Sen. Sachs Rents, Votes From Lobbyist’s Apt.



In another example of how lobbyists and Tallahassee lawmakers are entwined.

Once again it involves Democratic state Sen. Maria Sachs and leading lobbyist Judy Stern. 

Maria Sachs: Lobbyist’s Friend

Sachs is registered to vote from an apartment that she rents from Stern.

The senator told the Miami Herald that she has been close to the lobbyist for many years.  “We’re girlfriends,” she is quoted saying. found that Sachs, a Democrat, is registered to vote at Stern’s condo at 2424 NE 9th Street, Fort Lauderdale.

In Janauary, reported that Stern filed Sachs’ 2014 re-election campaign documents, although the senator is regularly in Tallahassee and could have filed the papers herself.

Sachs represents Northeast Broward and portions of Palm Beach County.

The senator’s “girlfriend” Stern is not registered to lobby in Tallahassee. Locally, she is registered to lobby for Mardi Gras Gaming in Hallandale Beach.  Sachs is vice chair of the Senate Committee on Gaming.

Other Stern local clients include a transportation services firm, two license tag agencies and the operator of cranes at Port Everglades.

Stern worked on Sachs’ 2012 winning campaign against state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale.

Obviously Sachs hasn’t absorbed the fact that perception is reality in politics.

The perception is that Sachs is not only in the pocket of one of Broward’s most prominent lobbyists, she is living under her roof.

It goes to prove that Democrats like Sachs are no different that Republicans as far as their relationship with lobbyists.


21 Responses to “Sen. Sachs Rents, Votes From Lobbyist’s Apt.”

  1. just one vote says:

    don’t live in her district but voters elected her
    does stern live in sach’s district? not the stern rental the stern domicile?
    voters do silly things so we get what we get especially if we DO NOT VOTE

  2. John Henry says:

    Con Artists like Sachs & Stern have made a mockery of our local political system.

    Whats the point of wasting money on fair elections if the con artists behind the scenes are rigging the game?

  3. Fort Lauderdale says:

    It sure seems that a certaibn few are very jealous of Sachs and Stern. Politics is about relationships and who you know!!! Get over it people.

  4. Sachs Beware says:

    “We’re girlfriends.”
    So were Charlotte Rodstrom and Stern.

  5. Fort Lauderdale Wrong says:

    @Fort Lauderdale. “Politics is about relationships” You have no problem with a lobbyist doing business with a senator. The public doesn’t even know what rent Sachs is paying. It could be $1 a year. What other “favors” are being given Sachs?

  6. This is funny says:

    Go to the property appraiser website and look up this apartment. West Boca Sachs wouldn’t step foot inside something like this and probably hasn’t paid a penny for it either. Why would she, it’s apparent the press doesn’t care what she does.

  7. go to girlfriend says:

    Looks like Stern is the campaign manager of choice over the years for those who do not live in the Districts they run for.

    Lois Wexler (until recent redistricting)
    Barbra Stern (she was put on the deed to Sachs condo when running againse Moritias, but lived and continues to live at another condo her and her mom own).

  8. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Why, it’s just one big, happy family here in Florida, and probably nationwide.

    Trouble is, we the taxpayers are paying for that “family’s” upkeep and all the members of that family who could change the laws to make residence actually mean reside, are too busy doing the same thing.

  9. WTF says:

    Is this legal? Why do we tolerate this sleazy behavior?

  10. frank says:

    I would love to hear Maria describe the apartment interior.

  11. Dear Future Candidates says:

    Whether you want to run for Judge or other political office let this story about Sachs and Stern serve as a cautionary tale about hiring Stern to run your race.

    First, look at the wins and losses, since 2006 Stern has been in a major decline only winning layups with her old stand by candidates. For the most part, anyone can win with incumbents.

    Second, even those who she has worked with like Tim Ryan for example go out of their way to make it clear they want to have little or no public association with Stern.

    Thirdly, the group of those burned by Stern over the years, aka The Alumni, is a powerful group of people. While you the candidate may be a nice person, this group has no problem seeing past you to work together to see Stern lose. Ask Julio Gonzalez about this reality.

