See The Delusional Broward School Board’s Selfie





Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Broward School board just takes selfies.

Consider this:

  • There is an outcry over the purchase of inferior, underpowered computers for classrooms.
  • There is a growing scandal and a shakeup (coverup?) in the school police, commonly called Special Investigative Unit.
  • There are voters still waiting for the benefits to surface from the $800 million bond referendum passed in 2014.
  • There are school grades which lag behind neighboring counties.
  • There is a serious morale problem among teachers as evidenced by comments flooding and other outlets like Facebook.

And what do the women on the Broward School Board spend their time doing?

They dress in green and snap a selfie for St. Patricks Day. Then they take (waste?) more time out from business for speeches on Irish Heritage.

That according to a picture and other material that was sent to The picture appears to be from Twitter.

It is captioned, “The Leading Ladies of the School Board of Broward County take a selfie wearing green for #StPatricksDay.”

The e-mail to included the following comment from the reader:

“The (real) leading ladies are my children’s teachers who work for peanuts.”





Leading Ladies of The School Board


41 Responses to “See The Delusional Broward School Board’s Selfie”

  1. Barack Obama says:

    Buddy, if you think this is bad your head what spin as to what goes on at Howard’s office. He makes the board school board look like Apple Inc

  2. Robin turtleman says:

    “Me too, me too guys!” Said Robin Bartleman

  3. Alice McGill says:

    How nice these “ladies” can spend time this way. Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
    *a teacher teaching reading to a classroom with students whose first language is anything but English
    *a teacher is teaching college level courses to high school students who will enter highly respected colleges
    * an aide is changing the soiled diaper of a severely handicapped 18 year old in special classes
    * a high school guidance counselor is balancing the needs of several hundred students in his/her case load
    * a registrar is pounding data into a computer to keep up the records of thousands of students
    * an administrator is overseeing maintenance, construction, cafeteria duty, bus duty, as well as educational matters
    * a technology person is frantically trying to keep computers in operable condition
    * PE and music teachers are herding 50-60 students per hour through the curriculum

    The troops on the ground in schools have very little time for selfies. A 20 minute window to eat lunch is most often the only down time in their days.

    Get over yourselves, “ladies”.

  4. Charter Schools as bad as the School Board says:

    Buddy let’s be honest-you love to bash the public system yet the Charter School system is ripe with fraud. We would love to hear from you about the issues with Charter Schools. Scott Travis from Sun-Sentinel did an excellent article see below:

    One Broward County charter school plans to close and another may be forced to shut down after numerous problems were identified in recent school district audits.

    Florida Virtual Academy at Broward agreed on Monday to voluntarily close at the end of the school year, following an audit that revealed poor academic performance, allegations of ethical breaches and a poor working relationship with between the schools’ governing board and management company.

    The South Florida Virtual Charter School Board also operates the Florida Virtual Academy at Palm Beach and has agreed to close that school as well, pending the results of an investigation by the inspector general for Palm Beach County schools. The charter schools are not affiliated with Florida Virtual School, the longtime state-run online education program.

    A Lauderdale Lakes charter school, Pathways Academy, was recommended for termination after district auditors said school leaders falsified documents, inflated student enrollment and used state money for personal travel and expenses.

    The district conducted the audit after Andrew Ramjit, an administrator from May to August of last year, sent a letter of complaint to Inspector General for the Florida Department of Education, which investigates fraud and mismanagement. Chief Auditor Pat Reilly said he sent the district’s audit to the Inspector General on Thursday and expects it will lead to a criminal investigation.

    The audit findings for Pathway Academy include:

    •Inflating enrollment reports to get more money. The district identified $49,000 in overpayments to the school based on false enrollment figures. The school said the students in question may have been absent during enrollment counts, but there was no attempt to manipulate the figures.

    •Forging the signature of teachers on evaluation forms and other documents. Ramjit alleged that teacher evaluations were altered to justify firing some teachers, A school attorney claimed Ramjit was responsible for teacher evaluations and any forgery was done by him.

