See The New Mail Advertising By Gunzburger


The clown prince of Broward politics, Ron Gunzburger, is at it again.

I always liked Gunzburger’s political work.  In a field where everything is soooo serious, he has a sense of humor.

Humor is the most devastating political weapon.

One of my favorites was his 1998 piece for the late Sue Katz,  who beat incumbent Pembroke Pines Commissioner Katherine “Kitty” Thibault. 

The Katz advertising had a picture of a hand chiding a cat, both figures in silhouette. Above it is the headline: “Bad Kitty. Bad Bad Kitty. Bad Bad Commissioner.” Inside, the advertising states that Thibault “lets developers treat Pines Boulevard like a litter box.”

Here is Gunzburger’s latest mail pieces, which should begin hitting in South Broward today.  They attack his mother County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger’s opponent, former Senator Steve Geller.

Once again, I offer Geller an opportunity to preview all advertising here.

The latest Gunzburger advertising is not the funniest piece he has ever done. The second page is a bit cluttered.

It should bring a smile to voters.

Most of all, it will jump out of a pile of junk mail. This is important because much political mail is dumped in the garbage without a voter looking at it.

This piece is an attention grabber, if only for a few seconds. It a voter reads just the tag line on the front — “Lobbyist Steve Geller Getting Rich At Our Expense”– Gunzburger has gotten his message across.

All this early advertising by Sue Gunzburger — we haven’t seen much from Geller yet — costs money.  She said this week that she had put $100,000 more of her own money into the race and could add to that if needed before the Democratic primary Aug. 24.

Gunzburger had earlier loaned her campaign $10,000 and raised $243,956, but a new financial report is due tomorrow.  

Here is her latest mail piece:

14 Responses to “See The New Mail Advertising By Gunzburger”

  1. Geller Lies says:

    The best advertising is accurate advertising that presents its theme well. This advertising does that. Geller is a lobbyist. Geller is for hire by developers and special interests. How could anybody elect a lobbyist as county comissioner?

  2. No $$$$ says:

    “We haven’t seen much from Geller yet”

    With Scott Rothstein in jail and Joel Steinger out of business, Geller has no ponzi schemers to get his money from.
    Geller took $50,000 IN ONE CHECK from Scott Rothstein. Geller took thousands from $1 billion fraud Joel Steinger and helped him get legislation he wanted.
    We don’t want you, Steve.

  3. WOW ........ says:

    Just learned that Sue Gunzburger has just loaned her struggling campaign $ 100,000 to fund her relentless negative only TV campaign against Steve Geller. GELLER talks about real issues; jobs, insurance, public safety and ending the culture of corruption on the Commission that Sue has been a part of for a very long time. Sue must think that the voters are too dense to see through her negative only campaign.

    Sue and her family have made millions from county contracts and jobs. She has been on the Commission for 18 years and now wants voters to give her four more years that will be worth nearly $500,000 more to her. She is a typical greedy politician who thinks she owns her office. NO WAY. I’M ONE DEMOCRAT WHO WILL VOTE FOR YOUTHFUL CHANGE WITH EXPERIENCE. I’M VOTING TO PUT SUE INTO RETIREMENT. I’M VOTING FOR GELLER.

    By the way, don’t worry about Sue. Her net worth is over $4 million and she’ll get a government pension of nearly $ 75,000 a year. Oh yea, and the reason she only “LOANED” her campaign $100,000 is that she will try to raise more money from special interests and lobbyists (WHO ARE ALREADY FUNDING HER CAMPAIGN) so that she can pay herself back.

  4. Yaki says:

    We don’t need old, cement butt GUNZBURGER any more. She needs to go. She’s been a Broward Commissioner way, WAY TOOOOOO LONG!!!!! I am voting her out!

  5. Yaki says:

    PS; The GUNZBURGER ad is funny…still doesn’t convince me she should get my vote. Definitely not!

  6. The Truth says:

    Steve Geller’s stated desire to allow high rises everywhere will anger anyone living here. He can not deny that he supports higher and denser buildings along most of the major roads in South Broward. I would assume this means Pines Boulevard.

  7. SouthFLGIRL says:

    I don’t believe one bit of those Gunzburger ads someone made up. Actually, I would like to keep one of those because they are so off the wall!
    I like Geller and think Broward County would do well to have him as a Commissioner. He made a great State Senator.

  8. Truthiness says:

    By “Gunzburger made up” about Geller, I presume you mean the Sentinel, New Times, Herald, etc., cuz those are the sources she directly quotes from in all her ads critical of Geller. And he really is a sleazy lobbyist who supports building massive high-rises in the beach!

  9. Yaki says:

    Truthinesssss, wake up, WAKE UP! GUNZBURGER whole campaign is made up of LIES. The press is laughing at all her attempts to convince them of her LIES…”mole in BSO” LOL!! indeed and “third/fourth source”…funny stuff, isn’t it? Oh the best one, a high rise near century village???? Poor GUNZBURGER she just doesn’t have any vision for Broward and can only lie about GELLER.

  10. Geller Lies says:

    Yaki says “Gunzburger whole campaign is made up of lies”

    Is Geller a paid lobbyist for developers? Yes. No lie there.

    Did Geller’s try to pass legislation to double the number allowable units on the beach? Yes. No lie there.

    Did Geller take a total of $71,000 from ponzi scam artists Joel Steinger and Scott Rothstein. Yes. No lie there.

    Did Geller vote for a law which required unmarried mothers to advertise their names, ages, height, hair and eye color, race and weight as well as the child’s name and birthplace and a description of the possible father. It also required the women to provide details of the dates and places of sexual encounters that might haveproduced the child. Women were required to run the advertisements once a week for a month in the town where the child was conceived. Yes. No lies there.

  11. WOW ........ says:

    Hey Geller Lies,

    Let’s talk about GUZBURGER, she took at LEAST $ 11,500 from ROTHSTEIN. She took money from him PERSONALLY and from his WIFE KIM. She is a paid lobbyist, taking money sitting as county commissioner ON committies and they are FUNDING her CAMPAIGN. WTH? She is making MILLIONS off the TAXPAYERS.

    If you knew the true story behind the vote you would know what you spew is a lie.

    YOU, GUNZBURGER, & TRUTHINESS (aka)RON are the liars. NOT Geller. All she can come up with are negative, untrue attacks because she has NOTHING else. One month and she’ll be gone. Thank goodness…….

  12. Truthiness says:

    WOW totally lies!!

    Sue never got $11,500 from Rothstein. Geller’s committee took $50,000 from Rothstein personally. Sue got $500 from Rothstein personally, and like $100 from his wife.

    Gunzburger has NEVER been a lobbyist. Geller has been a registered and paid lobbyist for developers, towing companies, etc., for years.

    If you want to see years of Geller’s lobbyist registration forms, filled out in Geller’s own handwriting, click here:

    Or click here to see the details of Geller’s ponzi scheme ties:

    Facts are a bitch, ain’t they, Team Geller!

  13. WOW ........ says:

    ah Truthiness, GUZBURGER DID get over $ 11,500 dollars from ROTHSTEIN. Don’t forget the $ 500.00 she also got from his firn.

    She’s a nasty, mean person….. unethical too. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Good to know you aren’t blogging on taxpayer time lately either.

  14. fake name says:

    Does the Price is rigjht know they used there likness?