    Fourth, talk to condo and other community leaders, they dislike her because they all grew tired of Stern taking credit for their hard work when a candidate won.

    But Stern won with Sachs in Broward? Yes and no. Yes Maria took around 50%, 2012 was an Obama year, for a Dem in Broward to just get 50% was a win, but a success, no way.

    Good consultants understand it is all about the candidates not themselves. Stern is such an insecure person in desperate need of credibility and respect she seeks attention good or bad to validate herself. An example of this is Stern using her own letterhead when filing Sach’s paperwork for her reelection. Stern knew it would bring unwanted press to Sachs and did it anyway.
    Who wants a consultant who puts her own selfish needs above the candidate?

  12. Truth says:

    Stern didn’t run Sachs race in 2012, Patriot Games in West Palm Beach did. Stern just came on lately as the primary advisor, which is the interesting part of this.

  13. Shocker says:

    Stern taking credit for the hard work of others…never. Lets add Sachs to the list for 2012/13 of races Stern is “rumored” to have run and won of which she had little or nothing to do with…

    Katie Edwards
    Tim Ryan
    Maria Sachs
    Shervin Jones
    Dean Trentalis
    Joy Cooper

    FYI, future candidates beware of taking unsolicited advice directly from or via text msg from Stern. Once this is done, rumors will be abound started that you were her candidate if you win.

    3 guesses as to who may start the rumor…

  14. just one vote says:

    so where does Sach’s own/live for real? is this because of re-districting so her ‘real’ real property is no longer in the district? not like the re-districting got rid of gerrymandering like it was supposed to but just another example of citizens taxpayers (who may get the inclination to vote every now and then) getting screwed

  15. What is the issue? says:

    I’m confused. What is the possible issue here?

    Stern and Sachs are friends. OK. There could be an issue involving whether Sachs is paying fair market rent, etc, IF SHE WERE VOTING ON STERN’S ISSUES!

    The way I read the article, Stern only lobbies locally, where Sachs doesn’t vote, and Sachs only votes in Tallahassee, where Stern doesn’t lobby. If that is correct, there’s no possible conflict, or news story.

  16. who me says:

    “I would love to hear Maria describe the apartment interior.”

    This is the best post

  17. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I smell a rat Judy. Ok guys so what is your point? Following the dots still nothing is ileagal, and nothing warrants an investigation because you just reported it better than Judy Stern and Senator sachs could (scary).

  18. Judy and her girlfriends says:

    Judy always seems to end up as “girlfriends” with those that she gets elected and lobbies later….

    Look at her and Lois Wexler…

    Technically, Broward Commissioner Lois Wexler isn’t married to lobbyist/Machiavellian campaign manager Judy Stern, but the two used to live together, Friends-style, in Wexler’s Sunrise condo. And Wexler did cast a big vote in favor of a contractor client looking for a big score at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

    Wexler told me that she did in fact go on a trip with Stern to the Atlantic Maritimes — Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, etc. — about four years ago (after she was elected in 2004). “I’ve gone traveling with Judy Stern several times,” says Wexler. She (Wexler) says she and Stern exchange modest birthday gifts…just saying, ‘I’m thinking of you”

    Lois Wexler as well until recently skirted residency laws by having a condo in her district (prior to recent redistricting) while living in the house Stern stayed with her at as mentioned above that was then outside her District.

  19. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow-@ Judy and her girlfriend says”. I think you need to move on. This looks personal(hmm). I pretty sure i know who this is and if my hunch is rght,(why didn’t you listen).Back to Comm.wexler, she neverhidthat house was outside her district(i heard her make sure it was this last redricting). So so what she put the hous her district. As far as the traveling, good for them(do I cents some jeaslousy? becaus ethey where there and you weren’t?. Cheap shots . And so Senator Sachs rents Judy’ apt? None of your business how much time she spends there….

  20. Really says:

    Broward Commish Lois Wexler lived with Judy Stern, as in roomates. Talk about in bed together.

  21. RIP Steve Wexler says:

    Steve was too good of a guy to have to live in the shadow of Lois and Judy mess. Rest in Peace, my friend, thank goodness you are in a better place.