See How St. Atty Candidate Sarahnell Murphy Pissed Off Broward’s Political World






It is a rookie’s mistake made by a political rookie.

But Sarahnell Murphy, running for State Attorney in her first race, should have known better because she needlessly made a bunch of political enemies.


Saranell Murphy


Murphy’s mistake shocked many in the Broward political community when she posted on her campaign Facebook page an absentee ballot with the choices clearly marked.

That is a stupid move politically, annoying everybody who wasn’t chosen on the ballot.



The ballot Sarahnell Murphy posted on Facebook


Murphy’s political advisor Judy Stern said that the absentee ballot was not the candidate’s.

Regardless of whose ballot was posted, there was immediate political fallout from the posting. Candidates who were not chosen on the ballot displayed and their teams were said by one consultant to be “royally pissed off”.

Several political consultants emailed and texted Browardbeat explained what was wrong with Murphy’s move:

  • “Why would she piss off the two leading sheriff’s candidates? Why would she piss off (Congressional candidate Jen) Perelman’s people? (Broward Mayor Dale) Holness (who is backing other candidates)? It’s strictly a rookie mistake and it will come back to bite her.”
  • “I couldn’t believe a candidate for State Attorney would…pick a fight with almost everybody involved in campaigns.”
  • “People who were sitting on their hands in the State Attorney’s race will now go out of their way to talk her down. I know I will.”

In a close race — a State Attorney candidate may win with a margin of victory of only a few hundred votes — this mistake could make the difference.

Here is a reminder from Browardbeat:  Before you post it, THINK long and hard.





14 Responses to “See How St. Atty Candidate Sarahnell Murphy Pissed Off Broward’s Political World”

  1. Ghost of Bruce Roberts says:

    Looks like Judy Stern is running the Murphy as well as she ran my race. Good luck Murphy, you will need it. What is next an endorsement from Joe Eggletion and Joy Cooper?

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I got to tell u this qualify paperwork and standards u have to go by if not followed could get u in some hot water.Both civil and possible criminal investigations.One slip up ,such as hers here warrants my sentiment….

    My point here is she did do something yes stupid but should disqualify her- maybe.All it takes is 1 person to file complaint and then she has major issues.She doesn’t need this error of judgement so close to election.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Is is BEYOND DUMB! The question now is HOW CAN AN IMPORTANT GOVERNMENT so DUMB? Isnt she one of the highest ranking Assistant DAs? If she is SO DUMB to do this WHAT DECISIONS HAS SHE BEEN MAKING IN AN OFFICE HEADED BY AN ELDERLY MAN FROM ANOTHER ERA?

  4. Blue Wave 2020 says:

    Jen Perlemen’s people? Both of them??

  5. Fred Smashmouth says:

    Are you ever going to interview Al Pollock, Buddy like you said months ago? Or are you just another bury your head in the sand type of person? I told you many months ago about the ground swell that was happening for Al Pollock. Toney and Israel are not going to win this election. Still waiting for the interview.


    I’m waiting for the interview, too. I called and I emailed him twice. I never got a call back. I can be reached at

  6. Philip M Fortman says:

    FACT: This can’t be Saranell’s actual ballot, because she does not live in DWS’s congressional district.


    The candidate’s home address, due to the fact she is a prosecutor, is confidential.

    It really doesn’t matter since she was foolish to post the ballot because it needlessly made enemies of other political figures. By the way, she has since taken it down from Facebook so she must now realize, thanks to Browardbeat, her mistake.

  7. Jean churcherilla says:

    I honestly don’t get it. The beef is that she circled in her own name, and not other candidates? That is absurd.

  8. Hey phil says:

    Rumor has it that it was your ballot. If so, why sound Murphy have your ballot?

  9. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #5.Get Al more exposure .Get him out there.Get him to these Shows.He could be the voice of reasoning.Parlay this correctly and let’s face it .It’s a 3 way race.Tony,Al here and Scott Israel.Al does not need to split the vote.Meaning say voters don’t t vote for Toney u want that vote not be a toss up w/ Israel.Court the Black vote.Explain to them chill and get me in the door( sheriff) and I will give.u a voice etc.Starting hitting Israel.Explain.u r the better choice.

