See New Charlie Crist Ad Here As Race Heats Up




Sick of being pounded repeatedly by Gov. Rick Scott’s ad campaign, Charlie Crist fired back Monday.

Here is Crist’s new ad released Monday morning:



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Crist Campaign Releases Video, Makes Statewide Digital Media Buy


St. Petersburg, Fla. – Responding quickly and forcefully to Rick Scott’s recent attacks, the Crist campaign is beginning a statewide targeted digital media buy today. The new digital spot can be viewed here:



12 Responses to “See New Charlie Crist Ad Here As Race Heats Up”

  1. Is it just me.... says:

    Man, that guys has not aged well.

  2. Broward Democrat says:

    Good ad. It’s absurd and dishonest for Republicans to blame the recession on Charlie Crist.

  3. Patti Lynn says:

    NO. He has NOT always worked for us, the people of Florida…and if he’s claiming that he’s going to continue to do what he’s always done, THEN, we can expect him to change his mind on an issue important to us: women, children, the LGBT community, schools, and privatization. NAN RICH FOR GOVERNOR

  4. Kevin Hill says:

    I have been studying political advertising for over 20 years, and have produced some myself.

    I must say that this is one of the most unusual ads I have ever seen. And for that reason, it seems effective, if only for the simple reason is it almost unique.

    It is essentially a hard-hitting negative ad, with some “comparison ad” stuff thrown in. But unlike almost all other negative ads, this one (1) does not even show a picture of its target, and (2) does not rely on dramatic, sinister music in the background over a black and white bad picture of the target.

    Instead, the negative stuff is actually delivered BY THE OTHER CANDIDATE. This is very, very unusual in visual ads like TV and web stuff. I think that’s why it’s so effective.

    Of course this is also a highly unusual election, in which one governor is running against another.


  5. Mike says:

    We know him- is that charlie the republican, independent, democrat, pro-life, pro-right,I love Florida, I love to be Senator, oh, I want to love Florida again.

    Oh wait, it is the charlie we know!

  6. Rub Roh says:

    Crist might not make it out of the primary, if Nan Rich receives more endorsements (former Lt. Gov. Buddy Mackay has officially enorsed Nan Rich) that is galvanizing grassroots Democrats.

    Crist needs to get his campaign people to speak on his behalf at the Democratic Club meetings statewide or seriously risk losing the primary.


    If Crist loses the primary, get ready for a two-term Rick Scott.

  7. Kevin Hill says:

    Democratic Club speeches and endorsements don’t mean pea-turkey in a statewide primary.


    I agree.

  8. Freedom says:

    It doesn’t matter who you support In the democratic primary for governor let us not eat our own. Beating up on our candidates publicly only helps the republicans. Remember the McBride/Reno race. The primary became so horrible that in the general election the democrats were doomed. Support who you want but please in public the enemy is Rick Scott.

  9. Rub Roh says:

    @ 7 Kevin Hill and Buddy

    No established ground game in this primary will be the end of Crist campaign.

    Ask Hillary Clinton about establishing a ground game in 2008? That’s right, she did not have one. She thought she would win the Democratic nomination by name recognition alone.

    Only the “super voters” come out for the off year Democratic primaries. Nan is reaching out the hard core democratic loyalist personally with each club meeting she attends.

    Crist’s snub of the hard core democratic base/activists and his campaign’s unwillingness to establish a statewide ground game (as his opponent has) will lead to his losing the primary.

    He needs to focus on winning the primary instead of fundraising. The best laid plans . . .

  10. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Charlie Crist is speaking the plain, honest truth in this ad. And he didn’t even get started on the corruption of Citizens insurance under the Scott administration! That must have been saved for later in the campaign, along with non-payment of unemployment insurance to struggling families, wasting money on unconstitutional drug tests, deep cuts to education, ripping billions of federal dollars out of the Florida economy, etc. Even Beavis and Butt-Head could have done way better than this clown!

  11. janey says:

    Judging by the last Sheriff primary where most of the Democratic big guys went for Granteed and he lost two to one, the endorsements from Democratic clubs don’t mean anything in Broward County either

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Go Charlie go. I saw him on Peirce Morgan show last night. I can’t believe the he/she got center stage ,two(2) nites in a row. I disagree / some of the comments Charlie Christ looked great last night. Its to bad “the Brit” put him on last. Oh yeah I had to sit through the trannie saying she was never a man(really). As far as the ads keep them coming Charlie. Go after Scott’s policy decesions. Every policy that he has set has been overturned by the State Supreme court. Drug testing welfare recepients. Screwing w/ the unions. Taking money from are schools. Big of him now, during election year, you now are getting the loot. Where has Scott been for the past year school boards. Screwing you every chance he gets. Bring up over and over the fines (1.8billion dollars) to Medicare that he ripped off. It was either pay up or you go to jail baldie. Stay cool Charlie. Never let them see you sweat. “The Party is over” .You ain’t kidding Charlie. Win, Charlie win. Also tell Mayor Seiler you want in on the St./Patricks day parade. Good luck. Your wife is key to you winning Charlie,. Get her out there……