Second School Board Member To Quit?


Broward School Board member Dave Thomas quit today and rumors are sweeping the Board HQ that another member will resign soon.

Two School Board members are telling others that another member is about to leave the Board.

I am withholding the name of this second member who may resign.

The political implications of two members quitting are potentially titanic since conservative Gov. Rick Scott will appoint the replacements.

Scott, a Tea Party favorite, could name right wingers to the Board.  Their impact would be unknown, but they would definitely clash with the liberal Board and staff.

The Republicans would be in office only until November, 2012.

It would be hard for any Republican, much less a conservative Republican, to win in Democratic Broward.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the member who is said to be quitting could not be reached for comment.  The member’s cell phone was not accepting calls today.

I reached the member’s husband.

He was asked whether the rumors were true.  He said he knew the answer, but preferred his wife answer the question.

He said she would call me back. She hasn’t.

Thomas said he was quitting to spend more time caring for his wife, who is ill.

17 Responses to “Second School Board Member To Quit?”

  1. hmmm says:

    I bet the unnamed one is Jen Gottlied, i mean Gottlieb

  2. Board Observer says:

    I would say it is Dinnen, except she isn’t married. She should quit before she is removed by the feds

  3. dr_augusta says:

    It is Jen-Jen.

  4. bendover says:

    broward school system never fails to entertain. unfortunately kids,teachers,parents are pawns..

  5. TamaracTalk says:

    I hope it’s not: Patti, Jennifer or Robin. All assets to the school board.

    We shall wait and see unless you want to give more clues, Buddy.

  6. Buddy says:


    I want to remind readers that these reports of another member quitting are rumors at this point. That’s why I’m not naming the member.

  7. dr_augusta says:

    The Amazing Karnack intimated it last week….

  8. Get rid of de Jesus says:

    Just get rid of that crazy fire chief!

  9. Weston says:

    I hope it is Robin

  10. Thankless job says:

    Being a school board member is a thankless horrible job. They get blamed for everything and can do nothing wrong in the public’s eye. I don’t know why they don’t all quit.

  11. DeeDee says:

    I agree Buddy. Scott will appoint a total loser out of step with the county’s voters.

  12. John Pisula says:

    I wish Mr. Thomas well and will pray for his wife.

    With the school year just about to start it is a difficult time for the schools and especially for the students that are in District 5. The students deserve to have a fully engaged representative on the Board.

    Governor Scott should move quickly to fill the empty position.

  13. NoseBleedSeats says:

    I wish they would all quit! They are responsible for what is wrong…superintendant on the cheap…you get what you pay for. Rampant nepotism…no accountability. Build more schools…declining enrollment and teacher layoff’s. The buck stop with the board and they all should be ashamed of the rotten job they’ve done. My biggest fear is what kind of damage a couple of Rick Scott appointees could do.

  14. Wayne Arnold says:

    Some “conservative” voices on the Broward School Board may be a welcome change.

  15. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    Dear God, please do not make our schools a laughing stock in the sciences by having Rick Scott appoint someone who wants to remove the Theory of Evolution from the Biology classrooms.

  16. pbm says:

    John Pisula:

    District 5?? That’s Williams’ territory and he’s ready to go too, but not just yet. He’s getting his troops ready to bring his son on board, (coincidentally, the principal of a Hollywood middle school) to take over that seat.

    I wish Mrs. Thomas a quick and full recovery.

  17. Giofrido Ortiz Druckterstein says:

    Thank G-D for the departure of Jennifer “Jen Jen” Gottlieb.

    She no doubt is preparing for her arrest and indictment in the next few months for her Beachside Montessori boondoggle and her illicit affair with the Bank of America Exec. The vendor with the school district. She barely won her last election last November with 50.1% of the vote and had NO MANDATE to represent the entire district.

    We liked Dave Thomas. Too bad he is gone. We wish him, and his wife, well.

    Three others need to follow. Ann Murray (of “Nigger Heaven” fame”),
    Maureen Dinnen (of voting for contracts from companies run by her relatives fame), and that ditzy, arrogant, no-nothing No(-nothing)ra Rupert.

    Except for Dave Thomas, GOOD RIDDANCE TO THEM ALL! Do not come back.