper’s nonsense he would have won by 30+ again. Give it a rest.

  5. Will TellyaTooya Face says:

    Broward SOE Results:

    Kenneth D. Cooper 42.54% 36,568
    Dean Trantalis 57.46% 49,388

    Go away Kenny, YOU LOST. Put your big boy pants on & walk away with whatever little respect you have left. May you not only get laughed out of court, may you be fined for a frivolous lawsuit.

  6. Ted adcock says:

    Is he related to Trump ?

  7. Count LF Chidkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Respectfully Messees Brown n Nevins live in a more ethical mindset than today’s Judges n Bar Associations despite Joe Scarborough’s similar comments Judges in Federal Courts in Florida would throw the book at Lin Wood Sidney Powell Joseph di Genova Victoria Torssing AND WORST OF ALL GENA ELLIS N THE NOW DESPICABLE RUDOLPH GIULIANI. The Bar Associations UNLIKE IN LAW N ORDER OR THE GOOD WIFE are not lead by great ethical lawyers but by post 1960s multiculturalists or racists on the other side of the political line WHO ARE INCAPABLE OF HAVING OR ENFORCING ETHICAL STANDARDS.

  8. ByeByeDean2024 says:

    15% not 25%. He did better than Bruce Roberts did without any political background. He may not have been the best candidate but I think it’s clear that this city is tired of Dean.


    It obviously isn’t clear to the voters. You seem to forget that Trantalis won. Handily.

  9. City activist Robert walsh says:

    Although Atty.Cooper doesn’t think his law suit is frivolous but it will most likely be determined w/out merit.Although if Judge Scherer is presiding( Bill Scherer daughter) it could get shall we say what about that sea wall Mayor Trantalis ( in re.regarding sea wall surrounding Atty.Scherer home).Come on now Atty.Cooper Trantalis beat u by over 13 thou votes.

  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says: