Seiler Backs Campaign Of Former “Opponent”





When Charlotte Rodstrom was on the Fort Lauderdale commission, there was a lot of talk about her often disagreeing with the city’s mayor.

Obviously all is forgiven.

Mayor Jack Seiler is hosting Rodstrom’s campaign kickoff in her race for County Commission.

The hidden connection in this:

Campaign consultant Mike Ahearn, who is handling Charlotte Rodstrom’s campaign, is close to Seiler.  Ahern’s law practice is in the same office as Seiler’s law practice.

Rodstrom is seeking to replace term limited Commissioner Kristin Jacobs in her heavily Democratic, North Broward district.  Other Democratic candidates are Coconut Creek Commissioner Lisa Aronson and  lawyer Mark Bogen. 

Here is the invitation (click to enlarge):

Rodstrom invitation


15 Responses to “Seiler Backs Campaign Of Former “Opponent””

  1. Hey says:

    I hear Judy Stern is doing a fundraiser for Aronson this month. Let’s get that invite. Doubt they put it in writing. No worries the donors for Lisa in Feb will clearly show thale truth. Wonder if Aronson will get some Panthers money out of Stern? Madi Gras Casino maybe or auto tag companies etc. very easy to figure out her momey people, she has few left.

  2. Keechl Too says:

    I saw a link to this article by Republican Blogger Javier Manjares and Sharktank on an earlier thread on BBeat.

    It says due to Ahearn working with Keechl, Seiler is helping Keechl behind the scenes…

  3. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow Charlie Crist Thursday(tomorrow). Charlotte Rodstrom next week. Paying for a book here. 250 there(Char). I’ll be hookin on Federal by March first. I am glad Mayor Seiler is helping Charlotte. Oh I got your back Mayor. Last night when I was in the tub(epson salt soak) the phone rings w/ this “bs” that Comm.Trantalis went up to you Mayor @ the court house(my new home- get ready Aurelius)and was bitchin that why didn’t he here about the brawl on the beach. Anyhow i got all this crap about you talkin to Dino here” out of the sunshine” and to file a complaint. Soakin wet mind you. I stated listen it was Dean that approached Seiler. So if anyone vioated rules etc. it was Dean. I mean really some of you. This fundraiser will be a good start. Just don’t cut that hair Charlotte……

  4. Who's side is he on? says:

    Democrat Mayor Seiler has put himself in a pickle. His best buddy is doing the political work for Democrat Ken Keechl and from all accounts Seiler is backing his fellow Democrat.
    The problem for Seiler and for the east-side Republicans who give him money and votes is that he is trying to toss the ONLY Republican off of the County Commission.
    I wonder what Seiler’s pitch will be next time around when Republican money people ask why he tried to rid the Commission of their only representative?
    If I am incorrect, Mayor Seiler can issue a press release tomorrow endorsing LaMarca stating at least in part that our County needs at least one representative from the Republican Party.
    Is Mayor Seiler about “party” or “principle”.
    And, therein lies the pickle.

  5. John Henry says:

    Nothing more than the usual “recycling of garbage politicians”

  6. Floridan says:

    Rodstrom has never lived in nor represented the residents of District 2. Tellingly, the fundraiser is on Las Olas, not in the area from which she wants to be elected.

  7. Real Deal says:

    Voting patterns have changed a lot. It helps to have pols endorse you and it may hurt you. It may help or hurt to have unions on your side today. The old-time assumptions for how to run campaigns increasingly do not apply. Voters today are a lot more independent and cast their votes for reasons that aren’t linked to who endorses them.

  8. I Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    @Robert Walsh says “I’ll be hookin on Federal by March first.”

    Er.. I believe gay trannies such as yourself are said to frequent the Dixie Highway corridor more.

  9. FU says:

    Seiler is not going to have to wait until his reelection to pay the price for his association with Aturd and Keechl. Tony Loe will be named the next Circuit Court Judge over Seiler’ brother – in – law Judge Ed Merrigan. Seiler has been warned for years there would be a price to pay for his association with Aturd and now the chickens will come home to roost. When Aturd costs Merrigan the spot Seiler will cut him off, the turd will lose his law practice, all his friends and be back on his red scooter living at his mom’s house in the Cresthaven neoghborhood of Pompano. Merrigan and Seiler should take notice that all of the people help get Judges selected in Broward, are all Chip supporters.

  10. Just saying says:

    Is Charlotte Rodstrom running for her seat in Fort Lauderdale again? What moron thought it was a good idea to put a picture of her on the beach on her handout, when there isn’t an inch of beach in the district where she’s running? I wouldn’t be surprised to see her sign waving at Federal and Broward.

  11. Ron says:

    I love that picture of Charlotte on the Beach. I look at it every night before I fall asleep. Trust me, many of us in Creek wouldn’t mind an intelligen, attractive and sexy breath of fresh air as opposed to the dowdy old harpies around here. Enough with the scarfs already, ladies. As for her fundraiser, if she is wearing that red dress from the Pompano Dem Club Holiday party, any amount of money to spend time with her in that dress is money well spent, trust me I know.

  12. Janitor in closet says:

    Look call it the way it is Jack is out for Jack.
    Politics make scummy people become Scumbags!! Who would support a foe unless you are a low class self imposed egotistical politician!!!
    He needs to worry about terrible traffic , trains at rush hour, letting the Yankees move out of ft Lauderdale instead of him being able to drink on beach on St Patrick’s day. Just Saying!!!!

  13. Absentee Mayor Seiler says:

    Seiler needs to concern himself with the deterioration of the beach rather than with politics. We need a bigger police presence at night and we need a crackdown on the fights and punks. Come on, Seiler. Do something.

  14. Marion Webster says:

    Carpet Bagger = A politician who runs for public office in an area where he or she does not have deep community ties.
    Charlotte will be flying like Mary Poppins with her carpet bag! Is Keechl carrying one too?
    Ahearn better give up a few Saturdays to help his clients move. 1-800-UHAUL!

  15. Ghost of Paddy's Day Past says:

    Ahearn, are you coming up on the anniversary of the St Paddy’s Day parade where Charlotte poked you in the back at a crowded bar? Remember how she told you off?
    How easily you forget and forgive when it means taking down Judy Stern!