See The Video: Lamberti Blasted In New Ad



A committee supporting Democratic candidate for sheriff Scott Israel has unloaded on Al Lamberti. 

The 30-second ad began running today broadcast TV covering in Broward.  That’s expensive because an advertiser pays for the Miami audience, too.

It is sharply pointed, but I don’t see anything inaccurate in the ad.

Polls indicate that Lamberti is ahead now. The polls also found that Israel could win by making voters aware of Lamberti’s negatives.

This is a big step in that direction.

The ad is paid for by a Miami committee, Florida Citizens United.

The ad is here. 


6 Responses to “See The Video: Lamberti Blasted In New Ad”

  1. LEO says:

    Thank God somebody told the truth about Lamberti. He has a lot in his closet.

  2. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Lamberti will win in a landslide because of the Israel’s numerous negatives. He’s 100% more slimy than lamberti can ever aspire to be

  3. Al's Friends says:

    Lamberti has a secret list called SAL. Special for Al Lamberti. The list is names in each city that have contributed to Lamberti or have helped him in other ways. Arrest the son of someone listed on SAL and mysteriously the charges get dropped or if a SAL member needs to rush to the airport, deputies can do that. Buddy, you have to investigate the SAL list.

  4. Red Coward says:

    Lamberti is a friend of mine and he didn’t mean anything bad by hiring an ex-con…he just didn’t know any better.

    I support Lamberti, Alan West and well…any Republican on the ticket because they are the best.

  5. Independent says:

    Too bad. Too late. Everyone in my family already voted by Absentee. So have a lot of my friends. Love voting early. Now I can tune it all out.

    I hear absentee and early voting are setting records.

  6. Rosalind D'Angelo says:

    I just watched the video. Everything in it is true. You could make another 30 second spot to include Lamberti’s homophobic BSO and, as of yesterday, his snub of the NAACP. Lamberti’s reputation has already been tarnished by the people he associates with, namely the convicted drug trafficker who beat up his wife and the convicted Ponzi scammer. Al Lamberti must be voted OUT OF OFFICE!