Seiler Starting Re-Election Campaign


Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler is starting his campaign for re-election.

The mayor said he will open a campaign account allowing him to raise money within the next month.

Seiler will be running from a strong position.  Many residents believe he is a refreshing and calming change from the grandstanding former Mayor Jim Naugle.

But Seiler is not universally loved.

Fort Lauderdale is a big city with many competing interests.  It’s not an easy city to govern.

Seiler has persistent critics, although it is highly unlikely at this point any of them will give him much trouble in the upcoming election.

The Democratic mayor is opening his campaign more than a year before the 2012 election because he wants to put to rest rumors.  The whispers in the political world was that he quit City Hall to run against newly-elected GOP U. S. Rep. Allen West.

“I have no intention of going to Washington, Seiler said. “I’ve still got things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

There are practical and personal reasons not to run for West’s seat.

The practical is that the district will be redrawn, probably to make it more Republican, before 2012.  Seiler has no idea how the seat will look.

The personal reason is that Seiler’s eventual goal was never Washington.  I believe he has his eye on Tallahassee someday.

Seiler’s Campaign

Seiler said he will run on the budget.  His pitch:

The city is doing pretty well despite “the loss of millions in permitting fees (from declining construction) and millions in investment dollars, Seiler said.

Despite the worst recession in modern times which hit South Florida particularly hard, the city balanced its budget and kept the mileage rate “flat.  Seiler said that the commission pared $24 million from the general budget over two years and eliminated more than 140 positions largely by attrition and not filling jobs.

He views himself as a salesman for the city.

An example of his work:  Seiler greeted the Queen Elizabeth docking here on its maiden voyage last week.  It made news throughout the cruise world, generating numerous stories mentioning Fort Lauderdale and its cruise business.

“I tell people that we’re open for business, he said. “We’re a great tourism destination, not only for one type of tourist but for everybody from families to the wealthier high-end visitor.

Seiler’s goal for his second term (2012-2015) would be to complete Riverwalk, making it more like the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. He wants the city to help to beef up the marine industry, which creates jobs.  He also wants to encourage more tourism and “compatible development.

Of course, one person’s “compatible” development is another person’s eyesore.  Backing the wrong project could create problems for Seiler’s re-election.

A lot is out of the mayor’s hands.   If the world economy falls back into recession, the real estate market continues to stumble or we get hit by a massive hurricane, all bets are off.

Perhaps the biggest political advantage Seiler has going for him is that no viable challenger has surfaced yet.

Regardless of that, the mayor has been around politics long enough to take every election seriously.  This is Fort Lauderdale and somebody will run against him.

So expect to see Seiler more often at neighborhood meetings.  And expect him to start asking for contributionssoon.  Very soon.

23 Responses to “Seiler Starting Re-Election Campaign”

  1. Regular Reader says:

    Good article Buddy.

    Been a resident of Broward County for 30 years and a resident of Fort Lauderdale for much of that time.

    Very proud to call Jack Seiler my mayor. It’s more than the lack of controversy in City Hall after years of Naugle — Seiler is a pro. at government.

    He’s very accessible and will really get with his constituents.

    Looking forward to voting for him again next year and in the future.

  2. Fort Lauderdale Native says:

    It is too bad that Seiler won’t run against Alan West. He would clean his clock.
    Seiler is the best mayor we’ve ever had. He won’t have any trouble being elected by 80 to 90 percent.

  3. Can't Believe says:

    It is somewhat strange all the accolades Jack Seiler is getting because this man is the most arrogant who ever attended our neighborhood association. I had the impression that Seiler believes everything he said was the word of God and not to be challenged.

