Another Former St. Senator Expected To Easily Win Broward Commission Seat






A second former state senator is expected to walk into a Broward County Commission seat next year.

Steve Geller joined Nan Rich this week as a heavy favorite for an open commission district in Southwest Broward.



steve gellerSteve Geller   


Geller filed papers to enter the commission race for District 5, which includes Cooper City, Davie, Southwest Ranches and portions of Pembroke Pines, Weston, Sunrise and Plantation. first revealed in January that Geller would run.

Both candidates, who are running for separate districts, are former state senators. That previous experience gives them  a lengthy list of previous campaign donors and extensive political skills gained through prior campaigns.

Five long-time political observers questioned by said it is highly possible that Geller and Rich will win office without any major Democratic opponent. Both are running for Democratic districts so winning the primary is equivalent to winning the race.

Despite the lack of an opponent, Geller said he would campaign hard.

“Just because there is nobody out there now doesn’t mean nobody will surface (in the 14 months before the 2016 filing for office period),” Geller said.

So Geller will begin door-to-door campaigning in the district shortly. “I want people to tell me what they are concerned with,” Geller said.

Known as a fund raising powerhouse, Geller will also concentrate on getting money for his campaign.

“I have always been a prolific fund raiser,” Geller told “I expect to raise a significant amount of money.”

In his 2010 losing race against Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, Geller raised roughly $272,000 in his campaign and hundreds of thousands more in a special committee. Gunzburger raised about $366,000 and kicked in another $160,000 of her own.

Geller’s committee, Floridians for a Stronger Tomorrow, remains in operation and has about $12,000 in the bank. It could raise large sums of money from a handful of contributors through the organization.

Rich is running for District 1 now occupied by Marty Kiar, who is giving it up to run for Broward Property Appraiser.

Geller is running for the District 5, which Lois Wexler represents. She is term limited next year.

Both former senators have long histories in Broward politics.

Rich was first elected in 2000 as a House member from Weston. She won a seat in the Senate in 2004-2014.

Geller of Cooper City was first elected to the Florida House in 1988 and then to the Florida Senate from 1999-2008.


27 Responses to “Another Former St. Senator Expected To Easily Win Broward Commission Seat”

  1. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Look, liberal Jewish democrats vote for liberal Jewish democrats. White protestant bsptists vote for white protestant Baptists. Women in recent decades have shown a preference for women candidates especially in urban areas. Expensively educated men tend to vote for expensively educated men etc. And yes money NOT government service per se has surpassed government service a la governor Scott or mayor Philip Levine on Miami beach or former mayor Bloomberg in new York city. Nan rich and Steve Geller are unbeatable as what ivy league Jewish yuppie or Jewish millionaire would soil his manicured hands in a Milano suit n tie to spend time with lower income seniors or middle class yentas to sit on a commission with the likes of sharief, hokeness,the odd middle class Irishman or this or that front man for lobbyists. Anyone with talent makes money so they might as well get a congressional seat. If Allen west, Lois fraenkel, Ted Deutsch, rin Klein, Grayson n Patrick Murphy can be congressmembers anyone can buy a seat with enough bull n cash

  2. Broward Voter says:

    Steve Geller should run for his old Senate seat. Nobody wants a lobbyist on the county commission. He’s basically begging for a prison sentence by running for this seat.

  3. WELL SAID says:

    I thought that Mr. Geller had passed away several years ago……

  4. Charlie Crist says:

    I’m just saying.

  5. onlyamatteroftime says:

    Another political hac
    Wake up Broward County
    We need new fresh faces on the commission. Geller is a big blast from the past and he should stay in the past.
    he is a lobbyist and will not do his homework like Lois. Lois needs to be replaced by a studious thoughtful commissioner. She is more prepared than the attorneys on the commission.

    How do you juggle running a lawfirm and sitting on the county commission, while moonlighting as a lobbyist??????

    Wake up Broward. Anyone out there with the work ethic to commit to this job?

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Not so fast. It all depends on if Comm.wexler endorses him. She may have somebody in mind to fill her shoes(who knows). If he thinks and Nan Rich that they will run unopposed, think again. I would hope that local elected officals in the county district will run. Maybe the mayor of Weston etc. Who Comm.Wexler wants for her seat is key to victory.. Will see..

  7. Proud Geller Fan says:

    Nobody has more experience with government and law than Steve Geller. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and it will all benefit Broward. If I am not mistaken, he is an expert on land use which is a vital issue. @5: Ethics laws forbid him from being a lobbyist in Broward so that is not an issue. There is no reason to vote for anybody else.