    •Spending charter school money on many personal items, including $3,000 to stay at resorts in St. Petersburg and Lake Buena Vista, $1,100 in questionable restaurant expenses, more than $1,400 for a refrigerator and maintenance contract that wasn’t used at the school, $75 for three bicycle lifts and $170 for questionable gardening supplies and a ceramic table top torch at Home Depot. The school claimed they were all for school uses.

    For example, torch was bought after the janitor complained of excessive bugs and mosquitoes in the area, a lawyer for the school said, although Reilly said the school operates in a leased office building and there’s no lawn or garden to maintain.

    “It was one ridiculous response after another,” Reilly said.

    The school sent a letter to the district last week saying that Principal Yudit Silva, the subject of most of the allegations, no longer worked for the school. Neither she nor the school’s lawyer could be reached.

    The school has been plagued with high teacher turnover since it opened in 2013. All but one teacher during the 2014-15 school year left before the current school year and nine of 16 teachers employed this school year have already left, according to the audit.

    A separate audit conducted of Florida Virtual Academy found numerous academic deficiencies at that school. Auditors said the school failed to provide evidence that students were receiving the required instructional time for reading, failed to provide a “clear and comprehensive grading system,” and failed to show it was following state law in regard to serving students with disabilities and limited English skills. The state is also penalizing the school by $200,000 because too many students failed their end-of-course exams.

    The board has had a tumultuous relationship with its management company, K12 Inc, which ran the academics at school. The audit said if the board and K12 couldn’t work together, K12 should be replaced or the school should be closed. The board chose the latter option at a meeting Monday.


    This is a very minor player in the charter school movement.

    Yes, I am a strong supporter of school choice. I believe parents should be able to choose what schools their kids attend.

    Why should government dictate where your children can attend school? Yes, children can attend private or parochial schools, but many parents don’t have the money. Charters offer parents an alternative to traditional public schools without the parents having to pay. What’s wrong with that?

    The parents have voted, my friend. The good charters have waiting lists. The number of students attending charters in Broward is growing at a much faster rate than traditional public schools.

    If the Sun-Sentinel put as much effort looking into the finances of traditional public schools, your head would spin.

  5. Susan says:

    The School Board & Runcie should be ashamed of themselves. Even though the BTU negotiates a multi year contract, salaries are always one of the reopeners permitted each year. Not once has the Board said they don’t have the money for raises. A $200 one time “bonus” is an insult. More and more is expected of teachers and non instructional personnel each year. It’s no wonder why there is a teacher shortage. The Board seems to have forgotten that the children’s learning environment is the teacher’s working environment.

  6. Private Ryan says:

    Don’t be selfish,if you have kids, get a second job and send the to private school and don’t let the influence of these clowns anywhere near your children.
    Public education is dead.

  7. Miami Activist says:

    The worst offender on selfies, is Superintendent Carvalho’s of Miami Dade . He spends more time traveling to Tallahassee, traveling to DC with an entourage without invitations, calling media to meet him at the airport and spend money wining, dining and on hotels for his senior staff.

    If Broward ladies take a selfie, during a board meeting, consider yourselves lucky. If he would cancel his travelling for a year, every kid could have a laptop in Miami Dade.

    Carvalho’s spends more time trying to get his name out there preparing himself at a run for mayor. Would be nice if our superintendent would be more concerned about his schools then himself.

    Remember he seems to love reporters, especially former Miami Herald education reporter Tania DeLuzuriaga he denied an affair, but has said he had a “playful” relationship with her. She ended up resigning.

  8. Just sayin says:

    Still not worse than Judge who was Honorary Irishman of the Year at the Emerald Society Breakfast, dropping an F-Bomb and making a masturbation joke in his speech while kids were the room.


    I have confirmed this report. It is true.

