Scott Israel’s First 2020 Campaign Appearance?






Scott Israel may not have gotten his hearing in court yet, but he will get a hearing next month in front of some of his strongest supporters — the Century Village of Pembroke Pines Democratic Club.

Making what some observers are describing as his first campaign appearance of the 2020 sheriff’s race, Israel will be the featured guest at the club’s February meeting.


Scott Israel


Sophie Boch, a longtime Broward Democratic activist and president of the club, told why Israel will make a good guest.

“I want him to know we are still with him,” she explained.

Bock described herself and club members as “absolutely” being 100 percent behind Israel.  “It hurts me what has happened to him,” she said.

A veteran Broward political consultant called Israel’s appearance “an opening campaign move if pulled off right.”

The consultant expects Israel to portray himself as a Democratic gun control advocate who has been victimized by DeSantis, a conservative Republican NRA supporter. “Its a message that plays well among Democratic activists,” the consultant said.

Another consultant said Israel is making a smart move to get out early, especially since the appointed Sheriff Tony Gregory is just starting to introduce himself to Democrats. “He’s a likable guy,” said this consultant, who warned that Gregory is already peeling away some Democratic support from Israel.

Suspended January 11 by Gov. Ron DeSantis because of the Broward Sheriff’s Office failure during the murderous Stoneman Douglas High School rampage, Israel has already announced he will run for reelection next year. His suspension would not prevent him from running again.

Israel also said he would contest his dismissal in court.  Or in the state Senate, which legally can overrule the governor. Or in both venues.

Israel frequently attended meetings at the Century Village club before his suspension even when he wasn’t campaigning.  He won Century Village by two-to-one against his Republican opponent Santiago Vazquez in 2016 and slightly edged out then-incumbent Sheriff Al Lamberti in the development in 2012.

The scheduled meeting is Feb. 7, 1:30 p.m. at the Century Pines Jewish Center inside the complex.



15 Responses to “Scott Israel’s First 2020 Campaign Appearance?”

  1. carolina says:

    I still believe that if the FBI had done their job by notifying our BSO what they knew about the Cruz threats several months prior – – including his name – this horrible tragedy could have been prevented. Put the blame where it rightfully belongs – THE FBI.

  2. Reality check says:

    Good golly, Miss Molly!!!

    Bock described herself and club members as “absolutely” being 100 percent behind Israel. “It hurts me what has happened to him,” she said.

    It hurts me more to realize what happened to the victims of a deeply disturbed individual who was given a pass by Israel, his deputies, Henderson Mental Health, and the FBI!!!

    How soon some forget.

  3. Peanut Cop says:

    Seriously??? These Deputies and former Sheriff don’t see what they did wrong??? What? An ant can see what they did*******NOTHING******NOTHING!!!!!! Except for Deputy Hanks! Deputy Hanks did not hesitate, he did what should have been done prior to his arrival..Deputy Hanks,You rock! My family and I are so proud of you!!!Look at where the Sgt. Lt’s Major’s etc. who responded to the scene after you. They all positioned themselves inside a safe place far away from the scene..BSO you all have a character flaw who think you are untouchable…Really? Most of you fit the characters from the Wizard of Oz, NO BRAINS,NO HEART and NO COURAGE!It is almost impossible to escape the “CULT” of these Broward County Cowards….Evil Evil Evil beings……

  4. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Plain and simple he took the fall because his deputies( some) we’re cowards.Buck stops with the Sheriff.I would if I were him to wait till the results of his hearing in front of the House Senate next month.If they come back and say see ya later,well then I think he is done…


    So many failed the victims at Parkland. The 8 Coward BSO deputies failed to go in and let the victims bleed out.. Runcie and Israel and their Promise Program allowed the sale of the gun. And Yes, The FBI failed to follow up on the two good leads that a young man was planning to shoot up a school. Perhaps they were too busy with the Roger Stone and the Russians.
    We can all take comfort that we do still have law enforcement that values students more than their pensions when we look at the Coral Springs Police.

  6. Out to Pasture says:

    Why is anyone still talking about this old worn out ideas has been? We have a new wonderful Sheriff in Broward County. His name is Sheriff Gregory Tony and he’s a keeper.
    Former Sheriff Israel is 62 years old. Instead of romancing the lonely voter block at Century Village, he should start collecting his social security and secure a unit at Century Village. They can all sit around the bingo table and reminisce about the good old days.

  7. LEO says:

    Scott Israel is history.

  8. Israel's Last Stand says:

    Scott Israel has been given a rare privilege to serve the public in a noble profession. He sullied the honor bestowed upon him from the very beginning of his administration doling out patronage to those least deserving. He tarnished the legacy of BSO with his botched handling of the FLL Airport shooting and again demonstrated his gross incompetence and neglect in Parkland. Now he has an opportunity to step away from the spotlight and allow the agency to move forward to serve the people of Broward. Unfortunately, it is not in Israel’s nature to do the right thing and, so, he won’t. It’s just a disgrace.

  9. Rightwinger says:

    Right on #8. He might want to just low until the hearing.
    There are still civilians in the Community Outreach and services that need to be terminated. Not sure if they are union employees. People that had come up thru the ranks were not thrilled when his cronies came in 2013.
    Morale was down in all divisions. We welcome the Law
    Enforcement changes. No more politics.

  10. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Now you see how the lemmings blindly follow the corrupt machine. They are ignorant and stupid. They dishonor the memories of the murdered. Sophie Bock is obviously part of the corrupt machine. I home karma visits her and Israel.

  11. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Please explain to me who OUTSIDE OF POLITICAL CONSULTANTS and THEIR RELATIVES NEEDY JOBS is going to vote for Scott Israel after the Airport n MSD HS shootings AS OPPOSED TO A WUALIFIED GUY NOT INVOLVED IN POLITICS?

  12. Real Deal says:

    @#11. I’m calling it now. Scott Israel will be elected again carrying 70% of the vote in 2020 because everyone knows he was politically railroaded. He will beat this new guy easily in any primary that’s for sure. Hands down.

  13. alan fried says:

    We at Direct Democracy Florida are protesting the event. Come!

  14. Rightwinger says:

    #12 Real loser, Sheriff Tony will run as NPA. The independent and R vote will carry him well over.. Plus all the D,s that are embarrassingly finished with Scotty. by nov 2020 there will be more NPA,s and R,s. It’s already almost even now.


    A common mistake made by many is the assumption that NPA’s are independent voters. They may be registered independent (NPA), but they don’t vote independent. NPA’s lean one way or another most of the time. They vote usually the way they were brought up or the way their neighbors/parents vote.

    This from the LA Times recently:

    “…scratch not too far below the surface and you will find most independent voters are, in fact, partisans who routinely vote with one party or the other. They simply prefer not to be affixed with any political label…Experts suggest that independents — true independents, who genuinely favor neither major party and hopscotch among Democratic, Republican or third-party choice depending on the office or election — may constitute as little as 5% of the electorate and are nowhere near the 25% or more that show up in registration numbers and polling.”

  15. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Between Tony Gregory n Scott Israel, WHO DO YOU THINK IS A POLICE PROFESSIONAL and WHO IS THE POLITICIAN? The PEOPLE have to decide