  4. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I have been waiting for this Buddy. I will comment futher when the Newspaper Media prints this revelation as well. I like Mayor Seiler very much. That being said I think through no fault of his own this City (almost 200 thou residents) can’t be governed on a part time basis(1). Mr.Seiler has a very thriving law firm(refered potential clients to him). Secoundly with his law firm taken up so much of his time it just can’t be said that the residents are getting a fair shake. Although I have been given running against Jack very serious consideration(this is such a huge ambition. )Although I will make a decesion sometime soon its overwhelming the effort you have to put into something like this. i have been given very challenging situations lately, I can honestly say when I put myself 110% into something I will assure you all you would be very impressed. I do not come from money or influence. Was not born privellaged but consider myself extremely blessed given the path that I started with(nothing). No silver spoon was I born with. This being said my main priority are you people (the resident). I think there is just to much spending going on and with a part time Mayor you just can’t swing it, no matter who you are.(2) I also would like to see a “more Strong Form of Gov’t pertaining to the Mayor’s postion. i do not feel that say one commissioner’s vote should greatly influence another section of the City which they have nothing to with(or really care). being a strong Mayor the buck should stop with the Mayor. Right now the Mayor is only one vote. I have alot more to say, but will refrain until I can honestly say if I’m running or not. (my critics take notice even though I had a Criminal conviction almost 20yrs ago I can vote, do vote and after a lenthly discussion w/ my Att.I am very qualified to run for any office I am interested in-judge me for today, not almost 20yrs ago etc)If I do run I am looking forward to debating Jack. Hate to break it to some If I run ,this will be a very postive campaign. No mud slinging or negative campaign from me. Besides my side kick(will say) is very impressed with Mr.Seiler( its the Notre Dame grad). Will see….

    Thanks, as always, for your comments.
    Please keep informed.

  5. FTL Guy says:

    What is there to complain about? Crime is down, budget spending is curbed, the police for the first time are contributing to their own pensions and we have more family friendly events than ever before. Most importantly we have a Commission that seems to work well together. Fort Lauderdale has never been better since Seiler became Mayor

  6. Geroge Dennis says:

    I can sum up what a great Mayor we have in Mayor Seiler in one story….

    My son attends Virginia Schuman Young Elementary. We had a ceremony where the school was honored with a Blue Ribbon of excellence award. Mayor Seiler attended and spent more time interacting with the students than with the other adults that were present. My son came home from school and couldn’t stop talking about the Mayor and wanting to be like him when he grew up. I have known Jack for many years as he coached my older kids in sports at Holiday Park. Mayor Jack Seiler is a great representative of all that is good in Fort Lauderdale. He understands the needs of families in our community as he himself is raising his children here. Most importantly he always addresses things in a positive way without taking pot shots at others or their views.

  7. Beachdude says:

    As a beach resident and business owner I can’t say enough about what a great two years it has been having Mr. Seiler as Mayor.

    During the end of Naugle’s time tourism (not just gay tourism) on the beach dropped off. Under the current Mayor there has been a calming presence on the beach. The focus of the beach and Fort Lauderdale is on tourism and not political agendas.

    I can speak for myself as well as other beach residents and business owners in saying Mayor Seiler has done a great job. The Connie Francis Concert, St. Pat’s Parade, the upcoming Centennial events on the beach have given a jump start to our community.

    Cheers, we are looking forward to another three years with Mr. Seiler as Mayor.

  8. modie says:

    As I recall, it’s Allen West, not Alan. Not like his name just rose above the horizon. Inexcusable at this point in time.

  9. Early and often voter says:

    I live 3/4 of the year in Fort Lauderdale and love it now more than ever. I follow local politics on the blogs and the papers. While I think there are many good reasons to reelect the Mayor, the top of the list for me is his lack of scandal.

    Mr. Walsh said that because the Mayor has a successful law practice that is a handicap for him to govern. I think it is a major plus, it seems that too many of Broward County elected officials get elected to increase their net worth. The Mayor as a successful attorney probably makes a good living and does not need to use campaign funds to live the high life or pal around with lobbyists to pay his way.

    Why do you think politicians like Eggeletion and Gallagher got caught taking a few thousand a piece in bribes? Because they had no success in the real world which exposed them to being willing to take bribes.

    After Eggeletion, Gallagher and rest of the corrupt politicians in this town, an honest politician like Mayor Seiler, who is serving because he wants to give back and not get a kick back, is a breath of fresh air.

    You got my vote Mayor.