  10. Dr. JT Sykes says:

    Has the actual candidate made a formal statement to you? I was told she spent yesterday on the phone calling all other Sheriff candidates as well as Supervisor candidates playing Switzerland and alluding to support each and every one regardless of this “mistake”. That’s not right, own who you support.

    #5. Do you work for her campaign? Why wouldn’t the actual candidate say something?

    Times like this I loose all respect and won’t vote for someone that does not come out personally and explain a situation. We need real transparency not more “mistakes” especially in the criminal justice system where Broward county needs a champion.

  11. Jeanne says:

    Nevins, it’s pretty clear that you apparently represent negligent journalism and the trash of Broward politics as well as other toxic PAID bloggers, as seen with this blatant legally and factually wrong article.

    If you were to research your issues instead of being triggered by fake news and pure ignorance, you would know the CURRENT state of the law in Florida pertaining to the posting of ballot pictures on social media and would not have cited an obsolete law indicating that a law was broken. You would know that posting pictures of ballots is LAWFUL, to the point that polling locations will even make accommodations for them. No one in Sarahnell’s household received mail-in ballots, and the Honorable Debbie Wasserman Schultz would not appear on Sarahnell’s ballot based on where she lives in the county!

    Did you even reach out to Sarahnell’s to verify or investigate? Did you research current applicable law? No… and you are wrong… on every front. Your goal is to misstate, mislead, and spew incorrect information. That is the reason you are writing for a rag blog which caters to special interests like the ones you allegedly contacted and quoted. Shame on you!


    You are right about the law. I made a mistake, I admit it and I changed the piece shortly after I posted it. You are bringing it up again.

    In my defense, the state elections website and the Legislative website did not contain an update on the law. This is probably due to delays caused by the virus. Also, if you read the piece I never flatly said she broke any law.

    I did try to check her address but it is confidential because she is a prosecutor. I also tried to call her, but received no answer. As soon as I was contacted by the campaign with proof, I changed the post.

    The thrust of the piece remains: She made a rookie mistake and needlessly made enemies of other campaigns by displaying the ballot.

  12. Randy M Goldberg says:

    Mr. Nevins.

    The ballot that was posted was mine. I shared it with Ms. Murphy campaign to show her my support. I have no issue with the posting as the ballot also reflects others that I am proud to support in this primary election. These are the people that I believe as a 40 year resident of Broward County are the most qualified to represent Broward County in the coming years.

    What concerns me is that there was an immediate rush to judgment, an immediate rush to impune the integrity of a career prosecutor who has done nothing but serve our community with integrity and professionalism for 24+ years, you. Additionally, your shameful accusations of inappropriate actions based on extinct campaign rules, is concerning. Where was the research? Where was the investigation to support your atrocious outdated and flagrant diatribe.

    Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press, is not absolute. There are responsibilities that accompany these freedoms. One without the other is dangerous. It leads to false and nefarious accusations and is harmful to the targeted victims of this malfeasance and to society as a whole.

    It appears to me that your posting was intended to be nothing more than an inappropriate political attack on someone that you do not support in the State Attorney’s race.

    You have the right to support who ever you wish. However, I expect much more from our media outlets and media personalities, than using media outlets for their personal agendas.


    I have no personal agenda. I could care less who wins this race.

    The Division of Elections website still has the old law forbidding the photographing of ballots. It was changed this year when many, including me and almost every media outlet in the state, were preoccupied by other issues. I made a mistake, I admit my mistake and changed the post to remove the reference to the law. You are raising the point again.

    The posting of the ballot is still a rookie move that needlessly damaged Murphy’s relationship with other candidates. That’s what the post is about at this point. She obviously knows she made a mistake because she removed the ballot picture from Facebook once I posted my piece.

  13. Criminal Defense Lawyer says:

    voters shouldn’t vote for Sarahnell because is she is Mike Satz’s top assistant.
    Think about Satz’s record.Prosecution of minorities for minor crimes. Targeting of anyone for minor amounts of marijuana. Especially ignoring political corruption. Running the SAO like it is still 1970.

  14. A voter says:

    Buddy, I commend you for posting the criticism from others of your post regarding Sarahnell Murphy and the fact that you erred. And also now you see how easy it is to make a mistake. Mistakes make us all human, even you. Stay safe!