Update: Senate Candidate Loeb’s Wife Busted



Nick Loeb, who is campaigning for state Senate, has run into some personal trouble.

Anna Loeb’s Mug Shot

His Swedish-born wife of three years Anna Pettersson Loeb was busted for DUI on August 28.

Loeb is scion of the New York City banking fortune.  His father is former Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr., who was appointed ambassador to Denmark and later the United Nations by Ronald Reagan.

Anna and Nick were married in a glittery ceremony in October, 2007 which made the pages of Town & Country Magazine.   She has a photography business in Delray Beach.

loeb and anna

I have no idea whether Anna Loeb was driving drunk.  She’s looks okay, actually more than okay to any hetrosexual male,  in her mug shot and everybody is innocent until proven guilty. 

Loeb is running for Palm Beach and northeast Broward seat now held by Senate President Jeff Atwater.  He is battling in the Republican primary against state Reps. Ellyn Bogdanoff of Fort Lauderdale and Carl Domino of Jupiter.

Update: My pal Jose Lambiet in his column on the West Palm Beach Post website has more details.  Sorry, Jose. I had this one first! I know it really annoys you.  Jose may write a gossip column, but he is one of the most aggressive and best straight news reporters I ever met.  His post is here.

Also The Broward Palm Beach New Times writer Tom Francis’ post is here.


   1 matches retrieved on 08/31/2009 at 15:41:44
 Name:  LOEB, ANNA  Race:  White DOB:  12/30/1978 
  1850 LAKE DR
Booking Number:  2009045502
 OBTS Number:  5002181514 Booking Date:  08/28/2009 Time:  09:32
 Arresting Agency:  32 – BOCA RATON  Officer: B. PARE
 Release Date: 08/28/09  Time: 12:00 Holds For Other Agencies:No
 Warrant Number: NO HIT Jacket Number: 0395455
Original Bond: $0.00 Current Bond: $0.00


As always when I write about this race, I must remind folks that my son Aaron Nevins works for Bogdanoff.  He had no role in this blog posting.

23 Responses to “Update: Senate Candidate Loeb’s Wife Busted”

  1. Resident says:


    It says DUI or Drugs, 1st offense. Don’t assume its DUI yet, unless you have more information than you provided.

    FROM BUDDY: No, it says “TRAFFIC OFFENSE-DUI ALCOHOL OR DRUGS 1ST OFF”. In other words, “driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.” I don’t assume anything until the police proves their charge beyond a resonable doubt in court.

  2. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Who cares it has nothing to do with her husband’s candidacy. She is a pretty woman and hopefully she will be well.

  3. I Differ says:

    I differ with Beth The Bounty Hunter on this. Everything is not known about this case. She was a major factor in him being presented as a family man.
    What if the husband candidate knew his wife was driving drunk? Did he serve her the drinks?

  4. Move on says:

    I don’t even think these two are married anymore so why does it matter what she does ?

  5. Truthiness says:

    Inappropriate, Buddy. She’s not the candidate, he is. This one just seems beneath you.

  6. Jacob R. says:

    I think what Buddy is trying to show is that this is an out of control duo that lives life in the fast lane. When you take into account Nick’s movie producing, bad temper, elitist family and now this; it paints a picture much different than the conservative values candidate he tries to portray. People have to understand Nick has tons of enemies because of the way he acts. There is little debating this.

  7. At least says:

    She’s smoking hot.

  8. Buddy Nevins says:

    Since several who commented questioned this item, let me explain a little why I put it up.

    In some cases, the conduct of a candidate’s close family is relevant. A candidate’s wife campaigns and helps spread the message. If the wife is sidelined, especially by scandal, it hurts the campaign.

    Nick Loeb chose to put a picture of him with his wife on the home page of his campaign website site. He also includes numerous pictures of her on the site, including several of their wedding. He obviously believes she has a lot of value to his campaign. She helps him shape his image into one of a family man.

    He made her a part of his campaign. So voters should know everything there is to know.

  9. The Truth says:

    The lesson here is that if you are a rich kid who inherited lots of money, you can get a hot Swede. We have yet to see if a rich kid with a lot of money can get a Florida Sen. seat

  10. To At Least Said says:

    she’s smoking hot and she likes to party! A great combination.

