Gov. Scott’s Biggest Budget Fight: The GOP Legislature


Gov. Rick Scott going to quickly learn that the governor proposes, but the Legislature disposes.

It was clear by the statements from Scott’s Republican buddies in the Legislature that they are far from embracing his budget released today.

While applauding Scott, Legislative leaders made no promises when it comes to passing his budget.  None at all.

Some of Scott’s ideas are political kudzu for legislators.

The Draconian layoffs in the Department of Corrections could destroy lots of jobs some rural counties, where prisons are the major employer. The pension changes make lawmakers the target of  police, fire, teachers and public officials.

Read the statements carefully.  They say what the Florida Constitution says: Yes, the governor must sign the budget, but only after it passes the Legislature.  If  legislators don’t like it, it doesn’t get done:

Senate Majority Leader Andy Gardiner was long-winded until he got to the point, in the final paragraph, which I underlined:

“Governor Rick Scott laid out his budget plan today to contend with our state’s $3.6 billion deficit. Our most important responsibility in the Florida Legislature is to help get our state’s economy back on track. Senate Republicans will continue to work hard on policies that cultivate an attractive business environment in which the economy and jobs for Floridians can flourish again.

“We will look for fiscally conservative solutions to balance our budget and lead us toward a prosperous economic future that means spending less rather than raising taxes. It is important that we look to policies that encourage accountability and personal responsibility while protecting Florida’s most vulnerable citizens.

We will take a deliberate approach and do the work necessary to ensure that our children’s future is filled with opportunities and prosperity.

Emphasis on the “We.”

Senate President Mike Haridolpolos was vague as befitting a candidate for U. S. Senate in 2012:

“It’s impressive that after one month on the job Governor Scott has prepared a comprehensive budget so quickly. The Senate is dedicated to working with the Governor to provide a balanced budget with no new taxes. The best way to improve the business environment in Florida is to keep taxes low and live within our means. We will do that. I also thank Governor Scott for unveiling his proposed budget directly to the people so that he can get feedback from the citizens of Florida.

Again, the operative word was “we” , meaning the leadership of the Senate.

House Speaker Dean Cannon said:

“Governor Scott has proposed budget recommendations, which he believes reflect the principles he espoused on the campaign trail. Over the next few weeks, we look forward to thoroughly reviewing these recommendations.

“The first and highest priorities of the Florida House are to cut government spending and not raise taxes. I am grateful that Governor Scott shares these goals.

So Scott’s first job will be to win over these legislators, never easy for any governor.

It was no different for Democratic governors.  They had problems with Democratic-dominated Legislatures.

That’s the beauty of the system.

As dramatic and showy as Scott’s budget unveiling was today, the rest will be played out in the back rooms of the Capitol.  That’s where a pinch of backbiting, a bit of browbeating and a generous helping of political machinations are stirred into the crucible that will eventually form the state budget.

Unfortunately,  Broward’s legislators — at least the vast majority who are Democrats and thus totally powerless  — will  have little say in any of this.  Like the media and the general public, they will be outside the locked doors where the business is done.

For Broward residents, that’s the biggest tragedy of all.

12 Responses to “Gov. Scott’s Biggest Budget Fight: The GOP Legislature”

  1. miss pompano says:

    Buddy: The Broward’s delegation must feel like Republicans do in Broward.
    Many think that Broward is the most corrupt county in Florida. It is almost exclusively controlled by the Democrats. Finally, a Republican becomes Sheriff and the plotting and planning amongst the Dems to take him out begins.
    It won’t be long until LaMarca faces the same Democratic maneuvering behind the scenes to ensure his fast departure.
    The Broward delegation at least had good training for one party rule and making sure that the minority part is completely shut out…

  2. Floridan says:

    It seems that Scott will fulfill his campaign pledges (smaller government & lower taxes) on the backs of the middle class and children.

    If his budget survives the legislative process in any recognizable form, it will be an unmitigated disaster for the quality of life of the vast majority of Floridians.

  3. Ann says:

    Unless of course you work for the Governor, who proposed DOUBLING his own budget.

    What a hypocrite!

