Scott Picks Black Republican To Head Broward Campaign


One of Broward’s leading black Republicans has been appointed to lead the Rick Scott for Governor campaign in the county.

Levi Williams

Levi Williams Jr., a Fort Lauderdale lawyer and a local GOP activist for at least a decade, will lead Scott’s insurgent campaign.

The Broward appointment comes after Scott picked Jacksonville state Rep. Jennifer Carroll, another black Republican, to be his lieutenant governor running mate.

Williams had previously been active in the campaign of Scott’s primary opponent, Bill McCollum.

A former general counsel of the Broward Republican Party, Williams ran a losing campaign for School Board in 2000. 

He also was involved in the successful bias lawsuit in the 1990s which alleged the school system was depriving urban east Broward schools of resources in favor of West Broward schools built for new residents.

Williams is a member of the Board of Trustees of the state Broward College appointed by the governor.  He has represented victims in several high visibility personal injury cases over the years.

4 Responses to “Scott Picks Black Republican To Head Broward Campaign”

  1. Katie Leach says:

    Way to go Levi! You will be a tremendous asset to the campaign.

  2. Paaaaleeese says:

    Like Steele leading the GOP, just another token embarrassment. Why won’t anyone stand up on national TV and say “I know this does not apply to everyone, however, I can’t understand why any black person, poor person, gay person, latino person or liberal person would EVER vote for a Republican. Don’t you understand, they don’t have your interest in mind.. PERIOD.”

  3. Republican with Common Sense says:

    Here are several reason why all of those groups would vote for a Republican. They can be found at:

    We’re fortunate to live in America.
    The Republican Party believes that the United States has been blessed with a unique set of individual rights and freedoms available to all.

    You can be what you are, and become what you are capable of becoming.
    The Republican Party is inspired by the power and ingenuity of the individual to succeed through hard work, family support and self-discipline.

    Helping those around you is worthwhile.
    The Republican Party believes in the value of voluntary giving and community support over taxation and forced redistribution.

    Small government is a better government for the people.
    The Republican Party, like our nation’s founders, believes that government must be limited so that it never becomes powerful enough to infringe on the rights of individuals.

    You know what to do with your money better than government.
    The Republican Party supports low taxes because individuals know best how to make their own economic and charitable choices.

    Free markets keep people free.
    The Republican Party is supportive of logical business regulations that encourage entrepreneurs to start more businesses so more individuals can enjoy the satisfaction and fruits of self-made success.

    Our Armed Forces defend and protect our democracy.
    The Republican Party is committed to preserving our national strength while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.
    The Republican Party is guided by these principles as it develops solutions to the challenges facing America.

  4. l says:

    If Mr. Scott is so honest, why would he ever plead the 5th?
    It is a person’s right to do so–but should he/she be given the priveledge to govern?