Update: Senate Candidate Gary Farmer At It Again With New Slimy False Ads







A few weeks ago, state Senate candidate Gary Farmer’s ads claimed opponent Jim Waldman was a darling of the NRA.

The ads were called false by even the NRA. Yet Farmer continued to use them.

Now two more highly misleading Farmer ads hit mail boxes, these slamming his other opponent former State Rep. Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed.

Ads like these reek of desperation.

Clarke-Reed was originally ignored by Farmer, but she is now a target for one reason: His internal polls show that Clarke-Reed is now a threat to him in addition to Waldman, observers opine.

One ad contends that Clarke-Reed “votes like a right wing Republican.”

The charge is a straight-up lie.

Clarke-Reed has the lowest rating from the American Conservative Union of any Broward Democratic House member – a lifetime record of 8 percent.

Other Broward Democrats have a much higher score, such as state Rep. Katie Edwards of Plantation with 37 percent lifetime record or state Rep. Jared Moskowitz of Coral Springs at 20 percent.

To “prove” their smears, Farmer’s slimy consultants plucked out four votes out of an eight-year House career. What his piece doesn’t say is that many Broward Democrats voted the same way on these three issues.

A second Farmer ad smears Clarke-Reed as “anti-public schools.” This is particularly galling since she is a retired teacher and former New York City District School Board member.

Farmer has proved in this race that he has no boundaries. His deceitful campaign has gone way beyond spin. Sadly, Farmer is contributing to the increasingly toxic atmosphere in today’s politics.


Note:  After this was posted, several insiders told Browardbeat.com that they believed Farmer added Clarke-Reed’s picture to telegraph to white voters that she was black.  “It was a not-so-subtle racist message,” one reader said.

I missed it.  Now that it is pointed out, I believe that the posting of her picture could have been a deliberate attempt to play the race card.



Clarke-Reed 2

Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed Attacked





Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, who is retiring after this year, is not going gentle into that good night.

Parrish continues to raise money for favored candidates and lends her name to their ads.

Below is an ad mailed in recent days for County Judge Nina Di Pietro, who is battling to retain her seat. She is one of several judicial candidates that Parrish is publicly supporting this cycle.



Nina DiPietro Mail Piece with Parrish






Di Pietro got Parrish’s endorsement, but she wasn’t as lucky with Coconut Creek Commissioner Mikkie Belvedere, a Democratic political maven.

Belvedere is recommending Di Pietro’s County Court Group 7 opponent Brenda DiIoia, who was a long-time traffic court magistrate until this summer and is in private practice.

Will either of these endorsements help?


After all, this is a low information, down ballot judicial race, where voters know very little about the candidates.

It is probably good for Di Pietro that voters in Democratic Broward don’t have a lot of knowledge about her.

She was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott. Her husband, Republican activist David Di Pietro who appears in her campaign ads, was an early supporter of Donald J.Trump.




Sure, I’m cynical. Especially about Circuit Court candidate Kim Mollica’s latest mailed ad.

The ad features hurrahs for Mollica from four individuals – Zachary, Marion, Client and Child Custody Client.

No last names. No other identifiers.

The lack of corroborating information is a red flag, indicating the quotes could be phony.


Note: After this was posted, Mollica’s political consultant Dan Lewis contacted Browardbeat.com with an explanation.  The statements were from Martindale.com, which hosts a lawyer rating system, and the reference was mistakenly left off the mailing.

He also had a good suggestion for voters. He suggests they check the qualifications, experience and references on Martindale.com for the judicial candidates that are listed at that site.

Look at Lewis’ comment below.






The lesson of all this?

You don’t have to go to Trump Tower in New York to see candidates spinning, shading the truth and downright lying.

Be skeptical. Be very skeptical of any ad from a candidate.





20 Responses to “Update: Senate Candidate Gary Farmer At It Again With New Slimy False Ads”

  1. Christina says:

    The daily (and this is not an exaggeration) smear campaign mailers from Gary Farmer are getting ridiculous. To print such garbage about Gwyn is disgusting, and shows how low this cretin will go in order to get elected.

    I’m voting for Gwyn, not only because of her proven record for fighting for the little guy and those in need, but also because of this dirty race between Farmer and Waldman.

    I hope others actually research Gwyn and Jim and their actual work and accomplishments while serving the public before considering this slimeball Gary Farmer.

  2. No Farmer or Waldman says:

    Waldman has been just as bad. A pox on both Farmer and Waldman. I’m voting to Gwyn and telling all my neighbors to vote for her, too.

  3. Dan Lewis says:

    With respect to candidate Kim Mollica’s client quotes & ratings; all quotes came from:



    Not including the source reference was an oversight on our design part. Kim Mollica is a legal professional with impeccable credentials and high ethical standards.

  4. Not Lori Parrish says:

    When is the last time a candidate endorsed by Lori Parrish won a race? And why is she endorsing a Republican in “Judge Nina” Di Pietro over a Democrat?

