See The Savage New Ad Accusing Geller of Political Dirty Tricks


Didn’t we all know this was coming?

The recent closed investigation into County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger has come back to haunt her Democratic primary opponent former state Senate Steve Geller.

A savage new ad began hitting cable television Tuesday in the south Broward county commission district.  Geller is challenging Gunzburger’s re-election to the commission seat which includes Hollywood, Hallandale and Pembroke Pines. 

The ad accuses Geller of sparking the probe into the decade-old sale of recycled plastic benches and lumber to the county by Gunzburger’s late husband.

It never lets up on Geller, taking a lot of shots in 30 seconds.  It accuses him of running a “dirty campaign, of using “trumped up false accusations against Sue Gunzburger and of lying.  It ends with the tag line: “Reject Steve Geller’s campaign of lies.


(Gunzburger ad uses a quote taken from this website.  I did not know about the use my material prior to the ad appearing on YouTube.  Nor did I approve its use. Political ads regularly take material from the media and reproduce it without permission. This ad does quote what I wrote accurately.)

I expect Geller to come back soon and he is welcome to preview the ad on   (All candidates are invited to send me their broadcast and print ads.)

This Geller vs. Gunzburger brawl is better than the HBO Saturday night fights.

Gunzburger’s ad is here.

13 Responses to “See The Savage New Ad Accusing Geller of Political Dirty Tricks”

  1. Frank White says:

    Really, this is like choosing between being frozen to death or roasting to death.

  2. Resident says:

    You know that enough is enough between the two of them. I wouldn’t want either one to represent me anymore.

    Buddy, who else is there to vote for in this election? It may send a small shock wave through both both of them by talking about other candidates in the race. There has got to be someone else.

  3. Geller Lies says:

    I anticipate more dirty tricks from the master of dirty tricks, Steve Geller.
    He can’t win any other way and he needs the county commission job to make a living as a paid developers lobbyist.

  4. Oh please...... says:

    It’s the GUNZBURGER campaign that can’t win any other way than spewing nastiness. She started the nastiness / lies and has continued with nastiness / lies. But then again, that’s all she has.

  5. LoveyDovey says:

    Really, this is like choosing between being frozen to death or roasting to death.

    Wasn’t it Curley who said a hot stake was better than a cold chop any day?

  6. Yaki says:

    Does GUNZBURGER have any positive ads? I’ve yet to see one. I’ve said it before: she is a vile, bitter and vengeful person. You just can’t expect anything else from her. I am voting for GELLER, not her! I have met both and I just can’t stand her…her nastiness comes thru loud and clear.

  7. Steve Gall-er says:

    I’m being picked on….whine whine whine.
    Even thought the ads are the truth, take them off the air! Whine Whine.
    Please elect me to the county commission so I can get more legal clients for my dying law practice. Whine Whine.

  8. Truthiness says:

    So, Yaki, Gunzburger is bad because she’s only run negative tv spots …. but you think Geller is good even though he’s only run negative tv spots. Great logic there, Brian/David!

  9. Yaki says:

    No sweetheart. It’s because I can’t stand GUNZBURGER. She and every single Broward Commissioner needs to be replaced. That place needs a good airing out. Can’t wait until August 24. =D

  10. G.B. says:

    @ Yaki 6:06 pm

    You are out of your friggin’ mind.

    This is a classic lesser of two evils choice…yet again.

    It’s all we get most of the time.

    Gunzburger is definitely the lesser of two evils.

    She is not in this for the money and Geller always has been.

    Don’t you get it?

  11. Oh please...... says:


    r u kidding me? not in it for the money? What makes this time any different from all the other years? GUNZBURGER and her family has made MILLIONS off the taxpayers. really now…….

  12. Yaki is a moron says:

    Yaki’s constantly demeaning statements are typical of who is supporting Geller. In this case it’s a Greenspoon Marder intern using their summer to post blogs defending the firm’s two lawyer/lobbyists/politicians : Geller and Aronberg.

  13. Yaki says:

    GB, you crack me up! LMAO… Who’s the millionaire? I’ll bet GUNZBURGER is putting in lots of her own $$$ to make sure she doesn’t lose her cash cow position. She is UNETHICAL, greedy, vengeful and NASTY, NASTY, NASTY! She’s been there WAY TOO LONG!!!! She’s gotta go.