  11. S only says:

    Why in the world did you put her picture in twice? Now, that’s a little over the top. Your wife should have a few things to say about that, Buddy!

  12. Delray Beach Resident says:

    This incedent is so unfortunate. Drunken driving is so dangerous. The Palm Beach Post reported that
    Mrs. Loeb(again, how unfortunate) was arrested at 9:30 in the morning — and the breathalizer was TWICE the legal limit.
    This woman knows full well what she “bargained” for. In a city election Loeb actually sent out a mailer that he was “engaged” even though he actually had been married for several months. What kind of man disavows his own marriage. She also I’m sure was aware of his porn past! This guy has major dysfuntional issues and as sad as it is Mrs. Loeb was fully aware of the creep when she married him. was a

  13. Palm Beach Resident says:

    It’s about time Nick hangs up his political career. From what I hear, there are about a dozen more things to surface on him in the next few months. It would be hard to continue watching this if the guy wasn’t such a jerk.

  14. hmmmm says:

    Of course this post has nothing to do with the fact that your son works for Bogdanoff who is running against Loeb, right?

  15. Resident says:

    The point is that it is assumed she was drinking alcohol. But it is also possible she was on drugs by the way she was charged.

    One is legal to buy, the other isn’t.

  16. Just saying says:

    Jose Lambiet’s son doesn’t work for her and he wrote it. Oh, also the New Times.

  17. PrimeTimeFL says:

    Why do we care what she looks like? So she is trash wrapped in a pretty bow. Does attractive equate to class, intelligence and maturity? Case in point not. Most attractive woman that are out without their husbands late at night drinking and doing drugs are very ugly people on the inside. She is an irresponsible, immature, spoiled, drunk and druggie. It is never okay to drink and drive, but to be doing this kind of stuff while your husband (even if he’s “estranged”) is in the public eye and running for office and to tarnish your family’s (in-law) reputation is just disgusting. She may be pretty to look at but she obviously has zero class and is out of her league to be part of a political or reputable family. She has brought the Loeb family down with this low class act, which I’m sure is not her first time doing drugs and driving while drinking, its just the first time she’s been caught. It’s a shame that the actions of his classless and irresponsible wife are now going to follow Nicks reputation for a very very long time. What was this guy thinking to allow this behavior go unchecked? Hope a lesson has been learned by everyone involved. And am I understanding she got out of jail so quickly and with no bail? Another example of pulling strings in politics. Hello People? Have you learned nothing from the Greg Tallbot and Former Boca Raton Police Chief Andrew Scott abuse of power? Everyone gets treated equally, regardless of your bank balance or family name. She did the crime now she must suffer the consequences, as will her family. Who cares what she looks like, now that people know what she is really like I wouldn’t be proud to call her my wife anymore.

  18. New TImes? says:

    Did someone metion the New Times. I will give Buddy credit, he reports about an actual arrest while Bob Norman writes about kiss and tell rumors about Ann Gallagher, Chiari and Jenne. Bad journalism

  19. Scott says:

    Since when do you get arrested for DUI and have no bond? Is tyhat a rich kid thing Buddy? That has got to have MADD fuming…..

  20. Cocktial says:

    Two drinks and by law everyone is drunk,Leave the Lady alone,This is of NO interest

  21. Next time says:

    They should definitely do a full body shot next time. No pun intended.

  22. ElitistWannabes says:

    Daddy Loeb has a big mess to clean up. He has been grooming Nick from birth for a political career (look at Nick’s resume)and while this seems like a huge setback now, with the millions the family has, Nick will surely pop up somewhere else in a future election. Constituents has short memories. Maybe he’ll end up running in Newport, RI where he has been playing this summer without his wife, raising big money with Daddy’s connections. Meanwhile, Nick and family have a Cap and Trade business all set up and in a holding pattern, in the expectation that their Washington,DC cronies will make sure that passes. This will be the new stock market derivative, making money out of nothing, which is what these people do best. I don’t know how any Republican candidate would expect to win when they are banking on a Carbon Cap and Tax bill, which would end up being one of the largest taxes yet to ever happen. He should consider switching to the Dem side, because Republicans are intent on cleaning out the RINO’s like Charlie Crist.

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