Senate Candidates Staying In Race Despite Redistricting Confusion







No one in Broward County has more at stake at the redistricting going on in Tallahassee than Senate candidates Lauren Book, Gary Farmer and Jim Waldman.



HousePhoto--Jim Waldman

Jim Waldman

Democratic candidates for currently open Democratic seats have no idea what the future districts will look like and who they will be running against.

Unlike incumbent senators, Farmer and Waldman have little clout in the process.

Ms. Book’s father Ron Book, a well-known lobbyist, is thought by some Broward insiders to be involved behind-the-scenes for his daughter, which he denies.

“I’ve drafted no maps. I’ve drafted no amendments. I have not attended any (redistricting) committee meetings. I’ve had no discussions with Leadership or committee chairs on this. Anybody who says I’m involved is beyond wrong,” Ron Book says. “My daughter will do fine no matter what (district boundaries) they have drawn.”

Farmer and Waldman thought they would be running against each other for an open seat based in Northwest Broward now held by state Sen. Jeremey Ring, D-Margate, who is term limited in 2016. Now one key proposal puts the North Broward homes of Farmer and Waldman in a Palm Beach County-based seat.

Another map puts them in a district with Ms. Book of Plantation. The child abuse awareness advocate already has raised more than $1 million, a figure which would worry any potential opponent.

Ms. Book entered the race believing she would be running against token opposition for the South Broward seat currently held by state Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, who is term limited out next year. Now she may have to run against Farmer and Waldman.



Lauren Book

Lauren Book


Waldman has another potential problem.  One map proposed by the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that triggered the current redistricting seems to separate him from portions of his Coconut Creek base. A former Democratic state House member, Waldman is also the former mayor of Coconut Creek.

Waldman will only say he won’t run against Book or any Palm Beach County incumbent senator. He says his residence is flexible since he currently is in the process of subdividing his Coconut Creek homestead and developing it as new homes.

Running for two years, Waldman has raised roughly $116,000 and has put in $202,500 of his own money through September 30.

Farmer also is watching redistricting with “great interest.  Frankly, its pathetic.  We’re now over $11 million that has been spent on something (redistricting) that should have been done correctly the first time. I’m staying in.”



Gary Farmer


To prove his staying power, Farmer of Parkland will announce shortly he raised roughly $215,000 during his first month of campaigning and is kicking in another $100,000 of his own.

Ms. Book also is adamant about staying in the race.  She told that she is running no matter how the boundaries of the new districts are drawn.

Farmer,  a veteran plaintiff’s attorney who has enjoyed  verdicts up to $1.4 billion in his favor (yes, that’s billion with a “b”), predicted the redistricting process may leave the Senate candidates guessing through the Spring.  That’s because of the necessary reviews by the Supreme Court and the pending holidays.

So Book, Farmer and Waldman should get used to running a few more months without knowing exactly who will be voting on their race.



9 Responses to “Senate Candidates Staying In Race Despite Redistricting Confusion”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I am sorry not to be politically vorrect but putting aside the well intentioned but stupid one man n one vote standard and creating state senate districts in counties throughout the US and restoring the old New York City Board of Estimate n yes, dumping well intentioned moronic majority minority or minority majority districts for protected classes by race or ethnic origin would end this endless farce since we have ended up with a perma ent right wing states’ governments as Blacks Hispanics n Jews are jammed together with Gays n Lesbians now that makes competitive or swing districts impossible.
    I am sorry but what elite legal liberal geniuses have given us is a right wing gerrymandered nation in the name of more liberalism! Gee liberals are such – can I use the sch word? In fact they deserve all the sch words!!!

  2. Rinse and Repeat says:

    Ron Book isn’t doing it. He is having his little minion, Jared Moskowitz doing it with the seat he got him on the redistricting committee. And his godson Jared Rosenstein, who fancies himself, is doing all the work for the member that barely shows up.


    Please remember that this anonymous comment presents no evidence that state Rep. Jared Moskowitz “barely shows up.” When I watch the Legislature, Moskowitz is at committee meetings on a regular basis.

  3. Wayne Arnold says:

    It is good to read that some of these prospective Florida Senate candidates are self funding part of their campaigns. Too often politicians run for a job because they are looking to find employment in elective office. They go from one political office to the next either to advance their political career or to keep on the public dole with a nice salary, retirement, insurance and other perks. The framers of the Constitution called for citizen legislators not life time politicians. In other words serve a term or two and then go back home to their regular work or professions.

  4. Book It says:

    I would love Lauren to beat the living piss out of these 2 ego maniacs! Waldman is a joke and Gary Farmer was Scott Rothstein’s right hand man! Yes, that’s Scott Rothstein ponzy scheme stole billions from people… yea that guy!

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The statement is made Representative Jared Moskowitz doesnt show up at meetings but a Jared Rosenstein is doing the work. It is also aledged that Mr Ron Book is behind this. I have no knowledge of any of these people or who is hiding behind the name rinse n repeat BUT it would appear both Representative Jared Moskowitz and Mr. Jared Rosenstein are Jews – my Religion n JEWS DONT HAVE GODFATHERS GODSONS or GODMOTHERS which is a CHRISTIAN RELIGOUS RITE or PRACTICE! Moreover except in rare American Reform Jewish family cases and some Court Jewish families in 17th century Northern Germany Jews do NOT name people after living people!
    Bottom line Rinse n Repeat has made a statement about Jared Rosenstein that all the evidence indicates is a LIE and therefore any “cracks” about Ron Book, Representative Moskowitz, n Mr Rosenstein appear to be of dubious accuracy.

  6. @4 says:

    While it’s commendable that Ms. Book has survived a horrific & public childhood trauma, many victims of childhood trauma (s) have not parlayed a traumatic event into a foundation or a political career. Most survivors do not have access to financial means or a parent with financial means to overcome such trauma. Advocacy for victims or being a victim is not the only qualifier to holding elected office.

  7. Ron Mills says:

    Florida Senate rejects map to create new Senate districts; session will ended in stalemate


    Exactly. The judiciary will now decide what the boundaries of the Senate districts will look like. The tragedy of this was summed up nicely by Senate candidate Gary Farmer: “Frankly, its pathetic. We’re now over $11 million that has been spent on something (redistricting) that should have been done correctly the first time.”

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    As long as the majority of the public refuses to vote volunteer or contribute and the minority who vote vote race ethnic origin or for some supporter of selfish gain for themselves you get selfish greedy politicians who will not compromise or listen to reason just as their voters insist the do. It’s the voters!

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I think #2,#6 I think your commnets are not right. You all kep bringing up the ordeal Ms.Book went through and whats real sickening is that she is using that ordeal to her advantage. Stay on point Lauren and ignore this crap. And to state her dad is basiclly fixing the books for her, get real. I hope she wins Sobel’ seat.