  4. So Nixionian says:

    1,867 jobs to be cut in the Corrections Department,what did you expect from someone who took the 5th amendment approx 178 times under questioning about HCA. also, I must “congratulate” the Gov. He has permitted nursing homes to slide back into profitability on the backs of the elderly, the second most vunerable in our society by neutering/firing an effective State of Florida nursing home ombudsman who the nursing home owners/lobbyists wanted out. Now he’s gone, see today’s Miami Herald.Maybe his concept was to create more jobs in the funeral industry by doing this.

  5. G.B. says:

    To all of you who voted for this idiot…thanks a lot.
    Scott inspires revisiting the old cliche’: be careful what you wish for.
    Now we face years of him fighting with the legislature and nothing getting done.
    Can’t blame me though, I voted for Sink.

  6. Set the Record Straight says:


    Most amazingly, the governor now wants to keep the pill mills in business by cancelling the database that took 8 years to establish, months before it goes into affect, at no cost to the state. The same database that exists in 38 other states. That is why people drive here from Kentucky, Ohio, W. Viginia, etc. to get their illegal pain pills to take home and sell for a 1000% profit. Are those the jobs he sought to creat. Couple that with getting rid of 1800 corrections personnel and attemtping to gut police and prosecutor pensions, among others, and we have a hell of a first month in office. Seriously Buddy, can you tell us what it takes to start a recall? Thanks.

    FROM BUDDY: No recall for governor. The constitution subjects the governor to impeachment by the Legislature “for misdemeanor in office.

    That leads me to wonder if Gov. Rick Scott was indicted for actions while running his health care empire, could the Legislature impeach him? I’m not sure of the answer. However, the chance of the Legislature ever impeaching Scott is nil, unless he is found having sex with a live goat or a dead woman. Even then, I’m not sure.

  7. Set the Record Straight says:

    Buddy, thank you for your thoughtful (and hilarious) response. Now we have to pray that the systems of checks and balances built into government will work their magic. I hope our representatives in Tally. remember that we are watching, and many of them are up for election next year. Make a vote for common sense or you too may become a statistic of the Rick Scott job creation program!!!!!!

  8. Politico says:

    I can’t believe people elected this guy Governor. What a bunch of suckers we all are now.

  9. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:


    During difficult financial times it’s impossible to avoid cuts in order to offset deficits. Yet in a state with as much to offer as Florida, I’m struck by the lack of creativity being put into widening the size of our state’s economic pie.

    We have sunshine and no income tax. We have new communities offering outstanding housing at low prices. We are 47th out of 50 states in lowest per capita taxation and 4th highest in average income. We have relatively new infrastructure, a diverse and talented workforce, we are the gateway to Latin America, we offer excellent airport and seaport capacity, and have improving schools.

    And that’s not even mentioning the many things that we should be doing to increase tourism.

    There are companies throughout the country and many internationally that should be seriously approached about moving to Florida, not merely to improve our economy but also their own ability to do business more profitably. Florida needs a strong infusion of new jobs and economic vitality.

    Where is the game plan for this? I hear some talk, but no blueprint for getting us there.

    Balancing budgets is essential but the last thing we need is more unemployment or cuts to the resources needed to help a growing number of poor people. That recipe has failed every time it has been implemented and I see no success in that plan.

    It’s senseless not put our many natural advantages to work in terms of bringing prosperity back to Florida. Where is the job creation? Where is the economic development effort? Why isn’t that tied into the budget in a clear and prominent way?

    We need to grow the size of Florida’s economic pie. Cutting ever thinner slices — in both the private and public sectors — won’t over the long run satisfy the economic needs of this state or of the private sector. I fear that we are widening this depression and am very concerned not to see evidence of how we will get this economy growing again.

    When will that plan emerge?


  10. Broward Politico says:

    Angelo –

    When the tea party folks realize they’ve been duped and Rick Scott is a charlatan.

  11. True says:

    Angelo’s well though out plan for our state makes more sense than anything I’ve heard from Rick Scott.

    Scott thinks he can run a state like a business. The SOLE purpose of a corporation is to make money. State government’s job is to maintain tranquility and public order, and guarantee equal civil and rights for all.

    Florida can’t increase jobs by laying off thousands of state and local workers. As Angelo says, Scott has no announced plan where those new jobs are coming from except to say we need to cut taxes to attract them. Florida has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the nation already. That isn’t our problem, but our high crime rate and low school scores are. Scott’s plan will only aggravate those.

  12. Broward Politico says:

    Don’t blame me; I didn’t vote for the man that invoked the 5th Amendment how many times?