  8. Tower Deli Straw Poll Winner says:

    The only vote that Steve Geller is “expected to win easily” is the Tower Deli Straw Poll.

    Someone with this much baggage doesn’t waltz into a County Commission seat -during a Presidential cycle, no less- without any serious opposition. People have moved from other counties just to run before; with an opportunity this big, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some self-funders renting a 1-1 in Davie…

  9. Mike says:

    Steve is extremely smart and capable. He’ll make an excellent addition to the commission.

  10. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Lois wexler’s support is worth one vote

  11. Talks like a politician says:

    Believe it or not, some political pundits are whispering that Walter Duke, former mayor and current commissioner in Dania Beach, might run for County Commission. The fact that he lives in Dania Beach would not be a concern for him. He lived in the Davie/Pembroke Pines for years while renting a small apartment in Dania Beach to have a DB address. Could be up to more of the same game.

  12. Competency at Last says:

    Glad to see Steve Geller running again. I volunteered for him during his 2010 campaign. Two things are certain: Steve cares about his constituents and actually listens to the issues that concern them.

    He’ll be an effective Commissioner to the benefit of everyone in Broward County.

  13. Broward Voter says:

    He has divided loyalties and I just do not trust the man. Can never forget how he conspired with Lamberti to try and frame Sue G for not supporting him. It ended up costing them both an election. Do not trust him and cannot vote for him.

  14. True Blue says:

    Steven Geller has a long history of devoted public service, but most of all, a deep rooted concern for his community. While serving in the Florida State Senate, Steve Geller fought for insurance companies to cover autism. Thank you, Mr. Geller. You have my vote for any office you seek because I trust you to make intelligent, educated and reasonable decisions.

  15. been there says:

    It wasn’t that long ago that state legislators looked down on county commissioners, and tried to legislate what should be done without allocating any money. All of a sudden it is an important position … do ya think that it might be that it will give a big boost to their state pensions?

  16. Gag me says:

    Nan Rich has spent decades working hard for the residents of Broward County. Steve Geller has spent decades working for Steve Geller. He is the ultimate self-serving political opportunist who cannot stand the idea of not holding political office. He will stoop to any level for personal gain. Look back to 2010 – every repulsive accusation he made against Sue Gunzburger was either groundless from day one or had been disproved. Geller has a history of that kind of campaigning before then… he just sunk to a new low in 2010 – and he will do it again. He is a political thug!

  17. Bob Adams says:

    Broward Voter, Steve Geller does not have divided loyalties. He has only one loyalty – to himself!

  18. Just Saying says:

    From a conversation I had with Ron Gunzburger at a recent political fundraiser, it seems he is supporting both Nan Rich and Steve Geller in their respective races. Should make Geller’s run much easier.

  19. Tony G says:

    Cooper City resident? Didn’t he claim to be a Hollywood resident when he ran against Sue Gunzburger?

  20. Satisfied Constituent says:

    Steve Geller is the perfect person for the Commission seat. He cares about the people he represents. For years Steve Geller had tried to pass the Autism Bill and he never gave up. The bill passed in 2008 and many children with autism are getting the help they need. Steve Geller always listens to both sides of an issue before making a decision.

  21. Real Deal says:

    Steve Geller on the County Commission is like Charlie Manson in a convent. You have got to be fucking kidding.

  22. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Steve Geller is the poseter child for who you DON’T want in a position that has access to YOUR money. Except maybe the early bird.

  23. dadtothree says:

    To Satisfied Constituent: Senator Geller caved to the insurance industry in order to pass a gutted Bill that did little to nothing for autistic children.
    I live in what was his Senate District and tried to schedule a meeting with him regarding a children with disabilities issue, I could not get a meeting. If you can’t meet with your elected representative, he doesn’t represent you. If I had been a lobbyist..

  24. Talks like a politician says:

    Not only do voter have to watch who is running for the County Commission, they also need to watch who is running for office in city elections.
    Daniel Sohn has filed to run for Walter Duke’s seat in Dania Beach. Heads up, lobbyists, another live one hovering over City Hall.

  25. Fake Daniel Sohn says:

    I’m just saying.

  26. Knows for Sure says:

    Steve Geller is an untrustworthy, despicable pig of a man.
    Steve Geller County Commissioner? You’ve got to be kidding. Why not just save on the election and give him all the money in the county coffers and get it over with. That’s what he wants you know.
    Well, what can you expect from a “man”, and I use that term VERY loosely, who hires an even bigger scumbag than himself in the persona of David Brown.
    We can and must do better in Broward than the likes of Geller. Ugh!

  27. Knows for Sure says:

    Three words: