See Sheriff Greg Tony’s First TV Ad





Shertiff  Greg Tony’s first ad was released today on Facebook.  The campaign staff says it will be run on television, too.

In the ad you see the outline of how the sheriff will attempt to offset the avalanche of bad publicity over his killing of a fellow youth in Philadelphia and all the other allegations of lying on his police forms, taking illegal drugs and his weird (swinger?) lifestyle.

Perhaps it will work if run enough times on TV, which is the plan along with similar ads. Tony has more than $1 million so he has the cash to spread his message everywhere.

Some political consultants — quite a few  — say that all the ads in the world won’t repair Tony’s tattered character in the voters’ minds.

Former Sheriff Scott Israel,  the current sheriff’s most visible opponent in the winner-take-all August Democratic primary, has plenty of money, too. But not even half of Tony’s.

Israel is no angel either.

Israel was blamed by Governor Ron DeSantis for failures in the response to the deadly Parkland shooting, removed from office and replaced by Tony.

Working in Israel’s favor are that many Democratic activists are mad that the conservative Republican DeSantis threw an elected Democrat out of office.

But the bottom line is that neither Tony nor Israel are wearing white hats.

There is a third notable choice –former BSO Commander Al Pollack.  However, he has a fraction of the money and a limping campaign operation. Still, a lot of voters are backing him as the best choice.

Anybody who says they know how this election will turn out has two fools for an audience — themselves and anyone who listens to them. A voter would be better off asking a Magic 8-Ball.

This election is unprecedented with almost no personal campaigning and the anticipated heaviest vote by mail turnout ever due to the virus. There is no track record for an election like we are facing.

What do you think? Can Tony repair his image with ads like this one enough to win?



10 Responses to “See Sheriff Greg Tony’s First TV Ad”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Sheriff Tony’s personal lifestyle is his own business. As Tony himself has stated, swinging is completely legal. In the “land of the free”, all citizens should be free to do anything that can legally be done. Swingers are not second-class citizens.

    The ad says Tony is against police brutality, that he has provided de-escalation training, and that he has fired officers for committing police brutality.

    The Broward County League of Women Voters is hosting recorded online debates among the candidates for county offices which are well worth watching:

    State Attorney – May 11, 2020:

    Public Defender – May 11, 2020:

    Clerk of Courts debate will be June 22

    Supervisor of Elections debate will be June 29

    No word yet on the debate for Sheriff.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Good point on Pollack.

  3. Who knows? says:

    The TV ad makes Sheriff Tony look good at his job. His focus appears to be on law enforcement and community involvement. Politics do not seem to be his life blood as politics do for Israel.
    Do I approve of some activities in his personal life? No. However those are his personal business.
    Do I think he understands much of the illegal activity in the many communities in Broward? Yes. And that is a huge plus for a Broward County Sheriff.

  4. FTL Voter says:

    I’m in agreement with #3. Tony may not be an ideal husband and was a juvenile delinquent but at the same time seems to be an ideaL sheriff. A real reformer who doesn’t take sh** from the unions.

  5. Floridan says:

    Still, a lot of voters are backing [Pollack] as the best choice.

    What constitutes “a lot” of voters, and how was this determined?

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    BSO Sheriff Tony Gets City Leaders’ Praise as he Faces Controversy in Re-Election Bid

    The sheriff’s office now does outreach on social media platforms like and Twitter, and in person, [Parkland Mayor Christine] Hunschofsky said. “They (BSO personnel) are attending HOA meetings regularly.”

    Tamarac’s [Mayor Michelle] Gomez said, in a written statement, that the improvement Tony brought to the BSO was immediate: “… He reached out to the municipal mayors of Broward County. He set up regular group meetings for us to discuss concerns in our cities and the county as a whole.”

    But Tony has recently run afoul of the BSO union for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Tony suspended the president of the deputy sheriff’s union, Jeff Bell, after the union leader claimed BSO was not providing enough protective equipment to deputies.

  7. Gordo the freak says:

    @4 – juvenile delinquent? I didn’t think insanity was a side effect of COVID. He MURDERED someone and then lied about it.

  8. Ha Ha Ha says:

    [Update] The Broward County League of Women Voters is hosting recorded online debates among the candidates for county offices which are well worth watching:

    State Attorney – May 11, 2020:

    Public Defender – May 11, 2020:

    Clerk of Courts – June 22, 2020

    Supervisor of Elections debate will be June 29th

    Broward County Sheriff debate will be July 13th

  9. rony the thug says:

    Tony is a disaster. He has no clue. If he is elected, we deserve it.

  10. Sober as a Judge says:

    Tony is a (killer) and a degenerate. A pathological liar. A jerk on his best day. A pathetic five star clown. No way. Send a clear message to his buddy the Governor and all his cronies. We decide who the sheriff is in Broward County.