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    They ain’t NO LADIES, FIRST LAST or IN BETWEEN. As a liberal Jewish Democrat Levinson makes me VOMIT WITH HER POLITICS OVER CHILDRENS NEEDS! I’ll leave the Black Protestants n White Catholics to rate their own co-religionists but my fellow Jews on the School Board should be ASHAMED OF THEM SELVES.

  10. Envious Broward Parent says:

    I would take Carvalho from Dade County any day over the despotic, incompetent Runcie any day. I don’t care who he had an affair with unless it was Ann Murray. That would simply be beyond the pale.

  11. Knows for Sure says:

    Must be a slow news day.

    A SB selfie is NOT worthy news.I would think with all the REAL political news, this space might be better devoted to that instead of repeatedly bashing, re-bashing then bashing some more!

    We get it Buddy, the SB is seriously flawed

    Just sayin’

  12. Jackson says says:

    If you think this is bad!? Check out the vehicle maintenance/bus/truck parts department! Talk about waste of money!! Lack of organization and leadership!

  13. Floridan says:

    It’s St. Paddy’s Day — lighten up.

  14. WHATS THE POINT?? says:

    Dang Buddy….I must admit that you are obsessed with the School Board of Broward County. I mean I simply cannot understand your fascination with these women and the superintendent!! I find it sickening. You print garbage without calling and getting the FACTS. Who is your source, please get rid of them immediately.
    Question, how much of the tax-payers money did this selfie cost?? NOTHING, so my questions is WHATS THE POINT OF THIS ARTICLE?? No money was wasted, it was probably taken during the break or before the meeting was started. SOOOOOOO… What’s your point again?
    Buddy, I get it now…I finally understand why they are sooooo captivating to you….the School Board of Broward County keeps you and other bored, jaded, tired individuals like yourself breathing; the SBBC is your life support!!


    The school system leaks like a sieve because many staffers can see through what is going on there. Too bad some members of the School Board are so concerned by posturing as VIP’s — “The leading ladies”!!!! — that they pay little attention to what really is happening.

    The school system is important. It is the biggest hunk of our taxes. It educates the next generation. I will keep writing about its unsound management, wasted resources and ill-treatment of employees.

  15. WHATS THE POINT?? says:

    Wow… Horrible answer

    Writing and Reporting is two different things Buddy. But its ok, if you knew better you’d do better.


    I know the difference between writing and reporting. I won national, regional and state awards for both. I also was paid every day for doing both for almost four decades.

  16. FairandEqual says:

    There are some very interesting developments that are about to take place. BUDDY you are going to have a field day. It’s great when Sunshine Laws make it necessary for some of them to be discussed in an open forum. Ask the right questions and listen, watch their reactions, and you form your own opinion. It’s GREAT to celebrate the achievements of the district but quite another to completely ignore the obvious. I thought CNN and FOX had a mastered their spin cycle, but I’ve learned over the last 13 years that they don’t even come close to KCW’s internal power struggles.

  17. THAT'S THE POINT says:

    @#14 and 15 – What is your problem? Are you afraid that Buddy is exposing your friends Runcie and Canales? Get ready to pack your bag for Chicago after election. You guys are no better than scam artist. Buddy please expose these crooks and their mischiefs until they on the run.

  18. Tired Teacher says:

    Personally, I’d lead the march to vote them all out.

  19. Veteran Teacher says:

    Thank you Mr. Nevins for exposing the truth about the school board and Runcie. It’s sad to see what is happening to our schools and how teachers are so undervalued by this board & superintendent.

  20. Veteran Teacher says:

    Thanks so much for keeping the schools in the forefront, Buddy. From the comments here and elsewhere, it is obvious the public doesn’t know (or doesn’t care) about how the school board and Runcie have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars away from teachers. I wish you would publish the old salary schedules and explain the “steps” (a higher salary for a more experienced teacher). We had 4 years with no increase in either. Now the board has eliminated steps altogether. Teachers who have just a few more years of experience because they reached 20 years before the freeze are making $15,000 more than the rest of us.They changed what was promised. I will personally lose more than $300,000 in expected salary and retirement (which is based on a percentage of final salary). With all the testing and data mining, my workload has increased while actual teaching has decreased. Our children are our greatest natural resource. We need teachers, parents and the general public to work together for he betterment of public education.

