Senator Chris Smith Plays Santa On Christmas




State Sen. Chris Smith, the Fort Lauderdale Democrat running for Broward County Commission, was out in the community on Christmas deliverying toys.


chris smith




Here is his statement, released earlier this week, on the day:




Many years ago as president of the NAACP youth Council we began a Christmas toy giveaway. On Christmas morning we would gather and form a caravan to take toys to needy families in the Broward. I am happy to announce that we will be reviving that tradition this year. We have 10 needy families in Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill, and Lauderdale Lakes that we will deliver toys to on Christmas morning. We are meeting on Christmas Eve at my district office located at 2151 NW 6th Street to wrap the toys and organize them for each family. …

On Christmas Eve we will meet at the District Office to wrap the gifts at 6pm. Please stop by with gifts, wrapping paper and Holiday cheer.

On Christmas morning December 25, we will meet at my office at 6:00 AM to begin delivering the toys to the families. It means so much when you can put a toy in a deserving kids hand on Christmas morning. These are the only gifts some of these children will receive….

5 Responses to “Senator Chris Smith Plays Santa On Christmas”

  1. Read between the lines says:

    Hmm it apparently went to the wayside after Chris went to Tally and became a big shot. Now that he is termed out and running for County Commission he revives it. I am sure it is only a coincidence. Finally, nothing more down to earth and all about the people then touting your good deeds in a press release.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Please remember former Commissioner Tim Smith with significant help from Mr Caldwell Goodman owner of Goodman Properties n out of Miami-Miami Beach “Uncle” Frankie Pintado of SP Plus Parking do the same thing every Christmas. These are all successful businessmen who give only to help the children with no political aspirations.

  3. John Henry says:

    “It means so much to a campaign when you can get a staged photograph of a politician handing out toys to deserving kids on Christmas morning.”

    What does this guy do to help deserving kids on the other 364 days of the year?

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    CORRECTION; It is Mr Caldwell COOPER of Cooper Properies who was Santa Tim Smiths Helper! Sorry for the error. Have a Happy Healthy Nea Year 2016 to all down South!

  5. just sayin' says:

    sounds like he is desperate for a sweet gig with minimal ‘work’ that can’t be measured. any gig as long as it does not require real work and a timesheet. he will make the $90k++, have as many as three lackeys from his $300k++ annual budget, travel budget and sit pretty for four years (like under contract, right?)
    voters – don’t elect a tally term limited has-been, like tim ryan and ritter and the others.