  10. Quality of Life Issues Count Too says:

    i like the Mayor too, but I have a couple of suggestions.
    1. Move to stop feeding of the homeless in downtown,
    2. Have the city lease about five acres in the everglades. Provide tents, beer and food 24/7. Bus the homeless out to their “paradise”. However, no return trips.
    3. Have all downtown parks leased to private organizations (e.g., Huizenga Park)for $1 per year. FLPD can then issue trespass warnings in those parks.
    4. Create a city ordinance that all street vendors must display a large emblem indicating that they have paid a fee to conduct business in the medians. The ordinance would make it a misdemeanor for a DRIVER to give money to one without the emblem.
    5. Immediately have FLPD arrest every homeless person banging on car windows and standing in traffic on the west side of the library on Andrews every day during rush hour.

  11. Bob says:

    Mayor Seiler is a great guy. He is the best and most positive thing to happen to the City of Fort Lauderdale in years.

  12. Fix is in above says:

    Other that friends and family above, does anyone have any objective comments about the Mayor?
    Please, if you went to high school or work in the same office with the mayor, you can stop posting now!

  13. Broward Lawyer says:

    Mayor Jack Seiler is a good man and good mayor and shouldn’t have any trouble getting re-elected.
    Keep up the good work, Jack.

  14. Dear fix says:

    Mayor Seiler took 60% of the vote against 3 solid opponents in his first election for Mayor. Fort Lauderdale residents are better off today than 2 years ago. No need to be a hater and claim the people are post on here are not who they are. Nevins is smart enough to read through that bs. Seiler is liked by the residents in the City and they showed their support here. So Fix why dont you go back to kicking puppies or hurting kittens or whatever negative things you do in your spare time.

  15. Sara Lee says:

    Jack Seiler is undoubtedly the best thing since sliced bread.

  16. Judy Judy Judy says:

    Sara Lee is obviously Judy Stern, lobbyist and brains behind Jack Seiler.

  17. similar says:

    these posts sound just like the Judge Hurley posts and we heard where those came from. You cardinal gibbons and atty people working in that office in wilton manors sure do stick together.

  18. Sounds Like says:

    Similar at 7:38 am

    The comments are likely to be posted by Mike Aturd, the lawyer who works out of Seiler’s office and who does his political dirty work. Aturd is a Cardinal Gibbons grad, too

  19. City Resident says:

    Similar, Sounds like, etc.:

    Seiler is doing a good job as Mayor. Nobody disputes that. Why be so negative?

  20. Nucky Thompson says:

    The Fighting Irish will be happy. Jack will raise lots of money. No one credible will run against him so he will have lots of surplus cash to donate at the end of the campaign to his favorite charities.

  21. Joseph Ratzinger says:

    Reading all these glowing tributes combined with the Cardinal Gibbons connection makes me think that Jack may be the first Fort Lauderdale resident to achieve sainthood.

  22. Beg to difer with some of you. says:

    The comment about Judy Stern being “the brains behind Jack Seiler” word has it that she is not to happy with Mayor Seiler for not shall we say not endorsing her daughter’s canidacy. Don’t get me wrong Jack doesn’t need Mrs.Stern ,but in certainly can’t hurt. As for City Activist Robert Walsh potentially running I have heard its a diversion tactic to scare others from entering the race.


    Judy Stern doesn’t need me to defend her. She has done quite well herself.

    Stern is not the witch she is portrayed to be. Does she have enemies? Yes. Who in politics doesn’t? Can she be vindictive? I understand why she can be like that, although I sometimes don’t approve of her tactics. She practices the old adage that reward and punishment are the glue that holds politics together.

    No matter what anybody says about Judy, I know her as one of the hardest working campaigners I have ever met. She has great historical knowledge of Broward. She brings value to anybody’s campaign.

    That said, she is not the “brains behind Seiler.” He is smart enough to run his own campaign.

  23. The K says:

    Mayor Seiler – when are you and the City of Ft. Lauderdale going to take start to enforce the city ordinance protecting nesting Sea Turtles? You and the commission continue to avoid, ignore, and divert attention from the issue at hand . . hatchlings are dying by the THOUSANDS on A1A because the city refuses to uphold the law stating that lights are to be turned down at night…