Seminar Teach Electeds How To “Deal” With Media.




I can save you fifty bucks.

You’re a politician and wanna know how to deal with the media?

Tell the truth. Treat reporters like professionals.

Be accessible.  Don’t hide behind a “spokesman.”  The media wants to talk to you, not some unelected PR flak.

Decent reporters won’t hold it against you if you answer a question with, “I am unable to talk about that.”

Just be straight.

So I saved you the price of the lunch at Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman’s seminar next month.

The luncheon speaker is Sergio Bustos, political editor and Sunday editor of the Miami Herald. His subject:  “How Elected Officials Should Deal With the Press.”

The seminar will deal with several unpopular issues that government officials might face, including siting so-called sober houses, marijuana testing for government employees, golf course conversion and vacation rentals.

It sounds interesting…and lawyers get 6 hours of continuing education credit.

Here is the notice (click to enlarge):





2 Responses to “Seminar Teach Electeds How To “Deal” With Media.”

  1. George Mihaiu says:

    Love the short and sweet of ‘dealing with the media’, Buddy! After over 20 years of PR Crisis Communications seminars, Media Relations seminars and sitting on PR Boards and Committees listening to PR ‘strategies’ and ‘Best Practices’ approaches, the very best of all the PR pros I’ve observed and worked say exactly what you just said. Nicely done!

  2. Talks like a politician says:

    Four out of the five commissioners in Dania Beach including the Mayor should listen to you, Buddy, including the wife of one. The fifth commissioner can handle himself quite well and is able to answer questions honestly.
    The truth shall set you free. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.