  21. Mia says:

    Please keep digging. At the direction of the superintendent ,all principals had to read a statement to their staff about the BTU and salary negotiations. Very misleading and demeaning. Bully principals are the norm now. Teachers doing more and getting less. So disgusting!

  22. ChiefWilliams says:

    Just a matter of time ’till the State Atty Office a comes knocking Runcie

  23. ChiefWilliams says:


    A. This agreement shall be effective as of August 16, 2013 and shall remain in effect through August 15, 2016.
    For the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years, either party is entitled to reopen the contract for the purpose of negotiating compensation and insurance, except for health insurance provisions contained in Article 22, Section B(1)(a) through B(1)(f) and Section B(2). For the 2016-2017 school year, either party is entitled to open the contract for the purpose of negotiating a successor agreement.
    B. Commencement of Negotiations: No later than May 1st, either party may require, by written notice to the other, to commence negotiations
    School Board Chair
    Superintendent, Robert W. Runcie
    Chief Negotiator, Dorothy Davis
    Chief Negotiator, Lerenzo Calhoun
    President, Sharon Glickman
    Chief Negotiator, Diane Watts

  24. Yahright says:

    I’d love to see these losers get by on the amount of money we make. #pathetic

  25. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Buddy’s been doing the job of all the media that’s taken a pass investigating and reporting on the snake pit that’s the School Board. The detractors are obviously part of the pit, spewing venom.

    Don’t expect anything from the SA. I’ve been there, tried that, with evidence from the Office of the Chief Auditor.

    Get ’em Buddy.

  26. @24 says:

    School board members make less than first year teachers. #yesyouare

  27. Miami Activist says:

    I think the real crook is in Miami Dade. Broward County schools never been accused of having teachers cheat to help students bring school grades up on standard tests. Superintendent Carvalho’s of Miami Dade clearly demonstrated that his board will punish whistle blowers and slap wrists of teacher who cheated. Read story from

  28. Anonymous says:

    @ 25 – Charlotte Greenbarg

    Ms Charlotte you state “Buddy’s been doing the job of all the media that’s taken a pass investigating and reporting on the snake pit that’s the School Board”. Do you include Mr. Pat Reilly in the snake pit? You gave him a pass. Remember he hired Gerry Usallan as Manager, Facility Audits without the position being advertised which was a policy violation at best and FRAUD at worst.
    Was it venom you were spewing when you commented Joe Wright said he did not want to apply for the position? Consider this, you stated Joe did not apply when Luis Flores left the position. However, the position was advertised when Luis left the position. You stated Joe did not apply when Dave Rhodes left the position. Again, the position was advertised when Dave left the position. You stated Joe did not apply when Mark Magli left the position. The position was advertised when Mark left the position. It was only the SECOND position that was CREATED specifically for Gerry Usallan and added to the Org Chart that was not advertised.
    You speak of evidence. There is evidence on the School Board website the position was NOT advertised. December 4, 2012 Agenda Item I-6, the position Manager, Facility Audits was added to the Org Chart. December 11, 2012 (the first date the School Board Agenda was available for public view) Gerardo Usallan Jr. was recommended for hire. The position had NOT been advertised and NO interviews were held. December 18, 2012 Agenda Item G-3 Gerardo Usallan Jr. was Board approved for hire.

    Ms Charlotte, you said in a previous comment “They don’t want to hear anything but what they want to hear”. You are loyal to and a strong supporter of Mr. Pat Reilly which brings to my mind a previous comment by Amazing Karnack, you Ms Charlotte “can be counted on to spout the party line no matter the facts or circumstances”. I know you don’t want to hear that.