  5. Just Saying says:

    My mailbox is full every day with attack mailings from Farmer and Waldman. Sometimes from both on the same day. I say I’ve had it with both of them. I’m voting for Gwyn and admit I don’t know what she stands for (not a clue) — but at least she isn’t one those other two guys.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    How can we get DECENT PEOPLE like Gwenfolyn Clark Reed run for office if only Mr Nevins flys the flag of truth and honesty in politics?
    People without great wealth or access to wealthy lobbyists government contractors n developers are being push aside by the obscene FALSE flyers and ads.
    The middle n working classes and us retirees are being crushed by moneyed politicians with no ethics no intregity and NO CLASS JUST CRASS GREED AND OUT OF CONTROL EGOS.
    FDR n Thurman never thought of only the Richies today the shades of Claude Pepper Leroy Collins Rueben Askew must be turning in their graves.
    E Clay Shaw Dwight Rogers Dante Fascetti wanted to SERVE THE PEOPLE!
    The Farmer and other Yuppie campaigns turn my stomach – what do others who read this blog AND CARE ABOUT GOVERNMENT FEEL?

  7. Count RF Chodkiewiczz Chudzikiewiccz IV says:

    Is Mikkie still collecting Absentee Ballots for the elderly that are signed but not sealed?



  8. moooooo says:

    Farmer’s tactics should backfire. Who is his campaign consultant, Judy Stern? No surprises there.

    Waldman and Gwyn have proven their public service and have worked hard to earn the trust and respect of the voters. Waldman in particular was effective because of his ability to work with members of both parties.

    I know the voters in the new district will not be fooled by the unbelievable literature gary farmer is sending out. Shame on you Farmer. If you lie to the voters, you probably lie to the juries. Scary.

  9. judy playing both sides says:

    Judy has been shut out by Farmer…she is hanging with Gwen these days. Remember Gwen did Judy’s boy on the plantation, I mean from plantation, Perry, a big solid making him a Senator without opposition.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Is Mikkie still collecting Absentee Ballots for the elderly that are signed but not sealed?

    She did it for Jean Robb in the last Deerfield Beach election…

    Robb won by 27 votes. That’s not a typo.

  11. Local Broward Voter says:

    @Not Lori Parrish:
    Check your stats. I know my county commissioner Chip Lamarca and some other good judicial candidates that ALL WON! Lori supports the person, not the party. Lori broke from the party years ago and stands on principle. As for this Mikkie lady, why is she supporting republicans when she’s an official committeewoman? Maybe DiIoia promised her something?

  12. bsb says:

    Waldman has run a clean campaign and has gotten out there to meet the folks in his district. My hairdresser who lives on the east side just told me he met jim when jim was walking his neighborhood and was hugely impressed with him.
    Jim works hard and cares. That is what distinguishes him from Farmer. Gwen also cares.

    I wouldnt lump waldman in with farmer. they are nothing alike!

  13. Sure thing Dan says:

    Hey Dan what about the pack page of Mollica’s mailpiece with “”quotes”” from lawyers about her proficiency? They do not list the names of the actual attorneys who made the quotes.

  14. Fast Talking Farmer says:

    Whoever told you Judy is out in Farmer’s camp just said that to try and get your support. As usual with Farmer, it’s a lie. Judy’s still in, on all the calls, giving her opinion about everything under the sun. And the truly amazing and pathetic part is that she’s probably the only person on Farmer’s team who actually knows anything or anyone about Broward.

  15. Count LF Chodkiewicz ChudzikiewiczChudzikiewi says:

    I do not understand why we have sub-par ethics and intellectual discussions in South Florida politics unless the heat of the Tropics rots the little grey cells.

  16. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Mikkie Belvedere, what do you have against Robin Bartleman for School Board Member At Large?

    Broward County wants to know!

  17. Roberto Laguardia says:

    Jim Waldman is the ONLY CANDIDATE with the CREDENTIALS to seat in office. He has a proven track record of making changes in Tallahassee. People should do their own research on the candidates. I made my decision based on my OWN research. Jim Waldman has committed his life to public service and has been an effective representative for floridans in the Senate. I am voting for JIM WALDMAN.

  18. jimmy ray hart says:

    Farmer talks about taking on the fat cats but he should lose about 50 lbs before doing so…and stop wearing his pants up to his chest to hide his gut.

  19. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Would someone explain how the Sun Sentinel has the chutzpah to endorse Gary Farmer?

  20. Merrill Demmer says:

    But it’s the third candidate, trial attorney and political novice Gary Farmer, who would be the game-changer for Democrats in the Florida Senate. Though he’s never held public office, Farmer, the founding partner of a law firm that specializes in consumer protection litigation, is no stranger to Tallahassee. He is a former president of the Florida Justice Association, which represents trial lawyers and often the interests of consumers.