    I do agree with your comment “Get’em Buddy” but will add Get’em ALL!!

  29. JW says:

    @ 4 – Charter Schools as bad as the School Board

    Your comment “It was one ridiculous response after another, Reilly said”. Reilly is familiar with ridiculous responses. As a matter fact he is experienced in giving them.

  30. SimpleMan says:

    @28 I’ve worked in the District over 20 years and have seen Pat Reilly perform excellent work and get beaten up for it ever since he got here. He is a man who clearly has had the experience over and over of casting pearls before swine. Now I don’t know who are or who you are representing, but every time I hear someone disparage Pat’s work, I know they are a paid apologist from within the administration or a member of the local business community living off of public education dollars. Deep and wide. Deep and wide. The corruption in this town runs deep and wide. Enjoy the pearls

  31. Laidoff PM II says:

    Where is Pat Reilly? Why is he silent about Canales’s SB credit card? Reilly should investigate the following:

    Does Canales eligible for SB credit card per SB policy?

    Who originally gave SB credit card to Canales and why?

    If Reilly’s audit finds that Canales should not have SB credit card,then who should be held accountable for criminal negligence?

    I hope Reilly is not a coward and will do an audit and at least one of the 9 stooges will pick it up from there and then go after the cheerleader Runcie and assistant cheerleader Woods

  32. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Not so “Anonymous” is still chewing on that issue in spite of the fact that Pat Reilly did nothing wrong.

    And anyone who thinks I spout the party line has been in Siberia since 1993. I have the scars to prove my point, and the news coverage as well.

    Simple Man knows what’s really happening; the snake pit’s vipers are slithering and spewing venom again.

    Tutorial assignment: Read or re-read the Grand Jury report.

  33. Anonymous says:

    @ – 30 SimpleMan

    SimpleMan, I did not disparage, criticize or even mention Mr. Pat Reilly’s work. I am VERY, VERY familiar with and compliment his work. If I were of a different mindset, I would think you are attempting to change the subject and re-direct readers. Please read my comment again. I state and maintain the FACTS verify the position Manager, Facility Audits was added to the Org Chart December 04, 2012 and Gerry Usallan was recommended for hire December 11, 2012 (the first date the Board Agenda was available for public view). Gerry Usallan was Board approved for hire December 18, 2012 and the position had NOT been advertised which violated School Board Policy 4011. Also, NO interviews were held for the position.

    Those are the FACTS. I did not create them or any of the documents on the School Board website. Read my comment again and identify where I disparage Mr. Pat Reilly’s work.

    I am only pointing out a policy violation similar to what Mr. Pat Reilly’s staff does.

    I agree with your comment “The corruption in this town runs deep and wide”.

  34. Anonymous says:

    @ 32 – Charlotte Greenbarg
    Please consult with Buddy regarding the handle, it was given not selected.

    If you think a violation of a School Board Policy is “nothing wrong”, then maybe you should consult with any auditor anywhere.

    Tutorial assignment: Read or re-read any of Mr. Pat Reilly’s Audit Reports and note Policies (policy violations) are the criteria (and crux) for many Audit Findings/Exceptions.

    On this issue position Manager, Facility Audits which was NOT advertised, you are spouting the party line. The sad part is any reasonable person can look at the FACTS and determine and know Gerry Usallan was hired with the position NOT being advertised which was a violation of School Board Policy 4011.

    Side note Ms Charlotte. Do you think it is prudent or fiscally responsible for a CPA to have a 3 member team made up of 1 Manager and 1 staff (1 staff position vacant) to CREATE a SECOND Manager position now making the team 2 Managers and 1 staff? If you think that is fiscally responsible maybe you should consult with your CPA!

    Remember the fishing incident in North Carolina and how no lie was told and how proud you were to tell that story? Ms Charlotte do you think your story on this issue, with the FACTS, can be told with equal pride?

    Ms Charlotte, can you present some FACTS such as;
    When was the SECOND position Manager, Facility Audits was advertised;
    When were interviews held for that SECOND position.

    What’s the phrase; Friends don’t let Friends commit FRAUD!!

  35. Ms. Understood says:

    Chief Williams displayed the evidence in his post, exposing the lie Mr. Runcie and his minions are spinning regarding the Teacher Contract relative to negotiations. This attempt to mislead and misinform the public in a manner which demeans and disregards teachers is appalling. Attempting to make teachers appear as if they are greedy little pigs looking for more than what they are worth is something the elected school board really needs address at the next school board meeting. In the fight between the Union and the School Board – teachers are lost in the shuffle between organizational ego’s. A poorly negotiated contract followed by lies regarding the ability to renegotiate.

  36. Ms. Understood says:

    Please let’s not even look at the Educational Support Professionals whose salaries are an insult at the very least. These folks reached agreement on their contract which continues to give them a substandard salary. They are required to do more and more in their positions, which at this point warrents reclassification. The special education classes far exceed the suggests 12 students. These overloaded class sizes are saving the district money while creating an educational environment that does not serve the special population with instructional fidelity. Students, Educational Support Professionals, and Teachers are not provided the supports they need to succeed. The case loads for Speech Language Pathologists are far beyond manageability. Staff at our schools have no time for selfies…lunch…planning…family…

  37. Peter McIntosh says:


    You are fighting a losing battle. Greenbarg will never admit that Pat can make a mistake or incorrect judgement call in any of his Audits. Even when the evidence states otherwise.

    She actually said publicly that she is confident that he has never made a mistake during his tenure as Chief Auditor.

    I know of only one other person who walked this earth while never making a mistake or sinning or hiring someone without advertizing the position.

  38. JW says:

    @ 37

    While it may appear different, I am not in a battle. I am only pointing out an act that was a policy violation at best and FRAUD at worst.

    In a previous story, Ms Charlotte commented “In the 10 years that I served on the Audit Committee and was Vice-Chair for two or three, I observed Pat Reilly always following policy and procedure to the letter. His ethics are beyond reproach”….
    Ms Charlotte has a point. Mr. Pat Reilly followed policy and procedure to the letter and his ethics were beyond reproach for 9 years. Then he went out and hired Gerry Usallan without advertising the position (vacancy) which was/is a violation of School Board Policy 4011.

    Because the position was not advertised Glen Parks and no one from the School District or the general public had an opportunity to apply for the position.

    Some may say the manner in which the hire was orchestrated, disguised in the advertisement and interview of the first position, probably makes the hire FRAUD. Ms Charlotte would not.

    Lastly, in my opinion, Ms Charlotte is in the same category as those she criticizes, Derek Messier, Tom Lindner, Mike Garretson (RIP) and others who do not address the FACTS but only attempt to impose their will verbally.

  39. Juliet Hibbs says:

    The board is USELESS! They take no action at all. How many staff accused and fired when no investigation was ever done. Runcie, the financial genius, borrows money and sells the real estate owned by Broward Schools…closes schools it’s NO thought of the students population. Last 2 weeks, the school was cleared of everything. Students on the floor. The covering up of crimes against Staffad student. Don’t be surprised if Mr. Runcie is charged with some of the crimes he covered up. Would totally be there to catch that video. Now working with others and I wouldn’t be surprised if that resignation comes before 2018! Can’t happen fast enough. Maybe then someone will do ALL the investigations ordered that were NEVR done. Have the video of the student thrown around for purchasing potato chips, but that never happened according to the Chicago outfit!

  40. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #39 “The board is USELESS!”

    Hey idiot Juliet Hibbs! Please do not lump all of the nine female Board members all together.

    Nora and Robin fight extremely hard for the students and teachers. Some of the board members support that …Runice no matter what he does.


  41. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #37 Peter McIntosh says: “I know of only one other person who walked this earth while never making a mistake or sinning… ”

    And that was GOP Donald J Trump!